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Villain Overview

Run while you still can, because one day... I will find you and devour your soul...
~ Red taunting one of his enemies.
You may question many things, such as where did the Great Lord come from? Or why did Zalgo become the horrible monster he is today? The answer is simple... I made it all happen. I created the Great Lord centuries ago, hoping to use it as a way to exterminate all life, hoping to make this entire multiverse suffer like I once did years ago to another. While that failed, I noticed that it created the Pit and Zalgo and his pathetic armies. I manipulated him and many others into becoming the monsters they had become. So, now you realize; why did Zalgo corrupt the multiverse and do all of the horrible things he did? It is all because of me... I made it all happen... so I guess you could say I am the true villain in my story, the bigger bad maybe.
~ Red revealing that he was the one who corrupted Zalgo into becoming the evil tyrant he became.
Welcome back, Zalgo. I have been looking forward to this...
~ Red after resurrecting Zalgo.

Red (sometimes spelled as RED) is the overarching antagonist of the webcomic series, Pastamonsters. He served as the unseen overarching antagonist of the first five seasons and the main antagonist of the upcoming sixth and final season.

He is the creator of the Great Lord, who was originally thought to be the overarching antagonist of the entire series until it was revealed that he was the one who made him. He is also the one who manipulated Zalgo into becoming the horrible monster that he truly is, making him responsible for all of the horrific events that Zalgo committed, and he also manipulated many others into committing horrible actions.

Red is also the tyrannical ruler of the Zenith Dimension and Red Empire, conquering and destroying many universes with them and twisted them (there are also some implications that he may have destroyed and twisted several multiverses as well). He seeks on making the entire multiverse suffer and he wants to rule it through destruction and chaos. He is also willing to destroy anyone who stands in his way, especially the Proxxies. He also revived Zalgo so he could use him for his plans and have him have his revenge on his enemies.


Red isn't anything like Zalgo. While Zalgo may be a monster... Red is the Devil, while Zalgo is just another demon. Actually... Red could possibly be worse than the Devil himself...
~ Slenderman on Red.

Red's personality can only truly be described as pure evil. While Zalgo may be thought as a monster, Red could be seen as the literal Devil, and possibly even worse than him. Red is truly sadistic and heartless, not caring for anyone but himself, but he sees Zalgo as a source in helping his plan. He doesn't exactly care about him, but he likes him for his brutal actions, and Zalgo seemingly feels the same. He was the one who originally manipulated him into becoming the horrible monster he had become in the series, giving him the demonic powers that lead to him committing the many horrible actions he committed throughout Pastamonsters. While he isn't seen throughout the first five seasons, it is revealed in season six that he was telepathically communicating with Zalgo, making him do many horrible things, ordering him to destroy planets, kill trillions, abuse his children and make the multiverse suffer brutally. When he revived him, he convinced him into joining his empire so he could finally have his revenge. He also may have manipulated several other people into committing horrific actions, but he didn't find them as interesting.

Red never really did care for the multiverse, so he destroyed several planets and possibly multiverses for this exact reason, and he ended up creating the Great Lord so he could make the multiverse suffer. When it was defeated, he was rather furious. He saw it as his only way to finally make the entire multiverse suffer and eventually rule it in chaos and destruction. Whenever Red feels angry, he will usually lash out at someone, more often then not, one of his own minions. He will usually kill one of them or sadistically torture them to let off some steam, and in worst case scenarios, he may lash out at one of his "children", who are really just creations that he made from his victims' body parts. He is even willing to kill some of them, only to resurrect them to torture them some more. Sometimes, he will go after his actual children for this reason. He is very abusive and he even convinced one of his pawns to kill themself one time. Red doesn't fear death at all, but he does fear losing entirely.

He was rather pleased when Zalgo actually corrupted the multiverse, seeing it as his goal finally coming to reality in some way. He loved the suffering that happened, but he wanted to be the true ruler of the multiverse at some point. Before he could manipulate Zalgo into finally giving him the throne, he was defeated. This enraged Red once again. Red is a psychopath, having zero remorse for anything he ever did and has no sense of humor at all. He knows what the difference between good and evil is and he is fully aware that he is an evil being, but he truly doesn't care. He just simply wants the entire multiverse to suffer, and he did allow Zalgo and his minions to do horrible things for this exact reason. Because of these reasons, Red may just be the darkest and most evil character in the entire series, possibly even surpassing Zalgo.


In his normal form, Red appears to be some kind of gigantic red monster with a humanoid like face that can express emotion. He has bug like legs and one giant tail, and his eyes glow red. His eyes glow more fiercely when using certain abilities or feel certain emotions, however. Due to being a shape-shifter, he can change his form to almost anything. He can turn into a fish like creature that mostly resembles his normal form and sometimes, he can grow large black and red wings. In his final form, he transforms into a large entity that resembles both him and a colossal reptilian creature with two legs and four arms.

In his true form, he resembles some kind of entity that has glow orange eyes and a large red cloud forms around him. The rest of his form is too hard to comprehend, as the sanest of people can truly go insane if they look at it directly. However, he is the most vulnerable in his true form.

Powers and Abilities

Red has many, many powers, some that may even be unknown. He is shown shape-shifting often in the series and he is often seen breathing fire. He can grow too various sizes and he has been shown to be able to fly several times. He also seems to be much older than Zalgo, showing that he is probably eons of years old and that he probably has immortality. In his true form, he is shown to be much more powerful than his normal form, but he is much more vulnerable.

Red (Pastamonsters)'s statistics

Destructiveness and Cruelty


Destroy it all... don't let them stop you... destroy everyone and everything...
~ Red to the Great Lord after creating him.
Honestly, the Great Lord was truly weak. It was taken down too easily, by some pathetic weaklings. Zalgo, however... I see a lot of potential in him. It will be fun using him...
~ Red in a flashback.
Zalgo... I have seen your future... listen to me, and I will tell you what to do to become a powerful tyrant... just listen to me, and you will be everything you have ever wanted...
~ Red manipulating Zalgo.
So... Zalgo failed... now it is time... for my turn.
~ Red after Zalgo's defeat at the beginning of season six.
You... you FAILURES!!! You let them get away so easily?! LEAVE!!! I don't want some goddamn failures in here...
~ Red raging at some of his minions for failing to kill the Proxxies.
Zalgo... at last, we finally meet. (Zalgo: Who the hell are you?) I am that voice in your head, Zalgo. That voice that got you to do the many horrible acts you committed for years. I revived you... and I have plans for what we could do.
~ Red upon meeting Zalgo.


  • While the Great Lord was thought to be the overarching antagonist of the series, it was revealed in season six that Red was the one who created it, making him the true overarching villain of the entire series.
  • It is heavily implied that Red may have actually been from an entirely different multiverse and he may have destroyed many of them, which implies that Red could possibly have the highest kill count in the entire Pastamonsters series, even if it isn't onscreen.
  • While it is unmentioned in the series, Red is supposedly the true father of Zalgo, making him the grandfather of Slenderman and his siblings.
  • He is the only main villain who didn't actually meet Jeff the Killer in Pastamonsters series due to his demise in season five and that BEN DROWNED seemingly took the role of the main protagonist in season six, despite Jeff being briefly mentioned several times in season six and appearing once as a ghost.
  • While he may have not appeared in the series until season six, a mural featuring Red appeared once in season four.
  • Compared to many of the other Pastamonsters villains, he is possibly the most original.
  • He arguably is the most evil and darkest character in the entire Pastamonsters series, alongisde Zalgo. He is also much less comedic than him.
  • Compared to many of the other Pastamonsters villains, he is seemingly the least comedic, despite only a few brief moments. He is taken mostly seriously, showing that he could possibly be the darkest villain in the entire series.
  • It is likely that Red is much more powerful than he seems.
  • Even though he is the overarching antagonist of the entire series, Red didn't appear or get mentioned until season 6, despite a brief reference in season 4. This is most likely because his existence was kept mostly a secret.
  • The only thing that can truly kill Red are powers that can level over his own.


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