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The Robot Chef Pee Pee is a supporting antagonist of SuperMarioLogan. He is a robot version of Chef Pee Pee who filled in for the real Chef Pee Pee in Happy Merry Christmas because the real Chef Pee Pee went on vacation.

He was voiced by Lovell Stanton, who also voiced his original counterpart.


He was the titular main antagonist of the SML video, Chef Pee Pee The Robot.

He wasn't revealed to be a robot until the Chef Pee Pee The Robot video was made. He was killed by Bowser Junior throwing him in the bath at the end of the episode. Junior thought that the Robot Chef Pee Pee was the real Chef Pee Pee, and thought that the real Chef Pee Pee was dead until Chef Pee Pee returned from his vacation.

It was revealed that Chef Pee Pee rented the robot Chef Pee Pee. The Robot Chef Pee Pee is sometimes believed to be actually Chef Poo Poo with robotic machinery installed. However, this is not really true.



The Robot Chef Pee Pee looks just like the real Chef Pee Pee. The only difference about their appearance is that the robot counterpart has circuit on one of his eyes.

Despite being a robot, he looks more like a human more than a robot.

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