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Screwball is a character in SuperMarioLogan. He is Joseph's stepfather and Joseph's Mother's ex-husband.

He is usually a villain, but is sometimes a neutral character.

He is voiced by Logan Thirtyacre's older brother, Lance Thirtyacre.


Screwball is a clown who likes making snake balloons and selling candy which is actually meth. He thinks meth is candy.

He will return as an antagonist in The SuperMarioLogan Movie!. As seen in the SML movie trailer, he is driving the ice cream truck and helped Nancy kidnap either Jeffy or Mario. It is possible that he is Nancy's henchman since Screwball was told by her to kidnap either Jeffy or Mario.

It is possible that he will be the secondary antagonist in The SuperMarioLogan Movie!.

The character is portrayed by a black and bald clown puppet.

Some characters (such as Bowser's Mother and Black Yoshi) never met Screwball before, meaning they believe Screwball does not exist due to his name.

He has a similar voice to 2 Muppet characters which are Telly Monster from Sesame Street and Rowlf the Dog from The Muppets.

Although he met Junior and his friends in earlier videos, they did not know each other in Bowser Junior's Halloween.

Screwball has the same name as a clown who comes to Logan's birthday party when he was young. So, Screwball was named after the clown that came to Logan's birthday party.


Screwball is a pedophile who is creepy, sneaky, and occasionally evil. He also seems to have a problem with meth.
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