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Now die...
~ Sark to a defeated Exetior.
I don't demand too much. Only full and unquestioning submission to me!
~ Sark's expectations.
Perhaps some demons will find my ways of... dealing with my puppets to be too harsh, but, honestly. I never cared what they thought.
~ Sark

Sark is the secondary antagonist of the Sonic.exe: Nightmare Version series developed by JaizKoys, serving as the secondary antagonist of Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three, a minor antagonist of the upcoming Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning remake, and an antagonist in Nightmare Shorts. He is an evil demonic entity as well as Exetior's former co-worker and right-hand assistant.



Sark was originally a demon of sharpness who lead the sharpers in invading other worlds and mocking the mortals. Sark joined Exetior in his quest to defeat the Highests, but after the war the Highests came out victorious and sent Exetior to Hell, they kept Sark and Pervision, torturing them until they became insane. Many centuries later, Sark escaped and found another universe housing anthropomorphic animals and killed Sonic the Hedgehog. Sark then took his appearance and proceeded to kill all of his friends and forming an alliance with Exetior. After demonizing the entire population of Mobius, the male population become strangely idiotic, mindless and perverted, forcing Sark to kill them all after they tried overthrowing him and left only the girls alive.

Secrets in Continued Nightmare

Rosy decides to escape from him and goes to Exetior's base, where she develops a crush on him and leaves them after a short amount of time. She returns to Sark's base only to be greeted by her world version of Cream and Sally. Sark arrives and taunts Rosy, revealing that he had Cream watch over her the entire time and knows about her secret visit. He and his servants are quickly defeated by Exetior's, Sark advises them to leave until Exetior himself shows up and takes Rosy with him. Sark is bewildered and frustrated, and plans on getting revenge on Exetior.

Sark's second secret is him planning with Dr. Eggman on collecting the Time Stones to enslave other worlds. He then asks the two Time Stones he has to show him a future where Exetior subdues the Freedom Fighters, but is instead watching a future of Rosy being taken away. He races away, angered.

Sark has a much more important role in the true/canon ending of the game. After Sally is possessed by a Highest, Amy and Cream find her looking over at Sark, who is looking down on Exetior and Negagen sitting next to a buzzsaw, revealing that Sark has finally betrayed them. Before the game ends he utters "Now die..."

Nightmare Beginning (remake)

In the remake of Nightmare Beginning Sark can be shown in a secret with Tails. After murdering a few animals to escape from Exetior he ends up in Sark's dimension, finding the corpses of his victims. Sark reveals himself and even revealed that he raped Amy/Rosy before killing her, he attempts to kill Tails but he defends himself from the demon. Exetior later finds a ring which leads to Sark's dimension.


Unlike Exetior, who is supportive and kind to his servants, Sark is the exact opposite and rules over them with an iron fist. He is considerably cruel and wicked when addressing his minions if they fail with his orders and won't even hesitate to threaten or kill them. This shows when Rosy returns back to him and he plans on executing her and threatening to murder Cream who only chimed into the conversation.

Sark is also quite cunning and manipulative, as he has persuaded Exetior that he has been helping him when in reality he wants to overthrow him and lead the exes. He futher shows his arrogance and abnormally large ego to have everything to himself by demanding Rosy back from Exetior at all costs.


Sally.EXE:Eye Of Three

Sark: Well, well, well... Look who's decided to come crawling back to us... Did you decide to complain about me?

Rosy: I'm... No... it's not true!
Sark: (Sark spindashes towards her and knocks her down) Don't lie to me! Cream has been watching you all this time! I'm surprised you had the guts to come back, but it won't save you! You chose to betray me! And for that, you will suffer so much, that death will be your only escape from this torment!

~ Sark to Rosy after realizing she has betrayed her.
Sark: What the hell is going on here?!

Amy: We came for Amy!
Sark: You came for her? No way! She's mine, and you better get out of here, or you'll be in big trouble!
Amy: Don't worry! I don't mind punching you in the face myself!
Exetior: (Exetior appears behind Sark) Enough!
Sark: Hello Boss! Your slaves attacked us and they demanded by subject! Get rid of them!
Exetior: Heh... I know... They came for Amy Rose... We came for her.
Sark: W-what...?
Exetior: She's not like you, Sark. You often told me she was useless.
Sark: Y-yes b-but...
Exetior: For some reason it remained adequate... We'll take her. She can help us with different tasks! Find yourself another victim and she'll replace your Amy.
Sark: BUT!!-
Exetior: This conversation is over, Sark. We don't need t fight now. The Highests will find us soon. We need an army pronto! Get to it. (Exetior takes his team and Rosy back to his lair.)
Sark Sally: What happened? I wanted to kill that Amy-like hedgehog, but something knocked me out...
So you decided to take my slave for yourself, Exetior?? You will answer for it!
Sark Sally: Calm down, boss. You said she was useless in every way. That she was a defective servant...
Sark: But she's MY SERVANT!! I will show Exetior who the real god is here! Did he say he was being sought after by the Highests? Hehe... If I give Exetior to the Highests, they will be able to form an alliance with us to destroy these pathetic worlds together! And I already have a plan to do it! But for now I need some rest! Sally! You're gonna help me relax today!
Sark Sally: I'd love too.
Sark Cream: Can I help? You know, I've been good lately!
Sark: No! I'm angry right now! I could tear you to pieces if I wished. (Sark leaves with Sally.) And one more thing. If you have a chance to take Amy Rose back, without any backup. Have fun, but bring her to me alive! I want to painfully rip out all the good things she felt during her escape!

~ Sark showing his abusive side to his servants, whilst also demanding Amy Rose back at all costs.
Sark: What are these strange stones?

Eggman.exe: Hmm? Oh, these are Time Stones. They have the power to change the flow of time.
Sark: Really?! Then why should we personally enslave all these worlds? We need to use the stones, so they will do all the work for us!
Eggman.exe: Alas, we cannot. To change the time we need all seven stones! We only have two. We were looking for the rest everywhere, but they are nowhere to be found. Rumor has it that some of these stones were destroyed. In that case... we can't control time...
Sark: So they are completely useless?
Eggman.exe: Not quite... Now, these stones can't change the flow of time, but they have a nice feature that I'm going to develop! They can show you a branch of the future. You have to think over what outcomes of what events are interesting to you, and the stone will show you the near future based on your request. But remember that the stones can only show the future you request!
Sark: Okay... I'll try! Show me my future where Exetior will subdue those three girls, and all Freedom Fighters! (Sark is then teleported to a vision of Rosy being stolen by Exetior's team.) FUCK! (Sark then runs off)

~ Sark inspects the Time Stones and attempts to use their power.

Nightmare Beginning Remake

Tails: Cream...? S-Sally?!... Is... is that Amy?? O-Oh my... G-God! C-can you hear me?? You're bleeding!! Why are you naked? Oh my god! WHO DID THIS TO YOU??

Sark: I did. (Tails turns around to find Sark standing next to the decapitated head of his corrupted counterpart.) Another Tails? Where did you come from, bastard? Although I don't care! one more soul for the games!
Tails: WH-what did you do with the girls??
Sark: Oh, you know, just having fun with what belongs to me. I don't know where you came from, piece of shit, but I'm sick of your stupid, scared fox faces! DIE ALREADY!

~ Sark reveals his actions and is about to kill Tails.

Nightmare Shorts

Sark Cream: Tell me, master. Why did you kill the entire male population of our dimensions? I don't dare challenge your decision, but I'm curious to know!

Sark: It's simple! Most of the men became too stupid and Horny after demonization... Animals such as themselves deserve to be slaughtered. Take these three losers as an example. Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. After demonization these assholes killed and tried to fuckk all my concubines. But worst of all they tried to DISOBEY ME! Hehehe! The fat scientist at least understood that he was a pathetic jerk, and tried to get rid of me remotely, with the help of robots, but Tails & Knuckles - these idiots seriously thought that they could kill me personally?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

~ Sark and Sark Cream.



  • As the true ending where Sark betrays Exetior is canon is seems likely that Sark will attempt to kill Exetior in the next installment, possibly even becoming the main antagonist.
  • Sark seems to have a low rank among the other demons, as he addresses Exetior as "boss" despite being his co-worker.
  • Sark is likely more insane and deranged than Exetior, as he raped Amy Rose before killing her, while Exetior never performed sexual acts to his victims.
  • Sark takes the role of the original Sonic.exe from the Creepypasta story and the game adaptation, despite being unlike X in many ways.
    • JaizKoys also doesn't refer to Sark as "X" (Sonic.exe's real name) as a way to differentiate them from one another.
  • According to JaizKoys, Sark hates Christmas.
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