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Darth Rednax: The Sith Viruses are created by Emperor Satan. They're not just my henchmen, but my deadly technology spider hench-viruses! They usually serve me to, exterminate the lightside of the Force!
Star-Lord: Wait a minute, so what does "exterminate" even mean?
Darth Rednax: It means to... DESTROY YOU COMPLETELY!! (ignites his lightsaber)
~ Darth Rednax describing the Sith Viruses to the Guardians of the Galaxy before the fight.

The Sith Viruses are a fictional supervillainous type of a computer virus that serve as residents of the darkside of the Force. They are created by Emperor Satan and led by Darth Rednax.

In the films, they serve as the supporting antagonists of Star Wars: The Revenge of the Evil Spirit and its sequel Vol. 2, Action Jaxon, and The Green Machine.


The Sith Viruses are often portrayed as antagonistic, corrupt, dangerous, darkside, evil, hostile, and vicious species. They are extremely loyalists to Darth Rednax.


The Sith Viruses are black computer technology spider viruses with red stripes, eyes, external fangs, and sharp claws.


Powers & Abilities

Fighting Skills

The Sith Viruses attack with their claws and fangs.


The Sith Viruses shoot lasers from their eyes or even on contact.


The Sith Viruses can climb vertical surfaces without falling.



The Sith Viruses hate water and take damage from it. When water touches them, they will likely be powered down or even destroyed.
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