It shall not be long for the world... Shuramania shall begin.
~ Shurara when beginning his plan.

Shurara is an antagonist in LuigiFan00001's videos. He is the main antagonist for The Legend Of Monstro. He was trying to succeed his plan called Shuramania, a plan on recruiting people and destroying the world, but was stopped by Monstro.


Shurara is a plush of Shurara from the anime Sgt. Frog. He wears a partially gold and partially silver helmet. His body is partially purple and partially green and he yields a lance and shield.


The Legend Of Monstro

In Cuphead Clash after Monstro began his adventure, he was planning on starting Shuramania and he tells Yukiki to hire Cuphead and Mugman. They were later killed by Monstro after they lost a bet against him. Yukiki was nervous about Shurara being mad. Shurara told Yukiki to tell him what happened after Cuphead and Mugman died. Yukiki decided to hide in the freezer but didn't know that would make Shurara mad for doing nothing. Yukiki offered Shurara some fruit he found in the freezer. Shurara was glad to see how thoughtful Yukiki was but refused his offer. Shurara decided to rest in his room, he asked Yukiki for some ice. Yukiki tried to get some from himself, but Shurara said "Not from you! That's disgusting!" Shurara had no idea why the fate Cuphead and Mugman had would happen to them. Shurara assumed that Cuphead must have tripped on a rock.

In War Of The Woomy, he discovered that the next recruit Woomy had amazing abilities to create anything. He tells the exciting news to Yukiki and they both sing a parody of Pyromania by Cascada. Dokuku hears what's going on and asks if he's having another temper tantrum. He tells Dokuku "Just the opposite." He tells him about Woomy's abilities and sends him out to hire her. After Dokuku left, Shurara tells Yukiki to get him some lemonade with some ice cubes. Yukiki again tries to get the ice from himself but Shurara again tells him that it's gross. Woomy later dies and Shurara gets excited about Woomy joining his corps but sees she's not there. He gets mad at Dokuku and Dokuku tells him that Woomy died from Monstro and he told Shurara that he would show him footage if he had video evidence.

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