Quantum and Solemn are the main antagonists of the first Helluva Boss movie as well as being two of the five central antagonists of the Vivziepop franchise. They are two demon\demigods who were allied with Dead Man, the jackal-coyote hybrid,before betraying them and working with the I.M.P crew. They are the sons of Mesmero as well as being the cousins of Evil and Mephilies.

Quantum was voiced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Solemn was voiced by Will Arnett.


Quantum is the most malicious. He has killed over 7000 humans.

Solemn is bad,but not as dark,but has killed 6000 people.

Both are rude,impatient,vicious and more words describing evil.


Quantum is a purple demon with red eyes. He has greyish hair.

Solemn is a red demon with black eyes. He has orangeish hair.

Both wear back overcoats,grey trousers and purple shoes.



Both demons were born during the start of the creation of Hell.

Helluva Boss-The Movie

Both were friends of Dead Man,the jackal-coyote hybrid. That was until he betrayed them by trapping them. This made Quantum angry,but Dead Man didn't care.

Months later,Dead Man went to work for the I.M.Ps. There,he met Loona. Secretly,they had a big crush on each other. When the demons noticed this,both went nuts. Then Solemn said about trying to capture their enemy and make him do two options -either rejoin the team or suffer the same way they did.

After the I.M.Ps have a gambling match,Quantum and Solemn arrive to kidnap Dead Man. Before they left,Dead Man winked a flirty wink at Loona before being taken.

Back at the evil base,Dead Man 'joins' the team,only to betray them by bringing his true friends over to help him fight the demons. He had a phone the same as Loona's,and texted her about it to which she agreed. Loona told Blitzo,Millie and Moxxie and they all agreed to help. Meanwhile,Quantum and Solemn are talking about Dead Man and what to do with him.

The next day,Solem checked on Dead Man,only to see a sadistic smile on his face. Then,Loona punched him from behind. This alerts Quantum and he fights too. All the I.M.Ps and demons fight. Moxxie sprays acid in Solem's eye,only for Millie to trip him up,sending falling into the water to his death. This infuriates the help out of Quantum. Dead Man and Loona then fight Quantum. Blitz stabs him in the neck,giving him great pain. The fight ends when Dead Man shoots Quantum in the heart,killing him instantly. After the fight,Dead Man and Loona both admit their love and share a kiss,ending the movie then with a blackout.



  •  "Ok,wise guy.Speak!" -To Dead Man around the middle of the film.
  •  "Curse you,Dead Man!!" -In Dead Man's backstory.
  •  "SOLEMN!!!!!!!!" -Quantum with rage looking at Solemn fall to his death.
  •  "You shoot me,!!" -His last words before being shot by Dead Man.


  •  "I'm watching ya moith move,Deaddie!" -To Dead Man around the middle of the film.
  • "Why,man? Why?!" -In Dead Man's backstory.
  • Ahhhhh! My eyes! Grrrrrrrrrrr! "-His last words before being tripped up by Millie and falling into the water to his death.


  • Their names were chosen randomly.
  • The final fight was the same theme for the Golden Gate fight in the 1985 James Bond/007 spy film,A View to a Kill. They asked permission from the Orchestra and said yes.
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