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This villain was proposed and approved on the Inconsistently Heinous Wiki to be villains who, despite their strong heinousness, have numerous disqualifications preventing them from being PE or NPE.

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Just a guy with a penchant for weirdness and a knack for proposing oddball candidates. You're free to stay, if you dare. >:)
~ What is written on Rhino's NPE Wiki userpage
UwU hai user-san. afraid to tell u, but u will join Lord Senpai's harem OWO how kawaii
~ Rhino after being affected by the Anime Girl Virus.

Sir Rhino Rhinington III, also known as RhinoBeloved and Sdfdf, is an on & off antagonist in the Villains Wiki Chronicles.

A wild, but often outgoing user at Fandom, he seeks to come out with interesting candidates for Near Pure Evil Wiki. Due to his.... impulsive tendencies, he has sought out some..... less than favorable candidates for NPE.


Ok so basically I made an account here back in 2017 to join the PVZ Character Creator Wiki. After getting bored there I mainly browse object show wikis for a bit (I had a huge obsession with them). Around 2020, I found out about this wiki called the Villains Wiki that looked really cool (especially with the whole Pure Evil thing) so I browse it for a bit. I then found out about NPE Wiki somehow and now I'm here lol.

Villainous Acts?

  • Played Super Mario 64 DS when it was his bedtime (never got caught tho 😎).
  • Stole cheese in third cheese.
  • Turned Ham Land in a crapsack world for the funnies.
  • Started wars in Syria because he was bored.
  • Nearly eradicated humanity just because Dr. Robotnik from Deltarune Repainted is too comedic for NPE.
  • Forced Dimentio at gunpoint to get permission to repropose Scarlet Overkill.
  • Put the entire Outerverse in a Fate Worse than Death for a week just because Mickey Mouse from Drawn Together can't be NPE (erased everyone's memories so they wouldn't remember it).
  • Worked with Kim Jung-Un to commit genocide on all anime weebs, killing 9,999,999,999,999 of them.
  • Cuz he was thirsty, he drunk anime juice, leading to him transforming into Rhino-Chan and becoming Lord Senpai's righthand woman and favorite maid (tbf, it was an accident, and he tried to implode himself to stop the transformation).
  • Upon becoming Rhino-Chan, he assimilated several universes worth of people into becoming anime girls for Lord Senpai,
    • Technically this is a Fate Worse than Death as people are still conscious even after becoming anime girls and forced to watch Boku No Pico in their subconscious.
  • After defeating Rhino-Chan and Lord Senpai, ending their reign of terror for good, and reversing the effects of anime juice on everyone that was affected, he shot a weeb for no reason.


  • He is a gigachad.
  • Rhino-Chan's design is actually Tohsaka Rin from Fate in a maid costume.