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Shadow Aaron, also known as The Master of All Evil, is a evil Shadow Creature and the main antagonist of the character crossover series Character What.

He is the ruler of evil, and is Shadow Joe's evil twin brother. He is also Shadow Joe's Arch-Enemy and Rival.


Unlike Shadow Joe, Shadow Aaron is evil and is the opposite of Shadow Joe. Shadow Aaron is dishonest, cruel, wrathful, greedy, sadistic, ruthless, reckless, villainous, cold-hearted, and selfish, He only cares about himself. Shadow Aaron think evil is supreme, and think good is weak. Shadow Aaron hates anything good, pleasure and holy. Shadow Aaron has a strong hate of Shadow Joe. Shadow Aaron also had no redeeming qualities.

Shadow Aaron takes his actions of being the ruler of evil very seriously, he barely shows no trace of happiness which is the reason why he rarely smile, but he is not completely apathetic, as he can still get aggressive at times and also has a twisted sense of humor, as he enjoy killing his victims slowly and painfully just for the fun of it. Despite his fearlessness persona, Shadow Aaron is shown to have a fear of fairies for reasons yet unknown and his worst darkest fear is damnation of his immortal soul.

Shadow Aaron is sometime arrogant and egomaniacal of himself being evil. He is often overconfident and egotistical of his dark powers and believing himself to invincible, considering himself to be more superior than other creatures in existence and viewing individuals as inferior to his supreme power.

Shadow Aaron is highly scheming and cunning as shown organizing plots to destroy or defeat Shadow Joe and other major tasks and always come prepare for any situation, but because Shadow Aaron is reckless and ruthless, he sometime doesn't think things through.

Shadow Aaron is extremely murderous and homicidal maniac, He have absolutely no qualms against killing as he kill anyone who stand in his way or stand up to him, He will kill anyone just for the pleasure of it showing to be murderously insane. He will also kill anyone who interferes with his plans or stands in his way. He is also shown to be a ruthless killer as seen killing a entire army of Clone Troopers along with a village full with people. He will also kill any villain who betray him and turn against his empire.

Shadow Aaron is pyromaniac as shown burning forests, houses, and cities.

Shadow Aaron is hematomaniac enjoying seeing blood and glory, He also like the tease of blood. Although this was only mentioned.

Shadow Aaron is shown to be power hungry and megalomaniac wanting to rule the world and the universe with an army of villains and enslave humanity and and living creature in existence.

Shadow Aaron is shown to had jealously of Shadow Joe being the powerful, and Twilight Sparkle being in love with Flash Sentry.

Shadow Aaron is extremely aggressive, vicious, and violent, He have a very dangerous temperament and frightful demeanour was enough to strike fear into other villains, especially powerful villains like Darth Vader, Lord Voldemort, Sauron, Discord and Emperor Palpatine. As he can easy to anger, and very intimidating, formidable and dangerous in his enraged state which often results him in killing anyone out of spite.

Shadow Aaron lack compassion, sympathy, empathy and remorse and will do anything to achieve his own goals, even if that means brutally beating or killing the innocent with absolutely no mercy, displaying no sense of morality, he is also very insensitive and has no regards against hurting children, as shown when he punch Huey, Dewey and Louie causing them to cry in tears. He show no loyalty towards the villains in his kingdom, he is more than willing to abandoned his own subjects in any situation that goes critical, even if it means leaving them to die. Shadow Aaron proves to care less about the villains and no respect to them in any way treating them nothing more like lesser beings. Shadow Aaron is completely heartless when he was more than willing to destroyed his own family along with the rest of the Shadow Creatures on "Luna Terra" as revenge for defeating him thousands years, proving he has completely no regards for killing family neither his species.

Shadow Aaron is extremely sadistically and would torment his victims through their tremendous fears to shake them and make them feel vulnerable. He is also argumentative and cruel to his own minions, often abusing and torturing them for his own sadistic amusement, enjoying see despair, pain and suffering to others. Shadow Aaron also enjoy letting his prisoners die of starvation or dehydration in prison cells down beyond in his empire.

Shadow Aaron is a destructive slavedriver forcing his victims to work nonstop with any rest until their dead from exhausted, If he caught any of them taking a rest, He will do harm to them make them continue to work or either kill them, punish them or put them in prison cells.

Shadow Aaron is a control freak, making his own tyranny rules in his empire for his twisted and cruel nature, such as, if anyone trespassed in his kingdom, he will result in executive, if villain either defy his rules, help Shadow Joe or other heroes, turn their backs on his empire will be considered high treason and the sentience with be death. If any villains refuse to obey his orders or failed their tasks, will be severity punish for letting him down. If any villain failed him one time too many, will result to execute them meaning he has have enough will their failing.

Shadow Aaron is somewhat lazy and self-indulgent, as shown making the villains do his own work for him, while sitting in his throne room, eating rich food and watching them doing their works.

In The Return of the Shadow Creature, It is revealed that Shadow Aaron's true plan was to destroy the entire universe and everything in it, and recreate the universe in his image. Additionally, he was only using the villains to help him with his goals in destroying Shadow Joe and once the hero is defeated for good, he will finally remake the universe in his own image and the promises Shadow Aaron made with the villains was all a lie, just to obtain their loyally into furthering his own goals. Shadow Aaron will then destroy them along with the universe since their needs are fulfilled and no longer had used of them anymore.


Early Life

2000 years ago, Shadow Aaron was good in the past, Shadow Aaron along with his twin brother Shadow Joe were born, Shadow Aaron was the first to be awaken while Shadow Joe still remain asleep for along time. Shadow Aaron became a great hero and have everything he ever wanted.

Shadow Aaron's parents and all the other shadow creatures wanted to reward for his heroic deeds, and they said to Shadow Aaron, He can have what ever he wants. Shadow Aaron say he wanted to rule the world, but his mother Queen Lorraine forbid it, and she tell Shadow Aaron that ruling the world was not right, This make Shadow Aaron's three hearts broke and Shadow Aaron went somewhere to be alone.

When Shadow Creatures and Shadow Aaron's parents inform about a army of evil aliens, evil demons and evil humans was coming to invade the land, but Shadow Aaron refuse since he didn't get what he wanted, So his parents let him alone to think about, Shadow Aaron then rediscover his purpose and decided to abandoned who he is, betray everything he believe in and fellow a new path and the path he choose is to become the ruler of evil and turn himself evil realizing that being evil is the only way to get what he wants.

Shadow Aaron then because leader of the evil army and take over the land enslave humans, animals and Shadow Creatures at his might, Shadow Aaron also take over the earth and spending chaos all around the world making life miserable for all living things.

During the events of his take over, Shadow Aaron create three stars that will released Nightmare Moon in the thousand year, Give Merlock a magical talisman that will give Merlock unlimited wishes from genie of a lamp and planted dark seeds in the ground that will grow during some point in the thousand. Shadow Aaron also cause many destruction such as sinking the city of Atlantis into the bottom of the ocean, Causing the volcano in pompeii to erupt and destroying plant pluto.

While still in power, Shadow Aaron's evil army (evil aliens, evil demons and evil humans) have a war against the Shadow Creatures and the forces of good, His evil army lost the war and Shadow Aaron was then defeated by King Joe, Queen Lorainne and Shadow Selina when they combine their powers and imprison Shadow Aaron in a stone-like shell and put him in a eternal sleep and the earth Shadow Creatures hidden Shadow Aaron in the centre of Earth hoping to never be awaken,

Before his twin brother Shadow Joe was awake, His parents remove of knowledge of Shadow Aaron from Shadow Joe's mind so that Shadow Joe will not know about Shadow Aaron's existence.

Character What: The Movie

Shadow Aaron is first seen in a flashback when it shown when it all happen 2000 years ago.

In the present, Maleficent took Shadow Aaron out of the Center of the Earth, but Shadow Aaron was still imprison his shell, and Maleficent took Shadow Aaron to the ship.

Character What: The Adventures

In the first series, Shadow Aaron been helping villains to get what they want, and also been following Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle where ever they go. The only powers Shadow Aaron can use are; flight, levitation, portal creation, invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis, time travel, and using memory manipulation to erasure memories.

In My Little Pony, Shadow Aaron leave Jafar in charge of the empire while He was gone to help Nightmare Moon, Shadow Aaron warn Nightmare Moon about Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle. After Nightmare Moon's defeat, Shadow Aaron return to the empire and tell the villains that now they know about Shadow Joe will stop evil. Shadow Aaron tell all the villains to return to their hideouts.

Character What

Character What: Tales

In Shadow Aaron's Revenge: Part 1, Shadow Aaron was having a meeting with Jafar, Maleficent, General Grievous, Giovanni, Queen Chrysalis, Emperor Palpatine, Davros, and Chase Young in Shadow Aaron's empire. Shadow Aaron plan revenge on Shadow Joe. When Shadow Joe was having a picnic with Twilight Sparkle and her friends, Shadow Aaron induce a red lightning clouds to warn Shadow Joe that he has return for revenge. Shadow Aaron sent two Titans; Lythos and Hydros, to destroy Shadow Joe in Ponyville, but the two titans failed and were defeated by Shadow Joe. Next Shadow Aaron sent a Omnidroid to Destroy Shadow Joe in Ponyville, The Omnidroid failed and was destroy by Shadow Joe. Shadow Aaron grow angry, Then Shadow Aaron thought about another plan, So he teleported Twilight Sparkle while she was reading books to his empire. Shadow Aaron create a holographic screen in Ponyville to let Shadow Joe know that he had Twilight Sparkle with him. Shadow Aaron said to Shadow Joe "if you want Twilight Sparkle back, Then come to me", Shadow Joe said to Shadow Aaron that he was going to stop him, and Shadow Joe said to Twilight Sparkle that he coming to save her.

In Shadow Aaron's Revenge: Part 2, Shadow Aaron prepare to attack Shadow Joe when he come to save Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Aaron tell the Supreme Soldiers to launch missiles, but Shadow Joe use a force field to protect him and Jack Sparrow while they were in Shadow Joe's traveling machine, Shadow Joe's traveling machine landed in Shadow Aaron's empire and came out and went to Twilight Sparkle and give her a happy hug. Shadow Aaron tell his Supreme Soldiers to shoot at them, but the force field generated by Shadow Joe's traveling machine protect Shadow Joe, Twilight Sparkle, Captain Jack Sparrow from the laser blasts, Shadow Aaron then shoot lightning at them, but the force field stop Shadow Aaron lightning blast as well. Shadow Aaron reveal to Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle that he has been helping the villains that Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle encountered. Then Shadow Joe say they were leaving, Shadow Aaron tell his Supreme Soldiers to blast them when Shadow Joe and friends went into Shadow Joe's traveling machine, but the force field was still protecting them and Shadow Joe's traveling machine disappeared and they escape, Shadow Aaron grow angry.

Shadow Aaron is mentioned in the first Christmas Special of Character What franchise called "Shadow Joe save Christmas".

Character What: Revenge of Evil

Shadow Aaron makes his return in the movie which is the series final of Character What: Tales, Twilight Sparkle read Shadow Joe's magic spell book, She read and undo the spell that keep Shadow Aaron asleep in his stone person, Shadow Aaron was awaken and summon a swarm of Locust.

Character What: Hero Force

Character What:

Character What: New Hope

Shadow Aaron reappears in Broken Friendship, He was first watching Shadow Joe through his magic orb and Shadow Aaron saw how happy Shadow Joe was with his life and with his friends. Shadow Aaron was not happy with his own life since Shadow Joe ruined his plans and prevent him from ruling the world. Shadow Aaron plan to ruined Shadow Joe's life, but didn't know where to start, Shadow Aaron thought about broken Shadow Joe' friendship with Twilight Sparkle and Dawn. Shadow Aaron over heard that Shadow Joe made a promise to Twilight Sparkle and Dawn that he will be at the contest that in three days since it was a big thing for Dawn, Shadow Aaron than thought of a idea. When the third day came, Shadow Aaron attack Ponyville, When Shadow Joe was about to go to the contest in the Pokemon World, Shadow Joe detect Shadow Aaron attacking Ponyville. Shadow Joe went to Ponyville to stop Shadow Aaron before going to the contest. After Dawn win the contest and the contact cup, Dawn and Twilight realize that Shadow Joe wasn't there seeing that Shadow Joe break his promise. Shadow Aaron realize that the contest was over and give up the fight with Shadow Joe much to Shadow Joe's confusion. Dawn and Twilight Sparkle return to Ponyville and were disappointed that Shadow Joe break his promise of being at the Pokemon Contest to support Dawn, Shadow Joe try to explain that he need to stop Shadow Aaron from attacking Ponyville suggesting that protect the ponies from harm was important. Dawn and Twilight then through that at all Shadow Joe think about over Dawn's big thing at the Pokemon Contest, Dawn and Twilight Sparkle decided to end their relationship with Shadow Joe after sadly breaking his promise just to choose saving lives. Shadow Joe try to explain, but Dawn and Twilight refuse to listen and lead Shadow Joe leaving him heart breaking therefore having Shadow Aaron's plan successful in destroying Shadow Joe's relationship with his two best friends, Shadow Aaron plan to keep it that way and plan to ruined Shadow Joe's life even further.

In Lost Forgiveness, Shadow Aaron put Bill Cipher on a task to be his eyes and ears to make sure Shadow Joe is miserable as possible, Bill saw that Shadow Joe and Pinkie Pie were setting up a party in hope that Twilight Sparkle and Dawn will forgive Shadow Joe. Bill went to alert Shadow Aaron, After Shadow Joe and Pinkie lead to find Twilight and Dawn, Shadow Aaron and Bill appear at the party and Shadow Aaron then cause destruction to it and Shadow Aaron and Bill disappear so they won't get caught, When Shadow Joe and Pinkie return with Twilight and Dawn, They were shock to see that party has been wreck mush to Pinkie Pie's horror. Twilight Sparkle and Dawn thought Shadow Joe did it and Shadow Joe try to explain that he wasn't the cause of it. but Twilight and Dawn didn't believe him and reject Shadow Joe again leaving Shadow Joe heartbroken even further. Shadow Aaron seen that plans of ruining Shadow Joe's life is going a according to his plan and Bill Cipher remain on Shadow Aaron's side.

In New Friend, Shadow Aaron still send Bill Cipher to make sure Shadow Joe is still miserable, Bill Cipher can back and report to Shadow Aaron that Shadow Joe was still devastated over his loses. Shadow Aaron realize that everything is going according to plan, and plans to keep that way, Discord questions Shadow Aaron about if Shadow Joe will try to find a new friend, but Shadow Aaron wasn't worry since no one like Twilight Sparkle or Dawn could be Shadow Joe's new friends. Unknown to Shadow Aaron, Shadow Joe became friends with Webby Vanderquack after saving her from the Toiletnator and Discord, Shadow Aaron was still oblivion about what happen, decided to fight Shadow Joe to see how weak he has become, with Bill Cipher on his side. Shadow Aaron and Bill Cipher cause chaos in Ponyville to draw Shadow Joe's attention. Shadow Joe arrive to the scene, and tell Shadow Aaron and Bill to surrender, but Shadow Aaron refuse, and begins to attack Shadow Joe. Shadow Aaron had the upper hand and prepare to finish the hero off, but was interfered by Webby throwing fruit at him, Shadow Aaron order Bill destroy the duckling. but Shadow Joe manage to overpower Shadow Aaron, forcing him to retreat along with Bill Cipher. Back in the empire, Shadow Aaron suggested that Shadow Joe is not weak, but soon will be, Shadow Aaron remain unaware that Shadow Joe already became friends with Webby.

Bill Cipher return to the empire after failing to destroy Webby, to inform Shadow Aaron that Shadow Joe has made a new friend, Shadow Aaron became enrage of the little duckling interfering with his plans of making Shadow Joe's life miserable, Shadow Aaron decided to send out villains to destroy Webby so she won't ruin his entire plans. Shadow Aaron send out Randall Boggs to destroy the duckling, since Bill Cipher failed to do so, but Randall was defeated by Shadow Joe, and transported him back to the empire and will be severely punish for his failed.

Shadow Aaron send out Aggregor next to destroy Webby, Shadow Aaron turn Aggregor into his mutation which will allow Aggregor to transform into back and forth, but Aggregor was by Shadow Joe with the help of Ben Tennyson, Aggregor lose his mutation transformation and was transport back into the empire which he will be severely punish by Shadow Aaron for his failed like Randall Boggs.

In Lost Hope, Shadow Aaron was more determined to ruined Shadow Joe's life, but he didn't know what to do now due to his many attempts failed to remove Webby from Shadow Joe. Shadow Aaron witness Twilight Sparkle and Dawn greeting Webby and thought she was all alone on the beach until Shadow Joe came out of the cafe and became shocked to his two former friends with his new friend Webby, Shadow Joe grab Webby and used his super speed to leave out of sight leaving both Twilight Sparkle and Dawn confused. Shadow Aaron realize that Shadow Joe is keeping his friendship with Webby a secret from both Twilight and Dawn, Shadow Aaron sense a perfect opportunity and tell Discord, Ursula and Bill Cipher about his new plan; Shadow Aaron tell Discord and Ursula to lure Twilight Sparkle to Shadow Joe and Webby while [he] and Bill Cipher distract him and Webby. Later Shadow Joe and Webby were walking in town and Shadow Aaron and Bill Cipher appeared out of nowhere and ambush them and Discord and Ursula cause some trouble and attract Twilight Sparkle's and Dawn's attention. When Shadow Aaron and Bill Cipher were still fighting Shadow Joe, Shadow Aaron hears Twilight and Dawn coming and call out the fight with Shadow Joe and teleports away with Bill Cipher, though Shadow Joe was confused why would them give up like that but was happy that Webby is safe and hugs her. Discord and Ursula brought Twilight Sparkle and Dawn to Shadow Joe and Webby. Twilight and Dawn became outraged by this and accuses Shadow Joe of trying to replace them since they were unfair with him. Twilight Sparkle and Dawn once again disown Shadow Joe and didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore, Dawn even goes by far giving Shadow Joe a slap in the face. Shadow Joe became more distraught and devastated much to Shadow Aaron's amusement and Discord's dumbfounded. Unknown to Shadow Aaron and Shadow Joe, Twilight Sparkle and Dawn finally come to their senses and started to feel remorseful for how unreasonable and unfair they were with Shadow Joe and now understanding that he has good intentions of missing the contest and realizing that saving ponies from jeopardy was far more important and decided to forgive Shadow Joe for breaking his promise.

Character What: Chronicles

In Evil Soup, Shadow Aaron was in a old abandoned house making his own soup in a cauldron, the ingredients he was adding were dead rats, eyeballs, weeds, and octopus tentacles. Shadow Aaron was unaware of Bambi's presents until the young prince accidentally made a noise and getting caught by the evil Shadow Creature. Shadow Aaron tied Bambi up and plans to add him to the soup once he is done mixing the ingredients. Unknown to him, Blinky Bill, along with Nutsy, Flaps, and Penelope Poodle saw everything from outside the window. Penelope throws an apple into his cauldron causing Shadow Aaron to turn his attention to her and chases after Penelope Poodle. While Shadow Aaron was distracted, Blinky, Nutsy and Flaps went inside the house and untied Bambi, but the ropes were too tied so Nutsy used a sharp knife to cut the ropes to free Bambi.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

Shadow Aaron returns in Evil Return, Shadow Aaron was in his dimension watching Shadow Joe in his magic seeing Shadow Joe's celebration, Shadow Aaron then grow angry of the hate of his brother he then open a portal and least his dimension.

In Stick Day, Shadow Aaron attack Ponyville so Shadow Joe will come to stop him, Shadow Aaron saw the Mane Six and realist Shadow Joe wasn't with them, So Shadow Aaron desired to create rain to put out the fires and said to the Mane Six he will try again next time. The Next Day, Shadow Aaron attack Ponyville again but this time Shadow Aaron summon meteors to crash down to Ponyville, Shadow Aaron saw the Mane Six again and saw there was no Shadow Joe again, Shadow Aaron use his reality warping to get rid of the meteors and fix Ponyville. Shadow Aaron said to the Mane Six that he will try again next time. The third day, Shadow Aaron bring a water flood into Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle use her magic to lift her and the rest of the Mane Six on top of a house, Twilight Sparkle then use her magic lift the other ponies on top of other houses and buildings. Shadow Aaron saw the Mane Six and saw there was still no Shadow Joe anywhere, Shadow Aaron use his reality warping to get rid out the flood, Shadow Aaron then disappear. Shadow Aaron soon grow impatient and was thinking why Shadow Aaron hasn't shown up.

Shadow Aaron makes a cameo in Dimension Jumper, When Shadow Joe went into Shadow Aaron's dimension and Shadow Aaron tell Shadow Joe what he was doing in his dimension.

In Don't Use the Anihilaang, Shadow Aaron plans to steal the duplicate Anihilaag to destroy the entire universe except the Earth.

Shadow Aaron is mentioned in Pink Not My Color.

In Villain Team, Shadow Aaron send different groups of villains to destroy Shadow Joe, The first group send have Darth Vader, Utrom Shredder, Sauron, Terminator, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy.

In Master of Chaos, Shadow Aaron help Shadow Joe how to defeat Discord.

Character What: The Rise of Jafar

Shadow Aaron did not appear in the movie since his death, but he is mentioned by Rainbow Dash.

Character What: The Evil-doers

Shadow Aaron is mentioned a few times in the film, He is first mentioned by Doctor Doom answering Dr. Facilier's question that HIM is one of Shadow Aaron's specials. Second he was mentioned by Jafar who blames one of the Piplings for being responded for Shadow Aaron's death.

Character What: ???

Character What: New Adventures

Shadow Aaron makes no physical appearances in the sixth series because of his ultimate demise, Shadow Aaron appears in flashbacks, dreams, pictures, and other non-physical appearances in the series, He is also mentioned several times in the series. Jafar takes the role of the main antagonist of the series while Shadow Aaron serves as the posthumous antagonist.

Shadow Aaron is first seen in Dawn's flashback and second in Shadow Joe's dream in the episode Say Goodbye to Old Friends, and Say Hello to New Friends: Part 1.

In Davy Jones Revenge, Shadow Aaron appears in Shadow Joe's dream when Shadow Joe was dreaming about Shadow Aaron in the Octopot.

In Nightmares of Shadow Aaron, Shadow Aaron appears in Twilight Sparkle's dream.

In The Tale of Shadow Aaron, Shadow Aaron appears again in Twilight Sparkle's dream. In the episode, Zecora tell the foals about Shadow Aaron, She cast a illusion of him, and she also show they the statue of Shadow Aaron.

Character What: Villains Revenge

Shadow Aaron make his return as the main antagonist of 10th series, It is unknown how he was bought back to life. In The Return: Part 1, Shadow Aaron was debating how to defeat Shadow Joe, Maleficent remain him about sending villains to defeat Shadow Joe and Shadow Aaron say that all they try to defeat Shadow Joe, but they never success. Maleficent remain Shadow Aaron about his teammate and Shadow Aaron say that them never success as well, but Shadow Aaron desired to give his teammate another chance and tell Judge Claude Frollo to bring them to him.

In The Return: Part 2, Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle were shock to see that Shadow Aaron was alive, Shadow Aaron start shooting fireballs at them, but Shadow Joe hold Twilight Sparkle in his arms and got away from Shadow Aaron. Shadow Joe tells Twilight to go to her room because Shadow Aaron is too powerful, despite the promise Shadow Joe made. Shadow Joe and Shadow Aaron started to have a battle, Twilight Sparkle came out of her room and infer with the battle. Shadow Aaron then shoot lightning at her and then at Shadow Joe, Before Shadow Aaron least, Shadow Aaron say to Shadow Joe that they will continue will their battle tomorrow and Shadow Aaron say that he will attack will a thousand villains as well. Next Day, At the empire, Shadow Aaron tell all the villains what the plan and they all agree to the plan. Shadow Aaron and villains were matching toward the base, Shadow Aaron remind the villains to take out any hero they can and remind they that Shadow Joe is his to fight, Shadow Aaron and the villains enter the base and start to attack.

In Darkness Nightmare, Shadow Aaron manipulate the Piplings' dream by adding many villains as possible.

In Breakout, Shadow Aaron enter Shadow Joe's base and free all of the villains from their prison cells.

In Beware of the Enemy, Shadow Aaron plan to destroy the Piplings, Shadow Aaron sent Scar and General Woundbert, Scar and Woundbert caught Rainbow Dash and took to Shadow Aaron and the villains. Rainbow Dash try to connive Shadow Aaron to led off the attack, but Shadow Aaron repel it. Shadow Aaron then tell Rainbow Dash to warn Shadow Joe if he not back by sunset, Then he and the villains will be coming him.

In Shadow Aaron's Rate, Shadow Aaron catches Twilight Sparkle while she was reading books, Shadow Aaron then took Twilight to the Smooze and drop her in it, but lucky Shadow Joe came to the rescue and save her. Shadow Aaron then order the Smooze to attack Shadow Joe, but Shadow Joe carry Twilight Sparkle in his arms and he open a portal and they both escape the Smooze, much to his anger. Shadow Aaron declares that he will find Twilight Sparkle even if he has to burn down all of Equestria. The next day, he lead some villains and Battle Droids in a ruthless hunt for Twilight Sparkle. Shadow Aaron rounds up almost everypony who knows Twilight Sparkle when she was a princess and has them imprisoned. Shadow Aaron arrive at Sweet Acorn Orchard and the ponies who've there told him that they heard about Twilight Sparkle but never met her and Shadow Aaron put them under house arrest. Shadow Aaron orders Kevin Levin to burn down the house with the ponies inside, Kevin refuse kill innocent ponies but Shadow Aaron warm him about the consequences if he define his orders, Kevin still refuses without hesitation. Shadow Aaron instead set the house in ablaze himself, but Kevin breaks into the burning house and save the ponies from harmed. The villains then attack Kevin for rescuing the ponies but Kevin fight back before being shock by Shadow Aaron's lightning blast. Shadow Aaron orders Kevin Levin to be executed for treason, but Applejack kick a apple at Shadow Aaron's horse, causing the horse to throw Shadow Aaron off. Kevin steal the horse and rides away to escape Shadow Aaron and the other villains.

Shadow Aaron challenge Shadow Joe and his friends, Shadow Aaron shoot lightning at Shadow Joe, but Shadow Joe absorb it and shoot it back at Shadow Aaron, but Shadow Aaron create a electric screen to protect himself. Shadow Aaron then started shooting fireballs. Ben Tennyson transform into Diamondhead and shoot diamond shards at Shadow Aaron, but Shadow Aaron created a portal and the diamond shards went into it. Diamondhead turn his arms into swords and use them to fight Shadow Aaron.

Character What: The Return of Shadow Creature


Shadow Aaron explain to Shadow Joe if he keeps defeat him time and time again, He will never stop until his excuses his goal of ruling the world and having Shadow Joe destroyed forever. Shadow Joe realise that Shadow Aaron right so he decided to use all of his life-force to form a powerful energy beam and aim at the crystal on Shadow Aaron's forehead which result of damaging Shadow Aaron's crystal so badly, Shadow Aaron could not regenerate and resurrect himself in a new form leaving Shadow Aaron to slowly die and turn into powder dust and finally been killed for good. Shadow Aaron's soul was then damned to hell for all of the wicked deems he have done in his life, thus ending his reign of evil forever.

Powers and Abilities

Shadow Aaron possesses all the powers of Shadow Joe. He also the embodiment of evil because he is pure evil and now has evil powers. These are the abilities that have been shown.


  • Electrokinesis: Shadow Aaron has complete control over electricity and manipulate and generate electricity. He an fire electric blasts from his hands, can create and released electrical balls, He can also manipulate them as well, create whips out of electrically, can create electric pillars. Shadow Aaron can create red lightning clouds.
  • Technopathy: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control technology.
  • Magic Crystal Creation:
  • Teleportation: Shadow Aaron can teleport to another location and anywhere he pleases.
  • Levitation: Shadow Aaron can lift and move himself in the air by floating.
  • Super Intelligence/Absolute Intellect: Shadow Aaron possesses near limitless high levels of superhuman intelligence. He have extreme mental prowess makes him enhanced inverting allowing him to invert numerous machines with various purposes and abilities, He have immense knowledge of technology knowing how to hack computers and security systems.
  • Shape-Shifting: Shadow Aaron can change his appearance to mimic the forms of anyone he chooses.
  • Pyrokinesis: Shadow Aaron has complete control over the elemental fire, Shadow Aaron can project fire from his hands, Shadow Aaron can form weapons out of fire, Shadow Aaron can breath fire out of his mouth, He can create and project fireballs. He can also create firestorms and can create combustions
  • Hydrokinesis: Shadow Aaron has complete control over elemental water, Shadow Aaron can project water from his hands, Shadow Aaron can create tidal waves and whirlpool, Shadow Aaron can create water tornados. Shadow Aaron can create creatures of out of water.
  • Aerokinesis: Shadow Aaron has complete control over the elemental air, Shadow Aaron can create strong winds, Shadow Aaron is capable of create tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Cyrokinesis: Shadow Aaron has complete control over ice, Shadow Aaron can fire ice spikes from his hands.
  • Super Strength/Absolute Strength: Shadow Aaron possesses unlimited superhuman strength, Shadow Aaron is strong enough to lift heavy objects, Shadow Aaron's punches are powerful enough to break through walls.
  • Super Durability: Shadow Aaron is highly durable and can rests any damage.
  • Super Endurance: Shadow Aaron possesses superhuman endurance,
  • Super Agility: Shadow Aaron possesses superhuman agility, He is very agile as he can dodge attacks, and can do back flips.
  • Super Reflexes: Shadow Aaron possesses superhuman reflexes, He can dodge bullets, and catch flies in mid-air.
  • Super Speed/Absolute Speed: Shadow Aaron possesses unlimited superhuman speed, He can increase his speed to run very fast at a second while moving on wheels from his feet, He can increase the speed of his movements.
  • Super Hearing/Absolute Hearing: Like all Shadow Creatures, Shadow Aaron possesses absolute hearing.
  • Super Jump: Shadow Aaron can jump and leap into great distances.
  • Super Stamina/Absolute Stamina: Shadow Aaron possesses unlimited superhuman stamina.
  • Fire Breath: Shadow Aaron can breath fire out of his mouth.
  • Force-Fields: Shadow Aaron can create energy domes to protect himself.
  • Invisibility: Shadow Aaron can become invisible.
  • Intangibility: Shadow Aaron can pass through solid objects and walls.
  • Telekinesis: Shadow Aaron can control objects using his mind.
  • Size Alteration:
  • Prehensile Tongue: Shadow Aaron possesses prehensile tongue which he can to grasp things.
  • Additional Limbs/Appendage Generation: Shadow Aaron can grow extra limbs such as; arms, legs, heads, and faces.
  • Eye Generation: Shadow Aaron can generate eyes all over his body.
  • 360-Degree Vision:
  • Animal Imitation: Shadow Aaron possesses animal abilities.
  • Sharp Claws: Shadow Aaron possesses razor sharp claws that can cut through metal and stone.
  • Quill Projection: Shadow Aaron can shoot quills from his back.
  • Rocket Flight: Shadow Aaron can use his feet to fly like a rocket.
  • Tentacle Extension: Shadow Aaron can grow tentacles from his body and can extent them.
  • Portal Creation: Shadow Aaron can create portals to any location.
  • Omnilingualism: Shadow Aaron can speak and understand languages.
  • Oxygen Independence: Shadow Aaron can survive without oxygen.
    • Underwater Breathing: Since Shadow Aaron doesn't need oxygen, Shadow Aaron is able to survive in underwater.
  • Tail Formation: Shadow Aaron can form his legs into a mermaid-like tail.
  • Speed Swimming: When transform his legs into a tail, Shadow Aaron can swim at incredible speeds.
  • Memory Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate memories by alter them or erasure them.
  • Camouflage: Shadow Aaron can alter his color appearance to blend in the backgrounds.
  • Space Survivability: Shadow Aaron can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Superpower Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate near all superpowers.
  • Time Travel: Shadow Aaron can travel through time to past and future.
  • Magic: Shadow Aaron possesses great levels of magic just like Shadow Joe.
  • Reality Warping: Shadow Aaron possesses powerful reality warping abilities, Shadow Aaron can change and alter reality into near anyway he wants.
  • Geokinesis/Earth Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over the elemental earth. He is able to create boulders.
  • Lava Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over lava.
  • Psammokinesis/Sand Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over sand, Shadow Aaron can generate amount of sand, Shadow Aaron can also create powerful sandstorms.
  • Plant Manipulation/Chlorokinesis: Shadow Aaron has complete control over plant-like.
  • Elasticity: Shadow Aaron can stretch body and limbs.
  • Magic Immunity: Shadow Aaron is immune to magic and spells.
  • Toxikinesis/Poison Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over poisons and toxins.
  • Acid Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over acid produce by him, Shadow Aaron can fire acid from his mouth and his hands, Shadow Aaron secrete acid though his body, Shadow Aaron can also create creatures out of acid.
  • Goo Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can control slime, Shadow Aaron can spit slime out of his mouth.
  • Blade Retraction: Shadow Aaron can generate blades from his hands.
  • Astral Projection: Shadow Aaron can project his spirit from his body.
  • Weapon Creation: Shadow Aaron can any weapon out of thin air.
  • Object Creation: Shadow Aaron can create objects out of thin air.
  • Melting: Shadow Aaron can make objects melt.
  • Gyrokinesis/Gravity Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over gravity.
  • Anatomical Liberation: Shadow Aaron can detach his body parts and control them while being detached.
  • Rope Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control ropes.
  • Empathy: Shadow Aaron can sense the emotions of others such as fear and sadness.
  • Deoxygenation: Shadow Aaron can dissolve the oxygen around him.
  • Deflection: Shadow Aaron can deflect attacks such as laser blasts.
  • Electrical Immunity: Shadow Aaron is immune to electrically.
  • Transmutation:
  • Ferrokinesis/Metal Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over metal
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Shadow Aaron can heal himself from injury, wounds, cuts, and can also regrow new limbs.
  • Psionic Blast: Shadow Aaron can overload a character's mind causing them to be unconscious.
  • Age Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can alter the ages of any character by making them younger or older.
  • Activation & Deactivation:
  • Immobilization: Shadow Aaron can paralysis his victims.
  • Data Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control data.
  • Reflection Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate reflections.
  • DNA Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate DNA, Shadow Aaron can mix DNA together.
  • Wall-Walking: Shadow Aaron is able to run or walk on walls without stopping.
  • Cyclone Spinning: Shadow Aaron can spin like a tornado.
  • Conversion: Shadow Aaron can transform living beings into another species, as shown when he transform Jafar back into his former genie self, and transform Cozy Glow into a alicorn.
  • Telepathic Communication:
  • Hypnosis: Shadow Aaron can alter the minds of any character by using his hypnotic vision.
  • Dream-Waliking: Shadow Aaron can enter other's dreams
  • Dream Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate the dream of others. He can also induce nightmares and can trap people in their nightmares for a short time.
  • Illusion Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can cast illusions of a being or environment.
  • Super Form: Shadow Aaron can transform into super mode, His body grow yellow, His powers are super enhanced, and is near invincible.
    • Energy Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate red energy by shooting powerful energy beams, energy bolts and forming energy shields.
  • Werewolf Form: Shadow Aaron can turn himself into a werewolf at full moon.
  • Summoning: Shadow Aaron can summon any character.
  • Resurrection: Shadow Aaron can bring the deceased back from their grave, as demonstrate with many of the villains who've die throughout the series.
  • Life Creation: Shadow Aaron can create any living being.
  • Emotion Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate or induce such as love, hate, fear, madness, and sadness.
  • Animation: Shadow Aaron can bring inanimate objects to life.
  • Self Spawn: Shadow Aaron can transform others into him.
  • Mana Immunity: Shadow Aaron is immune to Mana.
  • Mana Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate Mana just like Anodites, Shadow Aaron can fire Mana Discs, Can form Mana screens, and can form Mana ropes.
  • Draconic Energy Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control draconic energy.
  • Dragon Form: Shadow Aaron can transform into a dark black dragon, Shadow Aaron can also breath red fire out of his mouth.
  • Possession: Shadow Aaron can inhabit and control the bodies of any living beings.
  • Mind Control: Shadow Aaron can control the minds of living beings against their will.
  • Body Part Substitution: Shadow Aaron can replace his body parts with another character's body parts.
  • Haemokinesis/Blood Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over blood.
  • Fear Manifestation: Shadow Aaron can bring anyone's fear to life, but there are some fears he can't bring to life.
  • Chaos Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can control chaotic forces, Shadow Aaron can also manipulate probability.
  • Petrifaction: Shadow Aaron can turn characters or objects into stone.
  • Season Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and change the seasons and also able to control the weather in them.
    • Winter Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over winter, Shadow Aaron is able to control the weather, the snow and ice, the cold, Shadow Aaron can also cast a eternal winter just like Elsa.
  • Physics Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control the laws of physics.
  • Logic Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate the rules of logic into near any way he want, Shadow Aaron can do many impossible things.
  • Nature Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can has complete control over the forces of nature.
  • Paradox Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can create near any paradox.
  • Science Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control the laws of science into near anyway he want.
  • Dimension Creation: Shadow Aaron can create and design a dimension he created.
  • Convective Ingestion:
  • Cloud Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over clouds. Shadow Aaron can create creatures out of clouds.
  • Evaporation: Shadow Aaron can vaporize himself.
  • Tickling Inducement: Shadow Aaron possesses hand that cause tickling.
  • Erasure Immunity: Shadow Aaron cannot be erasure by anything.
  • Papyrokinesis/Paper Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over paper, Shadow Aaron is to create paper storms.
  • Heliokinesis/Solar Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over the sun and it's solar energy, Shadow Aaron can project solar energy bolts.
  • Milk Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over milk.
  • Ladyrinth Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate a ladyrinth.
  • Dark Magic: Shadow Aaron possesses high levels of dark magic.
  • Crystallokinesis/Crystal Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over crystals.
  • Biokinesis/Biological Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over biology, Shadow Aaron was able to give Discord zits.
  • Chronokinesis/Time Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over time. Shadow Aaron can stop and freeze time for a short time.
  • Balloon Form: Shadow Aaron can transform into a balloon.
  • Lion Form: Shadow Aaron can use lion physiology.
    • Sharp Claws: Shadow Aaron possesses lion claws.
  • Vampire Form: Shadow Aaron can use vampire physiology.
    • Flight: Shadow Aaron can fly like a vampire.
  • Deer Form: Shadow Aaron can use deer physiology.
    • Horn Protrusion: Shadow Aaron possesses deer antlers.
  • Eagle Form:
    • Flight: Shadow Aaron can fly using eagle wings.
  • Genie Form: Shadow Aaron can use genie physiology.
    • Magic: Shadow Aaron possesses genie magic.
  • Scorpion Form: Shadow Aaron can use scorpion physiology.
  • Stinger Protrusion: Shadow Aaron possesses a scorpion tail.
  • Snake Form
  • Wasp Form: Shadow Aaron can use wasp physiology.
    • Flight: Shadow Aaron can fly like a wasp.
  • Stinger Protrusion: Shadow Aaron possesses a wasp stinger.
  • Dinosaur Form: Shadow Aaron can use dinosaur physiology.
    • Super Strength: Shadow Aaron possesses dinosaur strength.
  • Tiger Form
  • Jellyfish Form: Shadow Aaron can use jelly physiology.
  • Bat Form: Shadow Aaron can use bat physiology.
    • Flight: Shadow Aaron can fly like a bat.
  • Ghost Form: Shadow Aaron can use ghost physiology.
    • Levitation: Shadow Aaron can hover like a ghost.
    • Intangibility: Shadow Aaron can pass through things like a ghost.
    • Ectokinesis/Ectoplasm Manipulation: In ghost form, Shadow Aaron can manipulate ectoplasm, Shadow Aaron can fire ectoplasm beams.
  • Zombie Form: Shadow Aaron can use zombie physiology,
    • Super Durability: Shadow Aaron is durable as a zombie.
    • Super Strength: Shadow Aaron is strong as a zombie.
  • Mummy Form: Shadow Aaron can use mummy physiology.
    • Bandage Physiology: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control his bandages.
  • Elephant Form: Shadow Aaron can use elephant physiology.
    • Super Strength: Shadow Aaron possesses elephant strength.
  • Gargoyle Form: Shadow Aaron can use gargoyle physiology.
    • Super Strength: Shadow Aaron possesses gargoyle strength.
  • Ogre Form: Shadow Aaron can use ogre physiology.
  • Spatiokinesis/Spatial Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over the space,
  • Past Viewing: Shadow Aaron can project a vision of the past.
  • Duplication: Shadow Aaron can duplicate himself without any limit.
  • Body Switching: Shadow Aaron can switch mind with other characters such as Shadow Joe.
  • Gender Transformation: Shadow Aaron can alter his gender, Shadow Aaron also possesses some powers he can only use in female form.
  • Kiss Projection: Shadow Aaron can blast kisses at his enemies.
  • Siren Song: Shadow Aaron can control characters by singing.
  • Precognition: Shadow Aaron can see through the future events.
  • Telepathy: Shadow Aaron can read the minds and thoughts of any living being.
  • Lunakinesis/Lunar Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over the moon and it's lunar energy, Shadow Aaron is able to move the moon out of orbit, Shadow Aaron can project lunar beams and lunar bolts.
  • Mental Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate the thoughts and behaviors of others.
  • Necrokinesis: Shadow Aaron can reanimate the dead.
  • Music Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control music just like the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms.
  • Candy Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over candy.
  • Gold Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over gold.
  • Cybernetic Enhancement Form: Shadow Aaron can transform into cyborg and possesses robotic abilities.
    • Missile Generation: Shadow Aaron can fire missiles.
    • Gun Protrusion: Shadow Aaron can release a gun from his arm and can shoot lasers.
    • Net Creation: Shadow Aaron can fire nets made of plasma.
    • Saw Protrusion: Shadow Aaron can switch his hands into saws.
  • Jet Pack: Shadow Aaron can fly using a jet pack hook to him.
  • Green Fire Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over green fire.
  • Nanite Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over nanobots.
  • Clay Form:
  • Eclipse Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can cause an eclipse.
  • Radiokinesis/Radiation Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate radiation and have complete control over it, Shadow Aaron can also cause mutations.
  • Ionikinesis/Ionic Manipulation: Shadow Aaron have complete control over ionic energy, Shadow Aaron can fire ionic beams from his hands.
  • Nephokinesis/Vapor Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over vapor, Shadow Aaron is able to create fog.
  • Hyalokinesis/Glass Manipulation: Shadow Aaron has complete control over glass.
  • Wing Manifestation: Shadow Aaron can grow any new kind of wings.
  • Comakinesis/Hair Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control his hair.
  • Optic Blasts: Shadow Aaron can project red energy beams from his eyes.
  • Mental Image Projection:
  • Alternate Universe Travel: Shadow Aaron can travel between alternate universes or timelines.
  • Matter Manipulation:
  • Clairvoyance:
  • Laser Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can shoot laser beams from his finger tips.
  • Soul Removal:
  • Weather Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can create thunderclouds and control the weather by making clouds rain.
  • Shapeshifting Inducement:
  • Unpredictability:
  • Plasma Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can create plasma webs, He can project plasma beams from his eyes and finger tips, He can project plasma balls, plasma bolts and blasts. He can also create plasma whips.
  • Yin & Yang Manipulation:
  • Knowledge Projection: Shadow Aaron can project knowledge onto another.
  • Contract Bestowal:
  • Disaster Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control natural disasters, Shadow Aaron can summon meteors, He create huge floods.
  • Age Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can change or reverse the aging process of living creatures, demonstrated with Simba by turning him back into a lion cub, restoring Mother Gothel's youth and beauty, and Ronno transforming him into a young adult buck.
  • The Force: Shadow Aaron possesses the dark of the force.
  • Electrical Arcs: Shadow Aaron can create electrical arcs.
  • Energybending: Shadow Aaron can control the life-energy obtain in the crystal attach to his forehead.
  • Energy Beam Emission: Shadow Aaron can project energy beams from his crystal.
  • Energy Constructs: Shadow Aaron can form objects out of the life energy from his crystal.
  • Electric Swords Summon: Shadow Aaron can summon his electric swords
  • Telekinetic Electric Sword Wielding: Shadow Aaron can telekinetic control his electric swords without physically touching them.
  • Omnipotence/ Nigh Omnipotence: Shadow Aaron possesses almost unlimited power.
    • Omnipresence: Shadow Aaron can be anywhere in the present.
    • Omnipotence Physiology: Shadow Aaron can control his own existence by changing into his old forms when he use regeneration.
    • Omnicompetence: Shadow Aaron can handle all situations or matters, but he can still be defeated by Shadow Joe.
    • Omnikinesis: Shadow Aaron can use more than one kinesis abilities at the same time.
    • Omnitone: Shadow Aaron can make sounds in any pitch or tone.
  • Evil Embodiment: Shadow Aaron is the embodiment all evil and near had all evil powers.
    • Infernokineisis/Hell-Fire Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control the fires of hell.
    • Demonic Force Manipulation: Shadow Aaron can manipulate and control near all things that are unholy.
    • Demonic Empowerment: Shadow Aaron can gain power from demonic forces, spirits, or concepts.
    • Demonic Magic: Shadow Aaron can form demonic magic just like Tirek.
      • Demonization: Shadow Aaron can


  • Shadow Creature Crystals: Like all Shadow Creatures, Shadow Aaron is vulnerable to Shadow Creature Crystals, green will negative his powers, red will turn him into a different living creature, blue will put him to sleep, black will negative his immortally and kill him prematurely.
  • Salt: Shadow Aaron is vulnerable to salt, If any amount salt touch his skin, salt will burn his skin.
  • Nigh Omnipotence: Despite being almost powerful, Shadow Aaron can be overpower by someone more powerful than him such as Shadow Joe and Alien X.
  • Equestria Girls World: Shadow Aaron will be turn human by entering the portal to the Equestria Girls World, In human form, Shadow Aaron is unable to use his powers.
  • Holy Forces and Sources: Because Shadow Aaron represent evil, Shadow Aaron can be harm by holy forces and sources as shown when he was harm by Ho-Oh's "Scared Fire".
  • Emotion Inducement: Even Shadow Aaron can induce anger, fear, sadness, hate and jealously into others, Shadow Aaron is unable induce positive emotions such as love as shown when he try to make Twilight Sparkle fall in love but failed due that his powers can only be used for evil purposes.



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  • Plant Power
  • Weather Power
  • Animal Power
  • Energy Power
  • Copy Power
  • Chi Power
  • Equal Power
  • Milk Power
  • Art Power
  • Psychic Power
  • Aura Power
  • Biology Power
  • Time Power
  • Fire Power
  • Moon Power
  • Luck Power
  • Tickle Power
  • Music Power
  • Cosmic Power
  • Gross Power
  • Robotic Power
  • Wax Power
  • Candy Power
  • Life and Death Power
  • Yin & Yang Power
  • Change Your Mind
  • Water Power (mentioned)
  • Body Switch
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Character What: Friendship is Magic

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  • Vengeance of Shadow Aaron: Part 2
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  • Partnership II
  • Partnership III
  • Shadow Joe and Shadow Ryan vs Shadow Aaron and Killbane
  • Shadow Ryan The Hero
  • Shadow Ryan vs Shadow Aaron
  • Shadow Aaron's Revenge on Shadow Ryan
  • Return to Anur Transyl: Part 2
  • Female Club

Character What: The Last Stand

  • Villains Turn Evil (first re-appearance)
  • Villains Turn Good





  • Shadow Aaron speaks in a devilish voice with a echoing tone, but when enrage and his eyes glow purely red, he speaks in a deep demonic voice with the echoing tone being more louder than normal.
    • Some of his appearances he speaks without the echoing tone.
  • Shadow Aaron is the most evil and most hated villain in Character What as he is more horrifying and dangerous than any villain in the series.
  • Shadow Aaron is the most recurring villain in the Character What franchise.
  • Shadow Aaron is the most powerful villain of the franchise as powers rivals Discord, Chaos, Bill Cipher, Mewtwo, Darth Vader, Lord Voldemort, Sauron and Trigon and could easy destroy them with his own power.
    • Shadow Aaron did destroyed Trigon in Trigon Terror and didn't revive him due to trying to conquest the universe.
  • Shadow Aaron's electrokinetic aura is red.
  • He shares many similarities with many Villains:
    • Judge Claude Frollo: Both hate a certain group (Frollo hates gypsies while Shadow Aaron hates heroes), Both control an army (Frollo controls the Notre Dame soldiers and Shadow Aaron commands the Droid Army) and both are pyromaniacs.
    • Maleficent: Both can transform into a fire-breathing dragon and both can produce green flames.
    • Slade: Both are dark, serious villains, and both had ruthless martial arts.
    • Ursula: Both can grow into enormous size, both can create magic poisons, both are cecaelias (Although Ursula has always been a cecaelia, while Shadow Aaron can become a cecaelia), both steal a character's voice through a magic item and both makes deals with their victims through a magical contract scold.
    • Lord Voldemort: Both are dark wizards, both kill the main protagonist's mother for trying to protect them, and both are main antagonists that sure never be named.
    • Discord: Both have a odd hybrid appearance, both destroy order and create chaos, both are tricksters, both have reality warping abilities and both have hypnosis abilities.
    • Jafar: Both are power-hungry, both want revenge on the main protagonist, both are have powers, both wield a animal staff, both are abusive toward their minions, both can become giant snakes and both can become genies, both are hegemonic and megalomaniacal.
    • Scar: Both made promises to a certain group in exchange for their loyal and both had a scar on them face.
    • Cruella De Vil: Both are cruel, scheming, selfish, and overall unkind, and both have two henchmen.
    • Hades: Both are intelligence demonic deities who to want to kill the main protagonist so they can rule the world in total chaos. both can control fire and smoke, both can create objects, both send their minions on major missions and tasks and both are master manipulators.
    • HIM: Both are extravagant villains, both are extremely dark souls, both are satanic, both can shoot laser beams from their eyes, both have mind control abilities and both have resurrection ability.
    • Gaston: Both are hunters, and both are in love with a protagonist's friend and end up being rejected by them, and both are egomaniacal and arrogant of themselves.
    • Queen Grimhilde: Both can transform into a old person and both have poison apples.
    • Captain Hook: Both are pirates and both strong hated toward the protagonist.
    • Dr. Facilier: Both can bring their our shadow to life, both possess voodoo magic and both see the past, present and future through cards and both can turn their victims into frogs.
    • Jason Voorhees: both are ruthless serial killers and both possesses great physical strength.
    • Zs'Skayr: Both can turn invisible, both can pass through solid matter, both can generate tentacles from them body, both can possess the bodies of living creatures, and both wield a scythe.
    • Malware: Both destroy their race (didn't destroy Shadow Joe in the end).
    • Deadpool: Both are gunmen, both had healing factors, and both had heightened awareness.
    • Freddy Krueger: Both are dream masters (Unlike Freddy Krueger, Shadow Aaron can't kill people in them dreams), both haunt their victims' dreams and both can absorb their victims' souls.
    • Electro: Both are electrokinetic villains
    • The Master: Both can bring themselves to life by regenerating, both had laser screwdrivers.
    • Queen Chrysalis: Both can change into another character.
    • Joker: Both are evil clowns and both are crime lord.
    • Albedo: Both had white hair, red eyes, and both similar appearances.
    • Tirek: Both possess demonic magic, both can absorb magic, and both was betrayed by them own brother.
    • Poison Ivy: Both are chlorokinetic villains.
    • Darth Vader: Both are dark lords, both turn to the darkside, both are the worst villain of all.
    • Vilgax: Both conquest planets.
    • Imhotep: Both are undead, both can turn water into blood, both can control manipulate sand and water, both can turn themselves into sand.
    • Aggregor: Both can absorb matter and energy or the powers and living beings.
    • Adagio Dazzle: Both can control people by singing, both can use astral projections.
    • Sunset Shimmer: Both turn cruel and dishonest for not getting what they want most, both being mean toward others.
    • Amon: Both can control the blood in their victims' bodies.
    • King Sombra: Both possesses dark magic, both have magic doors that leave to anyone's worst fear, both can turn into shadows, both can control darkness.
    • Nightmare Moon: Both have dark forms.
    • Starlight Glimmer: Both can remove a pony's cutie mark by their magic.
    • Eris:
    • Bill Cipher: Both trick characters into making deals with them, both can enter minds of others, both are nigh omniscient, both can read a person's thoughts, both can control space, matter, molecular and weather.
    • Nega Duck: Both look identical to the main protagonist but in different colors, both hate flowers, pleasure smells and anything that cute.
    • Syndrome: Both can use Zero-point energy ray which trap and paralyzed their victims in a energy beam and both fly with rocket feet.
    • Sauron: Both are immortal deities, both are misanthropes and both have elemental abilities.
    • Cobra Commander:
    • Shan-Yu:
    • Mewtwo: Both have psychic powers which include telekinesis, telepathic speaking and emitting psychic waves, both can project shadow balls and aura spheres, both have levitate themselves in the air, both can reflect their enemies' attacks and both lack a sense of happiness.
  • Shadow Aaron share very similar traits to Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars Saga.
    • Both are ancient beings with powers to shot lightning from their hands.
    • Both want Hegemony.
    • Both are Murderers and Homicidal Maniacs.
    • Both are Conspirators.
    • Both have an evil empire.
  •  Shadow Aaron is also similar toward Many from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, How they both rarely smile because they are evil.
  •  Character What: The AdventuresCharacter What: TalesCharacter What: New Hope, and Character What: The Last Stand are the only 4 Character What series when Shadow Aaron doesn't shown a single smile.
  •  Mane Six referenced what makes Shadow Aaron so evil.
    • Twilight Sparkle: He trick Shadow Joe to make him turn to the darkside causing him to betray his friends including her. (Revenge of Evil)
    • Rainbow Dash:
    • Pinkie Pie: He try to rather Shadow Joe's birthday party. (Shadow Joe's Birthday Party)
    • Rarity: He try to hurt Spike whenever Spike is out of her sale. (Spike and Rarity)
    • Applejack: He try to make her sad by reminding how much she miss her mother and father. (Applejack miss her parents)
    • Fluttershy: He try to invent WALL-E from being inventing so WALL-E won't exist. (It time to make the WALL-E bots)
  • Shadow Aaron have do a few things that no character or villain have ever do.
    • Shadow Aaron is the only villain to defeat all of the Ultimates.
    • Shadow Aaron is the only character to successfully defeat the Aracuan Bird.
    • Shadow Aaron is the only villain to appear in all Spin-offs.
  • Shadow Aaron is one of the many villains who can Shape-Shift following Discord, It, Nightmare Moon, Freddy Krueger, Aku, HIM, Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Turbo, Queen Chrysalis, Queen Narissa, Megatron, Mozenrath, Sentinel Prime, Father.
  • Shadow Aaron is one of the few villains to more than one episode feature as the main villain in the plot the episode them are in, the others being Captain Hook (9 episodes), Cruella De Vil (9 episodes), Discord (26 episodes), Ursula (14 episodes), Hades (9 episodes), Nega Duck (9 episodes), Scar (7 episodes), Vilgax (8 episodes), Bill Cipher (14 episodes), Gaston (9 episodes), Team Rocket (8 episodes), HIM (9 episodes), Rasputin (7 episodes), Judge Doom (5 episodes), Freddy Krueger (9 episodes), Darth Vader (8 episodes), Jason Voorhees (4 episodes), Diesel 10 (6 episodes), Queen La (7 episodes) and Mother Gothel (4 episodes).
    • Shadow Aaron have the most episodes as the main villain than any other villain due to being the main antagonist of the franchise.


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