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Ragnus Yvel
Ragnus Yvel
Alias "The Fallen Light"
Destroyer of One's Self (Kalosian translation of his "name")
Origin Unknown
Occupation Fallen Aura Sage
The Psychotic Hunter
Delia's Ex-Husband
Status Deceased...?
Skills Various sensory abilities that allows him to detect energy signatures from Pokemon of varying types, and can single out specific targets like a radar.
Can fatally injure Pokemon via Aura Charging his knife into a much stronger, lethal stabbing weapon than it otherwise is.
Hobby To spend time to relax with his fiance, hoping it will cease his pain and frustration with life as a whole.
Goals To marry Delia and happily live with her as to cease his internal suffering.
To get revenge against a Phione whom he had believed to have killed Delia on their wedding night.

Ragnus Yvel (real name unknown) was once a kind hearted boy who had a passionate love towards all Pokemon around him when he was very young. Having met his future love interest when she had visited Kalos once, her appearance heavily entranced Ragnus from a young age ever since, and her kindness towards him, even in the harshest of times, is what ultimately would lead him to proposing her many years later. However, any innocence that the boy had was dead the moment the Legendary Pokemon Yveltal destroyed everything he had left in the world, and even is the one who had taken his right arm from him due to a critical injury in an attempt to calm the rampaging Destruction Pokemon.

With his family, friends, and Pokemon all dead, and his home destroyed, Ragnus began to suffer over the years of which he had been desperately searching the globe for the girl he had met all those years prior. Eventually finding her by the name of Delia when they're both 16, he informs her of his plight to seek refuge with her so that he can mentally recover from having lost everything else in his life. As the years went on, the boy, now forever known as Ragnus Yvel ever since the Yveltal incident, had developed an increasing hatred towards Pokemon, to the point he eventually had a fateful encounter with Ghetsis in his youth. Ghetsis' conversation with Ragnus pretty much told him Pokemon were nothing more than tools for human benefits in the longrun, and how Ragnus began to develop a murderous attitude towards Pokemon.

After two years of being in a relationship with Delia, both of them have turned 18 years old and both of them decide to finally become increasingly intimate with the other, nails the point home with how little sanity Ragnus still has; his lifestyle is constantly devoted to the kind, caring Delia who still believes that Ragnus can recover from his trauma. When he ultimately desired to propose to Delia after all of this time, he makes it loud and clear how much his own title will live up to it's nature... by murdering two, infantile Phione to craft their gemstones into engagement rings for both himself and Delia. Delia, completely in the dark about the nature of the rings, ends up becoming a victim of Manaphy's wrath against Ragnus in an attempt for revenge.

Faced with a Phione who he believes had murdered Delia when he noticed a disturbance going on in their bedroom, he finds himself hunting down a Phione who is constantly trying to flee him, and he has no knowledge of the true nature of this Phione. This Phione is the transformed Delia who, by Manaphy's intent, is to be the final nail on the coffin as to Ragnus' self-undoing, and also how Manaphy intends to get revenge on the deaths of two of it's own children; by forcing Ragnus into a situation in which he will more than likely kill Delia if not stopped in any way.

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