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Your idle prattle distractsss me from my ultimate master plan; Kill you, take over all of Hell... and gain the respect of the Overlords. Once I have asssumed control of the seven rings, the lowly sinners of Hell will finally know the name of their one, true master; Sssir Pentious!!!
~ Sir Pentious to Angel Dust, monologuing on his desire to dominate the seven rings of Hell.

Sir Pentious is a supporting antagonist in Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light.

He serves as a supporting antagonist in Season 1, a major antagonist in Season 2, a mentioned character in Season 3, a minor antagonist in Season 4, and will return in Season 5 as a major character.

A slithering tryhard, inventor, and snake demon, Sir Pentious is a brilliant, hegemonic, Victorian supervillain who uses mighty machines, army of sentient egg minions called the Egg Bois, and attempts to be hip in an attempt to seize control of the seven rings of Hell and make all within fear and respect his name. In reality, however, he is merely a bombastic, flamboyant, and persistent underachiever, with traits reminiscent of a cartoon villain. He acts as the "arch-enemy" of Cherri Bomb, having engaged her and the Resistance in numerous turf-wars in an attempt to secure their land.



In life, Sir Pentious was a brilliant, yet insane Victorian inventor and scientist who specialized in building machinery and robotics. His main goal in life was to build an automaton army over the span of 15 years and conquer the entire world. He died in 1888; the details of his death are unknown.

Arrival in Hell

Sir Pentious was reborn in Hell shortly after he died. At some point in time, Pentious and Baxter created an army of sentient eggs known as the Egg Bois, and the snake used them as minions in his various schemes. Using his expertise in crafting machines and devices of mass destruction, Pentious crafted many machines and devices of mass destruction, which he uses as a part of his advantage to take over all of Hell and become an Overlord.

Events of Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light

Season 1

In "That's Entertainment", Sir Pentious is introduced using an airship to destroy numerous buildings in order to claim the west side of Pentagram City for himself, laughing maniacally in the process. The snake demon proceeded to go on a speech about his plan to take over Hell and bragged about how no demon could compare to his evil and intelligence, but his maniacal speech was interrupted by Cherri Bomb calling him an "edgelord". Angered, Pentious accused the Egg Bois of insulting him, only to be confronted by the one-eyed anarchist herself, who accused Pentious of being on the Resistance's turf. Pentious and the Egg Bois engaged Cherri in a massive turf war to decide who gained the Resistance's territory. Eventually, Cherri's best friend, Angel Dust, joined the battle to aid her against Pentious and his forces. During the turf war, Pentious wrapped a large chain around Angel and hurled him into the ground. Angel makes a sex joke by calling Pentious his "daddy", to which Pentious asks if Angel was his son, to the spider's confusion.

After Cherri Bomb kicked Pentious away from Angel, the snake demon referred to the two sinners as "whores", and claimed that in war the side remembered is the side with the most style, claiming that they have no class. Angel only responded by questioning the snake about his hat being sentient, which caused Pentious to become defensive and claim that it was none of Angel's business. Angel proceeded to make a gay joke about his hat being the top and him being the bottom, which left the supervillain feeling insulted. Having enough of Angel's jokes, Pentious threatened to "blow [Angel] to bits", to which the spider replied with yet another sex joke. During this, an Egg Boi snuck up behind Angel Dust and ensnared him with a gun. The arrogant supervillain proceeded to mock Angel Dust as an Egg Boi approached the spider with a power drill, intending to torture Angel, but the spider demon suddenly grew two extra arms while Pentious was in the middle of gloating, and used his machine gun to blast the snake away. After recovering, Sir Pentious and his minions then charged towards Angel and Cherri, who charged back as all of them screamed like warriors.

After hearing the news of Angel being a patient at the Happy Hotel, Pentious decided to attack the hotel directly in his airship, making his arrival known by blasting down the hotel's front doors using a cannon from his airship. After coming to the realization that Alastor the Radio Demon was "harboring" Angel Dust, Pentious decided to seize the opportunity to destroy Alastor once and for all and gain the respect of Vox. The supervillain deployed a massive cannon in an attempt to wipe out the hotel crew, but Alastor summoned several gigantic, eldritch tentacles which grabbed Pentious' ship and slowly crushed it into oblivion, causing it to blow up with him and his minions inside.

In the end-credits scene, Pentious is shown to have regenerated from being completely blown up, and after climbing out of the crater caused by the explosion. A surviving Egg Boi then asked his creator if he could shoot him with his ray gun. Pentious then passed out in exhaustion.

In "Game of Doubt", Sir Pentious, using an attack helicopter piloted by the Egg Bois, returns and attacks Angel Dust, Cherri Bomb, and Fergus after they come out of a run-down hotel they were using to hide from Valentino's underlings. The Egg Bois use a mounted gun to fire upon the crew, causing them to take cover behind a car. The Egg Bois then flank the trio and fire upon them with machine guns, but Cherri easily evades the nets and kicks one of the Egg Bois into a wall, grabbing its firearm in the process and firing back at them, blasting each of them to pieces. Pentious focuses his attention on Cherri, allowing Angel Dust to go out of cover and shoot at Pentious with his machine gun, knocking the supervillain out of the helicopter and onto the back of a parked pick-up truck. However, Pentious emerges again, cackling maniacally and brandishing a rocket launcher. He shouts to the trio that escaping from him would be impossible, before firing a rocket at Cherri. The cycloptic anarchist shot the missile before it could hit her, and the resulting explosion sends the snake, as well as Cherri and her friends flying back.

As everyone was recovering, Angel Dust's pet pig, Fat Nuggets, emerged out of the hotel to see what was happening. Seizing the opportunity, Pentious snatched the pig and slithered off with it, enraging Angel Dust, who chased the snake demon along with Fergus and Cherri. The Egg Bois attempt to stop the trio, but are easily defeated. Pentious enters his helicopter with Fat Nuggets, ordering his minions to fly off. The helicopter takes off as the snake demon laughed maniacally at his "victory", and mocked Angel, but the spider uses his leaping abilities to jump several feet in the air and onto the helicopter's landing skids. Angel then leaped into the helicopter, engaging the snake in a fist-fight. During the struggle, Pentious attempted to shoot Angel with a revolver, but Angel ducked just as the supervillain fired, resulting in both of the Egg Boi pilots getting killed by the snake's bullets, sending the helicopter barreling out of control. As Pentious mourns to loss of his creations, Angel grabbed Fat Nuggets and jumped from the helicopter.

Tending to Fat Nuggets, Angel is suddenly confronted by Pentious, who also jumped from the helicopter. Pentious aims his gun at Angel, asking the spider if he had any last words. Angel makes another sex joke, just as Cherri and Fergus run into Pentious with a car, sending him flying into the distance and landing in a pile of garbage in a back alley. Groggily getting back up, Pentious uses a device to signal in on Cherri Bomb's location, allowing him to eavesdrop on their conversation. During this, he learns about the Princess of Hell, Charlie Magne having obtained Heaven's Light. This news leaves Pentious elated, and he promptly sets off to go inform Vox on the matter.

In "The Set Up", Pentious schedules a meeting with Vox at Vogitek Headquarters. When Pentious arrives and attempts to sit down in Vox's conference room, the TV Demon scolds him, saying that he can't sit in the executive chair. Throughout the meeting, Vox proceeds to mistreat and make fun of Pentious, forcing him to sit on a fold-up chair and mocking his intelligence and lack of success during his time in Hell. When finally given the chance to talk, Pentious informs Vox about Charlie having Heaven's Light, but this only earns him more mockery from Vox, as he was already informed on the news by Lucifer. Despite this, Pentious makes the astute suggestion that the two consolidate their power and join forces to capture Heaven's Light, and to use their respective armies to take out Alastor and any other threats such as Cherri Bomb and Angel Dust. However, Vox laughs at the idea of teaming up with Pentious, mocking the fact that the snake demon doesn't even receive invitations to Lucifer's annual Halloween gatherings. After Pentious asks if they are teaming up, Vox responded with "nope".

Season 4

In "Connection", Sir Pentious, piloting a giant egg robot, launches another assault on the Pride Ring, attacking a highway with his army of Egg Bois. He assaults the bridge at the same time I.M.P and their new "teammates" attempt to cross it to continue their mission. Upon seeing Pentious, Blitzø facepalms, recognizing the slithering supervillain, and rudely asks the snake to move his robot aside so he and his associates could drive pass. Pentious claimed that no one could stop his takeover of Hell and refused to budge even after Blitzø clarified that they were not interested in stopping him. Agitated, Blitzø and the rest of his team (sans Verosika) armed themselves and engaged Pentious and his small army in a lengthy battle. During the fight, Pentious is taken by the surprise at the sight of the C.H.E.R.U.B, proclaiming that the rumors of angels being in Hell was true. As Pentious fought off the opposition using lasers and the many arms of his robot, Blitzø fought through a horde of Egg Bois and leaped onto the robot. Pentious telegraphs the imp's attack and uses one of his robot's limbs to grab Blitzø before attempting to kill him by converting its gripping claws into buzzsaws to blend him, but Millie saves her boss just in time.

Pentious then begins hurling vehicles at I.M.P and launching missiles at them, sending them ducking for cover and prompting Blitzø to call Lucifer for assistance. The King of Hell has his servants send a missile to the battle scene, which explodes mid-air as Robo Fizz and the Loo Loo Land mascot appear from the smoke, the former in a state of disrepair and laughing insanely as he easily killed several Egg Bois in quick succession while Loo Loo cheered him on. Pentious attempted to crush Robo Fizz, who then maneuvered around the giant robot and used his robotic limbs and strength to wrap around the legs of Pentious' robot, sending the giant machine toppling to the ground. As Pentious struggled to get the robot back to its feet, Scorpius savagely attacked the fallen robot with his holy axe, destroying it beyond repair as Pentious ejected himself from the robot. Before Pentious could proclaim that he and I.M.P would meet again, Striker leaps into the air and hurls the supervillain back to the ground, holding him at gun-point with his blessed rifle. Striker sadistically suggested that Pentious beg for his life as the snake feebly did as he was told. Before the sadistic imp could kill him, the Egg Bois distracted the assassin, allowing their boss to slither away, relatively unharmed.


You whores have no class! In war, the side remembered is the side with the most- (fixes bowtie) -ssstyle!
~ Sir Pentious to Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb.

Sir Pentious is a snake demon with eyes that have red sclera with black, vertical pupils, and yellow fangs. He possesses a predominantly yellow cobra head, with the edges being black, and has four large pink eyes on his hood. He sports sharp, pink claws for fingers, and wears black, fingerless gloves. Pentious' tail is black with thick, yellow stripes, and numerous pink eyes are present throughout his tail.

Sir Pentious wears mainly black clothing, with a black and yellow bow tie, a yellow undershirt with a pink eye on the chest, and a pinstriped suit which is grey with yellow vertical stripes. He wears a large, black top hat that appears to be sentient, complete with an eye and fanged mouth much like Pentious' own, as well as changing emotions with Pentious in unison.


~ Sir Pentious during his attempt to attack the Happy Hotel.

Sir Pentious is a bombastic, flamboyant, and persistent snake demon, having the personality one would expect from a classic, stereotypical supervillain. He takes exaggerated pride in how evil and cunning he is (or thinks he is); at one point he even outright declaring: "I'm so evil!". Like many villains, he has a tendency to gloat and monologue about his evil plans, or how much he believes he is evil, superior, and classier than other sinners, despite what reality says otherwise. He is an extremely hammy supervillain with an incredibly overinflated ego, and firmly believes himself to be comparable to none, when in reality he is not that powerful of a sinner, especially on a physical level, and is hilariously out of touch with the times. As such, he more often than not comes off as ineffectual and comical, rather than as an actual threat.

Despite claiming to be a menacing force to everyone in Hell, Sir Pentious is an extremely ineffectual and incompetent villain. He claims that he is an Overlord, or at least near an Overlords' level of power, but, at best, he's a criminal kingpin with a following of sycophantic Egg Bois, but he's certainly no conqueror as he consistently gets defeated by those he attempts to overthrow, such as Cherri Bomb and the Resistance, and when he does do battle with actual Overlords like Alastor, he gets effortlessly obliterated within seconds. He also longs for the attention of actual Overlords such as the VVV Overlords, Vox, Valentino and Velvet, as well as the King of Hell, Lucifer Magne, persisting no matter how many times they ignore or rebuff him, and even implied that he would still seek their attention and approval even after conquering Hell. He also has the deluded belief that he is Alastor's "arch-nemesis", but the Radio Demon does not appear to know and/or remember who he is, and that's only if Pentious wasn't outright lying to seem more impressive.

Despite his frequent displays of incompetence, it should be noted that Sir Pentious is highly intelligent in many regards - in life, he was capable of building multiple automatons despite the technical limits of the 1800s, and in the present is capable of constructing heavy machinery such as airships and giant robots that are capable of leveling buildings in Hell, and frequently uses his inventions in an attempt to take over territories in Hell. However, even with his genius-level intelligence, Pentious rarely uses his intelligence where it counts, and is consistently beaten by those with less resources and power than him and is simply far too arrogant to truly be a threat to Hell at large.

Sir Pentious often tries, and fails horribly, to keep up with the times culturally. As a prime example, the picture of him used in the news report on the 666 News is him badly dressed like a teenager and holding a skateboard over his shoulder by the wheel in a similar manner to how Steve Buscemi's character from 30 Rock went undercover. He also constantly posts outdated internet memes on his Voxtagram account, earning him mockery from other sinners, notably Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb. As seen during his interactions with Angel Dust, Pentious is almost completely oblivious to sexual innuendos; when Angel Dust seductively referred to him as his "daddy" after he attacked him with a chain, Pentious actually believed that Angel Dust was his son. His out-of-touch nature is largely due to the fact that he was born in at least the late 18th century, where memes, sexual innuendos, and sex jokes were more or less non-existent. His out-of-touch and incompetent nature has led virtually everyone in Hell (excluding the Egg Bois) to ridicule him regularly. He himself seems oblivious to this mockery, as he continually tries to gain the approval of Vox, Velvet, and Valentino, despite all of them openly mocking him.

While he is a proud supervillain, Pentious is still not without his virtues; despite subjecting them to much abuse for his own failings, he does care about the Egg Bois deep down, most prominently shown when he accidentally killed two Egg Bois while trying to shoot Angel Dust, and proceeded to cry over their bodies. He also goes out of his way to fix the Egg Bois' toys whenever they are broken. In addition, Pentious is capable of behaving with affable conduct to those who show respect and kindness towards him, as he shares a genuinely friendly relationship with Charlie Magne, the Princess of Hell, despite frequent attempts to take over her home dimension.

Powers and Abilities

Natural Powers

Demonic Transformation: Sir Pentious has the ability to take on a much larger and demonic Full Demon Form when going through fits of anger or at his own will, and then effortlessly return to his normal form.

  • Immortality: Sir Pentious has already experienced death and thus cannot be killed in the traditional sense, making him effectively undead. Like all sinners, the only way to kill him is to erase his soul.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: As an undead soul, Sir Pentious is eternally youthful and incredibly resilient, allowing him to survive extreme amounts of punishment, such as being beaten, crushed, and shot, with only an angelic weapon or divine power being capable of truly killing him and erasing his soul. He was capable of surviving the destruction of his airship with him inside, and was uninjured both times Angel Dust shot him with his Thommy gun.
    • Regeneration: Like all sinners, Sir Pentious has the ability from almost every form of attack, regenerating back to his normal form even in the event that he is flattened or completely destroyed, as shown when he ultimately regenerated after Alastor destroyed his airship with him in it, which briefly reduced Pentious to ashes.

Unique Powers

  • Enhanced Senses: Sir Pentious has red eyes scattered across his body and on his hood, all of which function independently, which allows him to see in different directions.
  • Enhanced Strength: Despite not being among the most physically strong demons of Hell, Sir Pentious nonetheless possesses above-average and quite impressive strength, as he easily tossed Angel Dust around after ensnaring him in a chain. Pentious can also constrict his victims with his tail, as shown when he squeezed one of the Egg Bois and when he caught Angel Dust when the latter attempted to take back a Temporal Key. He also boasted that no entity would be able to escape from his constrictive grasp once he assumed control over Hell.
  • Hypnotism: Sir Pentious can put other entities in a hypnotic trance using the eyes on his hood.
  • Venomous Bite: Sir Pentious' fangs contain a venom which he can use against his victims. His venom would be lethal to a human, and can intoxicate and make vomit other demons.


  • Authority: The Egg Bois are Sir Pentious' minions who follow his orders obediently. They are sentient eggs which Sir Pentious created with the assistance of an unknown party, and serve as foot soldiers and cannon fodder for the snake demon, typically operating weapons and machinery or simply getting destroyed by his opponents.
  • Genius-level Intelligence: Sir Pentious is a brilliant, Victorian-era inventor, possessing the knowledge and the experience to create weapons of mass destructions, such as his airship, which is equipped with multiple laser cannons, energy blasters, and flamethrowers. He also created multiple functioning automatons during his life, despite the limits of technology that were present at his time of death. Shortly after being reborn in Hell, he also created his minions, the Egg Bois, with assistance from an unknown party.
  • Natural Weaponry: Sir Pentious can use his venomous fangs as a weapon for bite and hurt his enemies and intoxicating them. He also hold long and sharp claws capable of slice and cut the skin and can use his long snake-like tail for constric others.
  • Weapon Mastery: Sir Pentious prioritizes the use of his hand-made machines and weaponry, as he isn't very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. As such, he is able to use many different types of inventions and machinery, such as robots, firearms like guns and laser cannons, warships, chains, power drills, and ray guns, to his advantage, although he can still be easily defeated.
  • Resources: Sir Pentious can count on the services of the Egg Bois, an army of thousands of egg-like androids. He also have a collection of blasters,laser cannons, war jets with missilthrowns and various giants energy blaster,bombs,ray guns and firethrowns.



The Egg Bois

The Egg Bois are Sir Pentious' minions who he created with the assistance of an unknown party. They are sentient eggs who assist the snake demon in his evil endeavors without question. The Egg Bois are excessively sycophantic and adore everything about their boss, and constantly seek Pentious' approval and favor, although they were at one point seen face-palming in embarrassment when Pentious dabbed. Some Egg Bois are implied to be attracted to Pentious in a sexual manner, as at one point, one of them tried to grab his ass, and another one commented "I wish he'd shoot ME with his ray gun", as a double entendre, while at least two Egg Bois view Sir Pentious as their father.

Despite their undying loyalty to Pentious in spite of his failures, he has a tendency of abusing the Egg Bois and can be very aggressive towards them whenever he gets annoyed or frustrated, often constricting them, insulting them, and throwing them around during his fits of anger. It is also shown that he uses the Egg Bois as lab rats for his experiments, often resulting in them going through violenttransformations. Despite this, it is made clear that Sir Pentious does care about his oblong minions deep down; when he accidentally killed two Egg Bois when attempting to shoot Angel Dust with his derringer, he shed tears and mourned their losses. Furthermore, he also allows the Egg Bois some down-time in his lair, and goes out of his way to fix their broken toys. He also seemed to be saddened after Cherri Bomb posted an image of an Egg Boi she had smashed on her Voxtagram account.

Charlie Magne

Charlie: (waving to him) Hi, Pentious!
Sir Pentious: (in a steampunk robot mech suit) Greetings, princessss!
Charlie: Lemme guess, gonna try to conquer Pentagram City again?
Sir Pentious: Why, yes, I am! My new automaton is fully operational, and now I will use it to unleash total mass destruction upon the entire Pentagram! (he laughs evilly and runs down a nearby street out of sight; after a pause, an explosion occurs and a battered Pentious is launched in the air, landing in front of Charlie, covered in soot)
Charlie: Soooo, how'd it go...?
Sir Pentious: There's a few kinks to work out...
~ Sir Pentious and Charlie greeting each other.

Despite his numerous attempts to conquer her homeland, Sir Pentious shares a genuine friendship with the Princess of Hell, Charlie Magne. The two are often shown politely greeting each other during their encounters and sharing civil conversations without so much as an outburst from either. Their friendly relationship is most likely the result of Charlie being one of the few entities in Hell who does not constantly ridicule Pentious for his failures. When Pentious attacked the Happy Hotel in an attempt to destroy Alastor, Charlie could be seen briefly smiling at him.


Sir Pentious: I've been doing some thinking...
Vox': HAHAHAHAHA!! (Sir Pentious stares at him) Oh, my bad. I thought that you were telling a joke.
~ Vox mocking Sir Pentious.

Vox is Sir Pentious' idol and very one-sided ally. Sir Pentious idolizes Vox, and constantly tries to get the attention of the TV Demon and his associate, Valentino, which has only earned him mockery from both Overlords. Sir Pentious has a habit of forcing the Egg Bois to dress up like Vox and Valentino to pretend that he is hanging out with them. Despite Sir Pentious' attempts to impress Vox and start a partnership and even a friendship with him, as well as being nothing but polite to him, the Overlord constantly rebuffs the snake demon by bragging about how much more successful he is than him, and mocks his inventions and lack of success with taking over Hell.

In "The Set Up", Sir Pentious attempted to propose a deal to Vox at Vogitek Headquarters, but Vox clearly used the meeting as a platform to mistreat Pentious and disparage him, not even allowing him to sit in one of the executive chairs, and laughing when Pentious mentions having thought of something. When Pentious made the suggestion that they join forces to take Heaven's Light from Charlie and protect themselves from Alastor, Vox still acted contemptuous of the snake demon, mocking the fact that Pentious doesn't receive invitations to Lucifer's Halloween gatherings, and was confident that he could handle Alastor alone. Later, as Lucifer began pressuring the VVV Overlords on their assignment, Vox invited Pentious back to Vogitek Headquarters, putting on a patronizing and friendly persona. Vox seemingly apologized for his previous behavior, and gifted Pentious with his own executive office chair, which Pentious reacted to as if he had found the Fountain of Youth. Vox told Pentious that if he captured the Happy Hotel's bartender, Husk, and brought him back to Vogitek Headquarters, he would grant Pentious his dream job as Vox's right-hand man. Although Pentious grew suspicious that Vox only reconsidered the alliance due to the threats that Lucifer had previously made towards Vox and his associates, he nonetheless accepted, so long as it was a fair partnership.

Later, Sir Pentious and the Egg Bois successfully kidnapped Husk and brought him before Vox. Pentious eagerly asked Vox what they were going to do next together, expecting the TV Demon to fulfill his promise of making the snake his right-hand man. However, Vox merely said that there was nothing more to do, before attempting to shoo the snake and his egg minions out of the building. The snake demon persisted, reminding Vox of their deal, but Vox turned on Pentious, revealing that he had been manipulating him the entire time and never intended to make him his right-hand man. As Pentious was reduced to tears, Vox then reminded him of Hell's hierarchy, disparaging Pentious as little more than a "cringy Overlord wannabe", before blasting him and the Egg Bois out of Vogitek Headquarters with a blast of lightning.


Cherri Bomb

Sir Pentious considers Cherri Bomb to be his "arch-enemy", as the cycloptic sinner and her army of Resistance fights often impede Sir Pentious in his goals of dominating Hell by engaging him and the Egg Bois in turf wars to claim territory over Pentagram City, including the Resistance's own territory. Although Pentious takes Cherri Bomb and her army very seriously as threats to his conquest of Hell, to the point of referring to her as his "arch-enemy", she herself appears to not take him very seriously and enjoys mocking him during their battles.

Angel Dust

Angel Dust often assists Cherri Bomb in battling Sir Pentious in turf wars, quickly making Angel an enemy of Pentious. Like Cherri Bomb, Angel Dust almost never takes Pentious seriously, and has a habit of making sex jokes as a way to mock him, most of which go over Pentious' head; At one point, Pentious mistook Angel Dust for his son after misunderstanding Angel's attempt to call him "Daddy" as a joke. The only time Angel Dust took Pentious seriously was when the snake kidnapped Fat Nuggets in "Game of Doubt", as he outright threatened to murder the supervillain if he didn't return Fat Nuggets back to him. That said, Angel Dust went right back to making sex jokes against Pentious after he rescued his beloved pet pig.


Sir Pentious: Well, well, well. Look who it is harboring the sssstrip-ed freak! We meet yet again, Alastor!
Alastor: Do I know you?
~ Sir Pentious and Alastor when Sir Pentious attacks the Happy Hotel.

Alastor and Sir Pentious have apparently known each other for some time, and are enemies, at least from Pentious' perspective; it is implied by the snake demon that the two have fought each other in the past, as Sir Pentious longs to defeat Alastor in order to gain recognition from Vox, with all of said battles resulting in Alastor effortlessly defeating Pentious and destroying his inventions. When Pentious attacked the Happy Hotel with the intention of wiping out all involved, Alastor didn't recognize Sir Pentious or take him seriously at all, as he answered "Do I know you?" after Sir Pentious called him out (although he could have said this to be facetious).


Production Art



Season 1

On the contrary, I am quite the epic dabber! (Sir Pentious dabs, causing the Egg Bois to react with embarrassment)
~ Sir Pentious trying to act cool.
~ Sir Pentious to Angel Dust, after being sent flying in the distance by Cherri Bomb.

Season 2

Sir Pentious: The Medallionsss have been stolen, my lord!
Beelzebub: (on a magical screen) Excellent. I assume that mechanical monstrosity behind you is the weapon you've chose to dispose of the Medallions?
Sir Pentious: You assume correctly! After these meddlesome Medallions have been sssswiftly dessstroyed, I will have finally gained the power of an Overlord! And with my newfound powers, even the purest of hearts will cower in the darkness of my all-powerful shadow! After tonight, people will mock the idea of freedom in the name of oppression and one Sir Pentious! And NOTHING will stand in my way! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
Beelzebub: (stares at Pentious with a WTF expression) ...Good for you. I will report back in ten hours. (he wipes away the magical screen)
Insect Minion: You know he's gonna fail, right?
Beelzebub: He doesn't know that. (Beelzebub and his minion share a childish laugh together)
~ Sir Pentious reports to Beelzebub on the status of the Medallions of Virtue.

Season 4

Blitzø: Hey, fuckface! Can you move your giant robot out of the way? We're kinda on a mission here!
Sir Pentious: Nya-ha-ha-ha! I will not move aside for the likes of you! Don't you see I'm in the middle of my ultimate takeover?! Lowly imp, allow me to introduce to you my upgraded automaton! (the Egg Bois bow down to the robot and some of them touch it with seductive looks like models showing off a car) Stand slack jawed at the craftsmanship! With this device, I will annihilate all things good and innocent, or my name isn't Sir Pentious!
~ Sir Pentious after Blitzø asked him to move his robot aside so I.M.P could pass him.
Curse you, Blitzo! I'll get you next time! And your little dog t-
~ Sir Pentious after his robot was destroyed by I.M.P, and before being nearly murdered by Striker.

Quotes Pertaining to Sir Pentious

Angel Dust: Thanks fer fixin' that hole Pentious blew in the front doors. I can't have my creepy stalkers peepin' at the goods. It costs extra!
Alastor: ...Who?
Angel Dust: Oh, y'know, my stalkers. Buncha creepy, ugly freaks who want summa-
Alastor: No, no, no, I understood that part quite well. What I am referring to is the identity of who blew a hole in the hotel?
Angel Dust: (with an awestruck expression) ...Pentious. (Alastor smiles cluelessly) Sir Pentious? ...The snake in the blimp with the eggs? You just destroyed him- Nevamind. The point is, you betta be 'round if he comes knockin' again. The bastard tried to blow us up!
Alastor: ...Pentious... Sir Pentious...
Angel Dust: (to himself; whispering) Is it the Happy Hotel or the Hazbin Hotel...?
Alastor: This person's name confounds me... Tell me, is this 'Sir Pentious' one of my adoring fans? If so, I guess putting all those arrows on my tower may have not been the wisest idea...
Angel Dust: W- What tha fuck are you talkin' about? (Alastor continues smiling as Angel waves his hand in the Radio Demon's faced) Helloooo? Hell to Alastor?!
Alastor: It's on the tip of my tongue...
Angel Dust: (sighs) Alright, you have fun. I'm hittin' the sack. (he walks away)
Alastor: Pentious... Pentious... Now, why can't I remember that name?
~ Alastor and Angel Dust.


  • His name is a play on the word "serpentes". His name also bares a resemblance to 'pretentious', which means attempting to impress by affecting greater importance than is actually possessed, a definition that perfectly describes Pentious' tryhard characterization.
  • It is implied that Sir Pentious had a son, given his reaction to Angel Dust calling him "Daddy", although it is likely that he only reacted in such a way for the sake of the joke.
  • He is often seen playing with a fidget spinner whenever he's under stress or to pass time.
  • Sir Pentious' top hat appears to be alive and often reflects his own emotions, even spontaneously growing a mouth to do so. At one point, Angel Dust even inquired if his hat was alive upon seeing the display.
  • His skateboard is just for show and he is terrible at skating.
  • As he is a snake, he tends to draw and hiss out his sibilants when speaking.
  • Sir Pentious was originally going to appear in Season 3 in some capacity, but his role was cut due to time. Shortly after Season 3 concluded, the series' creator said that they would "love to expand him into something important down the line".
    • The creators later added that Sir Pentious will play a very important role in Season 5, going as far as to say that the season would be "his time to shine".
  • Similarly to Alastor, Sir Pentious detests modern technology. This is evident in his machines and choice of weaponry, which are often steampunk robots, airships, chains, or outdated firearms such as derringers. Despite this, his opinion on modern technology does not hinger his obsession with gaining Vox's favor, who is infamously revolutionary.
  • In "Survival", it is implied that Sir Pentious and Baxter were once partners in the past; during a conversation with Angel Dust, Baxter mentions that he once collaborated with an "ophidian fellow", before commenting that they split apart as he found the partner "far too unstable".
  • His "Inventor's Note", which was a lab note that detailed his life goal, reads:
    • 5 years - 1 automaton. Receive funding. Win top scientist prize.
    • 6 years - 2 automatons. Make automaton factory.
    • 10 years - 100 automatons. Become very rich man.
    • 15 years - automaton army. Take over world.


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