Simmons is a character in the SuperMarioLogan series. He is Brooklyn T. Guy's partner.

Role as a character

Simmons was the secondary antagonist of the Home Alone series and the tertiary antagonist in The Purge!.

He is also a minor character in most videos.


In the Home Alone series and The Purge!, Simmons is evil and he likes to commit crimes such as burglary.

As a cop, Simmons is heroic as he helps his partner, Brooklyn T. Guy do heroic deeds.

Voice Actors

He is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre.

Despite being voiced by Lance, he was voiced by Chris Netherton in Jeffy's Paper Shredder! and he was also voiced by Tito Jimenez in Jeffy's Tantrum!.


In the Home Alone series, Simmons is a burglar.

Most of the time, Simmons is a cop.

He is also occasionally a microphone guy.

In Jeffy's Tantrum!, Simmons was a sofa guy.

He was also a lottery announcer in Jeffy's Paper Shredder!.