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Puppet Ken is the main antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan video, Spoken. He is Ken's puppet counterpart that was made out of wood. Cody created him to prove that Ken is alive. But Cody killed him by setting him on fire later on.

He was voiced by Lance Thirtyacre while he is alive, and by Chris Netherton when Cody controls him as a puppet. His voice sounds similar to Goodman's voice as they both have the same voice actor.

Cody decided to make a puppet version of Ken to prove to his friends that he is actually alive but it failed as his friends believed that Cody was actually controlling Ken and making him talk. Cody was so sad that he wished that he was alive. As Cody was asleep, the Ken Puppet was brought to life by Cody's wand unleashing dark magic.

Puppet Ken turned out to be an evil and murderous puppet as seen while he was killing Joseph with a knife while sleeping after going to Junior's house at night. He tried to kill Junior but Cody defends him by saying to Puppet Ken that he likes his friends more than him causing Puppet Ken to threaten to kill Cody and chase after him and Junior. This results in Cody tricking him into believing he changed his mind. As Cody gave him a massage, he poured gasoline on Puppet Ken causing him to melt and burn as he screams in pain.

Evelinka from Beacon Art Studios (also called Eva Gronowitz) made the original puppet that the Puppet Ken was portrayed by.



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