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Ray (also known as Ringo) is a one-time character in SuperMarioLogan. He was a partner of Brooklyn T. Guy (also called George) and Simmons (also called Paul) until he was killed by a bowling ball.

He appeared as an antagonist in the video, Home Alone where he was one of the burglars trying to rob Bowser's house. As Bowser Junior puts a bowling ball on top of the door, Ringo walks in the house but immediately dies while being crushed by the bowling ball. When Officer Goodman shows up at the door to arrest George, he notices Ringo's body and tries to ask Ringo if he needs medical attention. After that, he never appeared again.

Unlike Brooklyn Guy, Simmons, Sharon and Elmo, the other antagonists of the Home Alone series, Ringo is so far the only antagonist in the Home Alone series to be a one-time character in the entire SML franchise as he never came back after he died unlike most SML characters who die but come back. It is unknown if he will ever return again.

He was voiced by Lovell Stanton.

It is debatable on what is Ringo's gender as he argued to be either male or female.

Ringo had a family as it was mentioned by Brooklyn Guy.

"Ringo", which is his codename, is a reference Ringo Starr.
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