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When I ran Proxies in the field I had to entrap them, cajole them, threaten them with death. Now, apparently, all you gotta do is give them a couple bucks and a few kind words. I guess there really is no accounting for stupidity.
~ Slenderman referring to the Proxies.

Slenderman, also known as Slendy, is the tetartagonist and central antagonist of the webcomic Pastamonsters. He is the wealthy, aristocratic boss of Jeff the KillerBEN, and Ms. Pencil Neck. Slenderman is a tall, faceless humanoid that abducts, psychologically traumatizes, and enslaves people, with his main targets being children, teenagers, and the mentally ill. He is the leader (or Operator) of the Proxies, legions of people who serve him and carry out his work. After many centuries of infamy and dark beginnings, he has taken up residence in a realm between Earth known as the Under Realm, where he continued as the Operator of the Proxies.

Coming from a generation of several monsters similar to him, Slenderman is the biological spawn of the Lord of the Pit, Zalgo. He is widely believed by humans to be a child abductor and murderer, and a ferocious monster, and for good reason. Despite this, Slenderman claims he actually wants to wipe clean his ancestors’ names and be accepted by other Monsters, although most of his actions suggest otherwise. After he got tired of simply murdering the children he stalked, he began killing the parents who abused their children and taking their children so that they can be raised as a Proxy and let their rage out through brutal murder.


Slenderman was born to Zalgo, the demonic God of Evil and lord of the Pit, and Akira, his female slave, just before the birth of his brother Splendorman. The whole point of Slenderman's birth was for Zalgo to have a child who carried his godly powers to assist him in conquering the universe. While Splendorman was born with great power, he failed to inherit the demonic powers of Zalgo. Slenderman however, would successfully inherit Zalgo's DNA, becoming his first offspring to grant the power of the gods. When Slenderman was born, the multiverse was distorted and ruptures were felt by even Aton and the other gods. Volcanoes erupted, severe solar storms fired across the universes, and suns were even blocked from other planets.

Over a course of two decades, Zalgo would subject his two sons to horrific abuse, both of the physical and psychological kind. Not long after they are born, Zalgo, in order to put his new initiation to the test, strips his terrified children naked and then dumps them into a pit of hellfire from the Pit, causing them nightmarish agony, searing their skin black and giving them magical tentacles (which were actually the children's rotten flesh.) From this point onwards and for years on for every day of Slenderman's life, Zalgo puts the child through brutal life-or-death training routines, where the slightest deviation meant beatings and torture. One exemplary instance of this was when Zalgo forced the boy to fight a chimera whilst he was still a young child, leading to him being beaten senseless in his ineffectual attempt to attack the demon. In the midst of this routine, the young, inquisitive Slenderman, snuck away from the battle and found a portal to the human world. Slenderman wistfully stared out into the outside world (which should be noted Zalgo has never let Slenderman venture into). Zalgo saw him gazing longingly outside and seemed to comfort him... before grabbing Slenderman by the neck and tossing him to the chimera and ordering that Slenderman be brutalized for his brief distraction, watching without a hint of emotion as the demon brutally beats the young boy.

Zalgo also regularly had Splendorman spar with Slenderman to test their strengths with Slenderman winning every match. Every time Splendorman lost, Zalgo would mutilate him in horrific ways as a twisted way of encouraging him to fight better. This lead to Splendorman having a vicious jealousy against his brother that only grew worse through life. Despite Zalgo refusing to grant his sons any merit of love, Akira seemed to love the two very much, although her fear of Zalgo prevented her from stopping the abuse.

For now, the twins were inseparable, and loved running from their home to explore the outside world, which their father never allowed them to see. The twins made it their goal to escape their abusive dad with their mother and fight creatures of the multiverse together. Throughout his life, Splendorman was treated by his father even worse than Slenderman was, but he knew he always had his brother, Slenderman, beside him.

Over the years leading to Slenderman's coronation, Splendorman overheard Zalgo talking to Slenderman about executing Splendorman for his constant failure. To his surprise, Slenderman actually agrees to this, to the horror of his brother. That day, Splendorman pulls Slenderman aside and confronts him about approving of his execution. Slenderman tried to justify it by saying he had to agree with his father under the threat of death if he didn't, but Splendorman is still horrified and sickened and strikes his brother before running off.

Sometime later, Zalgo instructed his half-brother Sexual Offenderman to deliver his son Splendorman to him for execution. Horrified and guilt-ridden, Sexual Offenderman decided not to deliver the boy. Instead, Offenderman escaped the Pit with the boy, raising him from within the dark regions of the Under Realm.

During his teenage years, Slenderman wandered around the Pit, seeing all the enslaved humans and monsters from different worlds forced to Zalgo. The Under Realm is riddled with likenesses of Zalgo, and his demonic minions swarm the lands. During this, Slenderman finds that his long-lost mother, like all his other family members, have been put to work in the mines, though she is being tormented by Zalgo's evil minions far more than anyone else. Before the woman is about to be punished via whipping, Slenderman arrives and battles Zalgo's minions. He easily defeats them and frees his mother from his shackles. His mother, Akira, tells her son that Zalgo means to use the riches found in the Pit to strengthen his powers and take over the entire multiverse. Slenderman promises that he will vanquish Zalgo by the power Zalgo bestowed upon him before Akira dies due to starvation.

As an angry Slenderman appeared before Zalgo, Zalgo calmly revealed his plans, during which he empowered Slenderman, unlocking a divine state inside Slenderman that was willing to help him take over the multiverse. Zalgo told Slenderman that his grand plan was to encompass the entire multiverse until everything, quite literally, is him. Zalgo then notices Slenderman starting to fight off his control, as Slenderman was still able to maintain control over his senses due to the bond he has with his mother. Zalgo tries get Slenderman back under his control by tricking him, and it almost works until Slenderman asks Zalgo about his mother. As Slenderman wonders, if Zalgo really did love Akira, his father reveals the truth: Zalgo realized that he was genuinely infatuated with Akira and that his feelings for her could put him off-task to settle with her instead of forwarding his plans to conquer the cosmos. Because of this distraction, Zalgo sent her to work in the mines for the rest of her life, leading to her death.

This admission snaps Slenderman out of the trance and sent him into rage. Zalgo tried to explain why her death wasn't a big deal, but Slenderman then blasts Zalgo's body apart by shooting him repeatedly with energy projectiles, Zalgo then reformed himself, briefly taking the form of Akira just to mock him. Realizing that Slenderman remains firmly against him, he attacked Slenderman with tentacles of red energy from the floor to restrain him, one of them phasing through Slenderman's torso. Zalgo began to draw power from Slenderman in order to double his already incredible power. Zalgo then furiously demands that Slenderman is on his side since because they are both gods, they are the only beings that matter. Remembering his mother's words, Slenderman discovers his power and breaks out of Zalgo's magic. A fight ensues as Zalgo shape-shifts into the form of a large gorilla. Zalgo attacks Slenderman with furious claw swipes and powerful punches, managing to harm the Slenderman's back. But soon enough, Slenderman manages to catch Zalgo's arms with his tentacles, ripping his arms and legs off, forcing Zalgo to morph into a spider. Slenderman states that Zalgo will never be able to defeat one of his own, no matter what form he takes. Zalgo continues to attack with his teeth and sharp arms, but is cut down by Slenderman once again, and is sent tumbling in the darkness of his lair. Zalgo then emerges in the form of a giant squid. He tries to attack with his tentacles, but Slenderman cut his tentacles one by one, eventually taking to higher ground. Zalgo then shape-shifts into the form of a hydra and charges at the prince, who dodges and cuts Zalgo in half with a magical beam, forcing him to shape-shift into a dragon. Slenderman then prepares to finish Zalgo and morphs him tentacles into a sword and pierces Zalgo through the head. Zalgo tumbled to his lair's floor, reduced to the helpless, cowardly shadow he truly is. He looked up at his son and declared, "You might have beaten me now, but I will return in the future stronger than ever". Slenderman exclaims that there is no future for Zalgo, but he disagrees. Zalgo tears a portal to the Under Realm through which Slenderman is flung into the distant future, where Zalgo promises they will meet again, but next time he will destroy Slenderman once and for all. However, this inadvertently made Zalgo's predicament worse, as the Monsters, who had been killed and tortured by Zalgo for years, finally found a leader: Slenderman, and the Under Realm once again became a world of freedom for all monsters, Zalgo free, with Slenderman eventually casting a spell that trapped Zalgo in the Pit forever.

Meanwhile, Sexual Offenderman surprisingly was a good role model for Splendorman, Splendorman decided to study magic and entertain children. Splendorman enlisted the help of many magical beings, even Aton (who gifted him a divine sword, the Sword of Splendorman), and recorded all of his spells in three spellbooks.

To test his abilities, Splendorman boldly decided to create a portal of his own, which led to the Pit. To learn experience on creating portals, Splendorman became the assistant of assist the Unwanted House Guest (who was being manipulated by Zalgo at the time) in creating a gateway to a dimension that supposedly causes the multiverse's weirdness. As Zalgo and UHG's partnership seemingly grew to friendship, UHG seemed to develop an obsession with Zalgo's powers, collecting demonic memorabilia such as rugs and statues, modeling his home's architecture in his image, converting his private study into a place of worship. He even allowed the demon to enter his mind; this, along with the amount of information he seemed to simply produce on the spot, made Splendorman increasingly uneasy of the portal and of UHG's mysterious collaborator, as UHG never mentioned Zalgo's identity to his partner.

Months later, Splendorman and the Unwanted House Guest performed their first trial with the Multiverse Portal, which quickly went awry, as the rope that was attached to the dummy they intended to send through the portal became tangled with Splendorman, sending him briefly through the portal head-first, the portal turning out to be to the Pit. Upon his return, an alienated Splendorman muttered incoherencies before uttering a prediction about "the beast with four mouths." He promptly abandoned the project and the Unwanted House Guest. It was later revealed that when Splendorman fell into the portal, he saw Zalgo removing his exoskeleton to feed.

Eons later, a very wealthy and successful Slenderman met back up with Splendorman in Splendorman's mansion. Splendorman asked Slenderman to hide the first spellbook far away from the Under Realm to prevent anyone from being able to operate the portal. After Splendorman begins to insult his brother for his massive ego, Slenderman gets angry at Splendorman insulting him after they had just met for the first time in several eons. After Splendorman almost burned the spellbook with magic, the two begin to fight over the spellbook. Slenderman's back was burned on the portal's control console in the process, resulting in him getting his "tattoo" as the portal ends up accidentally activating. Though Splendorman tried to apologize, Slenderman blasted him in retaliation as he cursed him for being a failure as a brother and push him out of anger, causing Splendorman to got too close to it and getting sucked in. He throws the first spellbook to Slenderman just before the portal shuts off, trapping Splendorman in the Pit.

Slenderman tried to find ways to reactivate the portal, but couldn't without the other two spellbooks. Eventually, Slenderman became rich through "illegal means". One day, after running down an alley, Slenderman was threatened at knife-point by a mugger. Unconcerned for his own safety, Slenderman tells the mugger that his stance makes him weak to attacks, and proves it by knocking him down and stealing his dagger. Slenderman corrects the man's stance and informs him that he does not look like a criminal. The man admits that he is confused with his life and has turned to crime. As the two share tea, the man says that Slenderman should give lessons, which gave Slenderman the idea to start his own business.

Over the years, Slenderman became known as "The Operator", and ran a business teaching troubled children how to be serial killers. He also destroyed any evidence of his past, except for the family tapestry which was protected by Zalgo's magic. Slenderman eventually turned Splendorman's mansion into Proxy Mansion and used it as a home for his Proxies, but every night, Slenderman tried to re-activate the portal to get his brother back. Slenderman also admitted that he had to lie to everyone in town (including his own Proxies) over the past few years, as he couldn't risk anyone learning the truth about the portal. Covering Splendorman's mortgage allowed Slenderman to keep the property, and by extension the portal, under his control and intact. Losing the portal would have meant forever losing any chance of getting Splendorman back.


Slenderman is proud, misanthropic, authoritarian, sardonic, posh, wrathful, insensitive, sophisticated, sadistic, selfish, murderous, easily annoyed, and incredibly strict. He views the world in such a negative aspect that he is rarely seen greeting anyone with respect. He seems to outright hate leading the Proxies, and the only joy he gets out of it is that it has made him quite a recognizable figure in the Under Realm. Slenderman is also one who doesn't tolerate failure, as it has been both implied and outright stated that Slenderman has killed many Proxies for their failures. His charisma has attracted a following of millions of people who had been downtrodden by the society they lived in. Most of his Proxies are orphans, widowers, abused children, or spirits who were wronged in their previous lives; people who had felt they had no purpose until they found Slenderman. This created a strong sense of unity within the Proxies and a great sense of undying loyalty between Slenderman and his Proxies.

Slenderman is a highly egotistical and narcissistic being. He'll only be concerned about the issues he's being pulled through, instead of the situations that he constantly puts his friends, family, followers, butlers, and other servants through, and will often get unfairly defensive and angry when someone rightfully criticizes him. A case in point of this wrongdoing is when BEN chides him for abandoning his own son and labeling it as terrible parenting. Slenderman responds in a defensive, sarcastic manner "Yeah, thanks for the fucking feedback, it means a lot coming from you". In another case, one of Slenderman's butlers, the Crooked Man, calls Slenderman out for underpaying his employees and treating them harshly. Slenderman gets annoyed to the point where he refused to give the Crooked Man's inhaler back to him when he couldn't catch his breath, unless he took back everything he stated previously. The Crooked Man does so, reluctantly.

His nature was petty such as having Eyeless Jack thrown out of the window of Proxy Mansion (but not killing him) simply because Eyeless Jack made his coffee at the wrong temperature, as well as sadistically mocking less fortunate people, church-goers, and orphans. He also underpays and treats his butlers, chefs, and tailors very unfairly, often bluntly and rudely dismissing them and criticizing them viciously for minor infractions, as well as never thanking them as well as underpaying them. He also has a habit of forgetting the names of his employees and simply referring to them as "Servant" or some other variation. However, it is also shown that his selfish ways were a cover-up for his yearning for a family, which he never truly had.

In spite of being very negative, Slenderman is still one of the most intelligent characters in the series. He has a sarcastic attitude towards nearly everyone and sees most people as uncivilized morons, while failing to accept his own personal shortcomings. Slenderman always justifies his cruel acts by saying he is in the right to do so. He also enjoys using "smart" or "big" words in order to sound smarter than those around him, but he comically gets them wrong at times, filling his dialogue with malapropisms, mispronunciations, and mangled grammar. Despite being arrogant and haughty, Slenderman's claims of intelligence are, for the most part, completely true. Slenderman is very intelligent and always has a strategy for his evil plans, but he fails pretty regularly, whether it be from his own arrogance or his idiot followers. He has, though, planned some very intelligent and cunning schemes. He clearly isn't a dimwit - he did subjugate most of the Under Realm - but he's prone to errors in judgment.

Slenderman sees himself as misunderstood and unappreciated, blaming society for his failures. He also finds comfort in being anti-social; He enjoys being left alone in his office, where he usually paints portraits of himself, watches old black and white movies, plays chess with himself, reads newspaper and eats fancy dinners. He hates it when people enter his office, this is evident when he catches Eyeless Jack in his office without his permission and tossed him into Proxy Mansion's parking lot. In fact, one of the criticisms Slenderman constantly gets from his Proxies is his habit of staying in his office for days on end, never letting anyone inside and keeping to his books or whatever he does in there. Slenderman has tried to be more social but between the world constantly beating him up or his lack of social skills, it's never successful.

He is annoyingly pretentious in his pursuit of fame and is either unwilling or unable to spot talent and creativity, even belittling it. He lauds "cultivated taste" and accepted standards. His overall artistic style is shown to be abstract and overly sophisticated, and his very macabre works are commonly panned by his audiences, though mostly behind his back. His critical failure is shown to be more due to his bad taste, rather than a genuine lack of talent. Nearly every painting he owns is of himself, apparently holding his very being to be an artistic wonder. Despite his lack of success, Slenderman remains tireless in his pursuit of artistic achievement.

Slenderman is very hard-to-please, snobbish and cruel. He has enslaved many of his employees and Proxies, abuses Jeff and nearly every Proxy (even though, as said above, it's not like they don't deserve it time and again), and acts horribly to his adoptive daughter, Ms. P (it's also implied in some episodes that he used to beat her); in addition to abandoning his girlfriend after finding out she was pregnant. He also clearly suffers from some degree of sociopathy and lack of empathy. In some cases, Slenderman usually acts as a sentient being for the viewers to hate on, being a snobbish, tyrannical, uncaring dictator who views the weak as being expendable, gladly leaving Proxies to die when they mess up, and leaving his unborn son to suffer in the slums of the Under Realm. As a result, he usually deserves the comeuppance he receives.

Slenderman is also very strict, and he seems to want to control the personal lives of all of his Proxies. He has a very demanding set of rules across Proxy Mansion, like not allowing them to eat in the living room, not allowing them to touch his gardens, and not allowing them in his office without permissions. During his run as the principal of Proxy High, Slenderman sent students to 19 hour long detentions for offenses such as stepping on his carpet, not closing his office door all the way, or saying something that could even remotely be interpreted as an insult towards him. He has a habit of stealing the Proxies' possessions or anything that gives him entertainment. He keeps them, locks them in his vault, and tells them, "My house, my property!"

Slenderman also has an underlying racist and xenophobic attitude. He is shown to dislike pretty much any lifeform of any kind such as humans, Arcosians, demons, aliens, and so forth. He also demonstrates misogynistic traits when taunting and ordering around his female butlers and ignored one of his fans simply because he was Jewish. Slenderman occasionally shows an ugly homophobic streak as well, calling Ticci Toby a "ponce", BEN a "fairy", and uses terms like "faggot". He also once called a black man "boy" and ordered him to carry his bags, implying racism as well. He also demonstrates mockery towards the mentally disabled, as he once referred to a group of kidnapped mentally ill patients as "dribbling monkeys" who would make for easy brainwashing into Proxies. Whenever he is confronted on his racism, Slenderman claims he is not a racist or a bigot because he simply hates everyone and everything equally.

Not unlike his father, Slenderman enjoys lashing out at other people for petty reasons or simply doing terrible things for his enjoyment. In one instance, he laughed alongside Jeff when he found out Natalie Clockwork's mom died of cancer. He has also brainwashed, kidnapped, and enslaved many children and teenagers, taking advantage of their insecurities and emotional problems in order to turn them into hardened serial killers, all under the guise of helping them. Later in his life, when he found out Slenderwoman was pregnant, Slenderman angrily threw her out of his mansion and into the cold, leaving her to raise her child in poor, cold and harsh poverty. Granted, Slenderman had claimed many times he didn't want a child, but it was still an unnecessarily cruel move. Also, when mentoring Jeff in ways of sophistication and maturity, Slenderman mentioned one of his favorite hobbies was to go to an orphanage, fill out all the paperwork, then not take them home (as in, fills the car up with toys and a puppy, then locks it and drives away). During his fight with Jeff in "Jeff V. Slenderman", even after Jeff injures himself just by punching Slenderman, to the point where he can't even move, Slenderman picks him up by the throat with his tentacle and gleefully continues to beat him to near-death.

Slenderman acts unnecessarily demanding most of the time. He doesn't care for niceties or even try to soften blows when criticizing other's actions and faults. Though harsh, everything he says is, at least from his available knowledge, completely true. Whenever he seems to have a remotely soft side, this is almost always subverted because of his ego and cruelty. In addition to this, Slenderman often displays remarkable hypocrisy; he'll often scold the people around him for their mistakes and habits but isn't willing to call out his own even if they're similar, if not worse, than theirs. He constantly bickers at Jeff and BEN for slacking off and being lazy in general, yet all he does himself half the time is sit in his office, slumber, and not answer his own mail or make his own food, having his butlers and minions do the work for him. He criticizes the Proxies for being childish and uncivilized, while he himself is a psychotic manchild who acts unreasonably cruel if he doesn't get what he wants. With Sally, he denies her the opportunity to meet her favorite boy band and other celebrities by intervening against her wishes while actively currying favor with Aton to be a god-like figure by working with unsavory individuals. With Jeff, he claims that he is wasteful with his money even though Jeff notices that Slenderman's reckless day trading was hurting the Proxies' finances. The see-through hypocrisy can simultaneously show how easily and massively dishonest he is.

Slenderman has the tendency to underestimate most of the Proxies, mostly due to their child-like behavior. In "The Gauntlet", Slenderman sends Jeff to the military training camp for Proxies in hopes that the rigorous testing will leave him severely injured or possibly even killed. Slenderman watches the training course from his home theater and even makes bets with the other Proxies and his butlers on how long Jeff will make it, and mocks anyone who thinks Jeff will last longer than three tests. However, Jeff survives the testing, which puts Slenderman out of a great deal of betting money. In "Protect the Baby" he also didn't think Clockwork and Toby could protect him during his rejuvenation cycle (a state of which Slenderman molts his skin and is temporarily vulnerable), and mocks them relentlessly when he thinks they failed. However, Clockwork and Toby manage to keep him safe in the end, which forces Slenderman to silently admit defeat.

Slenderman is also shown to be a perfectionist, wanting everything to be perfect and expecting others to do better at certain things, seemingly unreasonably so. Another aspect of Slenderman's personality is that he routinely blames others for his own shortcomings and the destruction and pain he causes. An extreme example was in "The Visit", when he seems that he's finally going to apologize to Slenderson for all of the abuse he put him through, but then says that he's only sorry because he left a "whore" like Slenderwoman to raise him to be such a delinquent that he's ashamed to call his son. Slenderson refuses to believe this, knowing in his heart that his dad is the real reason, and his mother was an "angel".

While Slenderman claims to have a soft spot for children, it's mostly just an act to get people to see him less as a monster. In reality, he hates children because they are messy and all they do is mock him. In addition, Slenderman is mentioned to have killed Death the Kid, who was a pre-teen at best, which makes it clear his "friendly" nature towards children is made clear to be null and void. In some cases, Slenderman doesn't even bother manipulating children and teenagers and simply threatens to kill their entire family if they disobey him. It's also implied he sends young and inexperienced Proxies to kill people in the human world and seemingly doesn't care if they die or get arrested along the way. In addition to this, many of Slenderman's Proxies hurt, torment and murder children on a daily basis, and Slenderman himself doesn't seem to mind at all. Laughing Jack's entire modus operandi consists of exclusively killing children, and he was still considered to be one of Slenderman's favorite Proxies. Given his past crimes and utter ruthlessness, Slenderman definitely doesn't care about the age of anyone he harms or kills. Despite his blistering hatred of children, Slenderman does have a genuine soft spot for Sally Williams, a ten year old girl, who in turn sees him as her "uncle".

One of the reasons why Slenderman is often arrogant and bad-tempered is having to put up with the Proxies' boisterous behavior, most infamously Jeff's, which sometimes leads him to make plans to get them to stop, although sometimes, either as a result of his own arrogance or carelessness, his plans backfire on him.

In Season 5, Mayor Bigmouth's relentless pursuit along with the constant failure from their attempted bank robberies, coupled with the death of some of the Proxies' associates, began to affect Slenderman's mental state. He became more driven by ego, money, and vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him. As his behavior grew more aggressive, violent, and erratic, so did his plans. Slenderman callously killed powerful figures like Martin Bronte and Norman Eelsworth solely out of vengeance with little regard for the outcome, going against his previous ideology that revenge was a fool's game. This increased attention and dangerous consequences for the gang as a whole.

After the disastrous bank heist in Swamp Falls, Slenderman puts a tighter grip on the gang and takes his valuing of loyalty to an extreme by labeling anyone who questions him as a "doubter" and lessened the freedoms the other members of his gang once had. This makes it easier for him to make fiat decisions that decide the course of the gang without taking any input or criticism from those he is leading. Unlike before, he started to value Jeff's opinions less and less due to doubts he had in him and would consult with Laughing Jack more because he'd never question Slenderman. In fact, whenever a member of the gang questions Slenderman's actions, he immediately sees the act of doing so as traitorous and a threat.

When Jeff is almost stabbed to death by a soldier while fighting alongside Slenderman, it is clearly shown that Slenderman deliberately left Jeff to die when he could have helped him. However, once confronted by Jeff on the subject, Slenderman denies this and acts as if it never happened, whilst telling him not to be a "fool" and that "everything is coming together, exactly as I planned".

Not long after, Slenderman would leave BEN to die during a robbery at the Merchants Savings Bank following an argument with Jeff on allowing BEN and the others to leave the gang. Slenderman was silently angered at the prospect that BEN was willing to leave the Proxies. When BEN was shot and left behind, Slenderman lied to the entire gang, claiming that BEN had died. However, unexpectedly, a wounded BEN turned up to confront Slenderman about leaving him to die. Again, Slenderman denied it. By the end of the season, he learns the error of his ways and more or less reconciled with the Proxies.

With all this said, Slenderman has a deep sense of family loyalty. He responded to Splendorman's request for help after an entire decade of being estranged, and was deeply hurt when he realized his brother didn't intend to make amends, even calling him out on how bad a brother Splendorman turned out to be. He dedicated thirty years of his life to bringing Splendorman back to their dimension in spite of how strained their relationship had become in the years leading up to the fight. Slenderman is also shown to be very protective of his Proxies, despite him lashing out at them and making them do demeaning tasks: he stood up to hoards of reanimated corpses to protect them, telling the zombies nobody (but him) harassed his students, and fought against his demonic father multiple times to keep them safe. When he believes Splendorman might put the Proxies at risk, Slenderman has no qualms about warning his brother to stay away from them. He can also be genuinely friendly and polite to those who respect him.

Despite his grumpy and borderline sociopathic nature, Slenderman does have a caring side deep down, and when he realizes his plans have caused either harm or emotional pain to those he truly does care about, he is quick to realize the error of his ways and make up for it while he can. Slenderman would often joke around with his followers and was capable of having a kind, playful disposition. A lot of Proxies adore him and are insanely loyal to him in spite of his tight-ass attitude, and the feeling is (mostly) mutual. He knows each of the Proxies by name, they have holiday weeks and seem to love their work. All of them are under his protection, which is why most Proxies can wander in the Dark Forest without predators trying to kill them. He has earned enough admiration from them that some of the Proxies view him as a sort of father figure, particularly Ticci Toby, who desires to be treated like a son, though Slenderman doesn't feel like doing so. Slenderman also yells at them the way a father scolds his children, and attempts to teach them a thing or two about life. Occasionally, such as in "Legends of the Multiverse", he is willing to lay down his life to protect the Proxies.


(whispering) lol, he's bald.
~ Jeff to Smile Dog on Slenderman's appearance.

Slenderman is a tall figure standing from 6 to 14 feet tall. He wears a black suit, white shirt, a black tie, black trousers, and black, polished shoes. Slenderman is pale white, and he has no facial features of any kind, although he does have empty visible eye sockets and eyebrows, giving him some range of emotions. He also has very spidery hands, almost resembling a skeleton. Slenderman is also iconic for having long black tendrils that can retract into his body, which he usually in combat or for mundane multi-tasking.



  • Zalgo (†?) - Disowned Father, Killer, and Attempted Victim
  • Death - Possible Uncle
  • Akira † - Mother
  • Lazari - Half-sister
  • The Slender Family
    • Sexual Offenderman - Uncle
    • Slenderwoman - Former Fiancé
    • Slenderson - Son
    • Blenderman - Cousin
    • Lenderman - Cousin
    • Trenderman - Cousin
    • Loona - Neice
    • Slenderban - Cousin
    • Venderman - Cousin
    • Several other unnamed cousins, nieces, and nephews


  • Shadowlurker - Former Best Friend, Former Enemy, and Former Partner
  • The Proxies - Students and Followers
    • Mr. X † - Original Apprentice and Surrogate Son Figure
    • Jeff the Killer † - Former Apprentice, Apprentice, Friend, Surrogate Son (sometimes) and Occasional Enemy
    • BEN - Former Student and Friend
    • Ms. Pencil Neck - Surrogate Daughter and Former Student
    • Smile Dog - Occasional Enemy
    • Eyeless Jack - Former Servant and Friend
    • Alyss Christer- Former Student and Surrogate Niece
    • Masky - Former Student and Friend
    • Hoodie - Former Student and Friend
    • Sally Williams - Former Student and Surrogate Niece
    • Ticci Toby † - Former Student and Friend
    • Samantha Sampson- Former Student and Surrogate Niece
    • Natalie Clockwork - Former Student and Friend
    • Happy Appy
    • Jefrera
    • The Face Stealer † - Victim
    • The Plague Doctor
    • Will Grossman
    • Charles Manson †
    • The Zodiac Killer
    • John Wayne Gacy †
    • Ted Bundy †
    • Richard Ramirez †
    • Millions of other Proxies scattered around the Under Realm and Human World
  • President Bush - Business Partner
  • Enderman's Gang - Former Enemies
  • Aton - Boss
    • Mr. Widemouth - Friend
  • Unwanted House Guest † - Occasional Rival
  • Sheriff Wayne - Occasional Enemy
  • Ash Graven


Powers and Abilities

Being Zalgo's most powerful spawn, Slenderman is one of the most powerful creatures in the multiverse, surpassed only by Aton and occasionally Zalgo himself. His power is great enough for having defeated Zalgo effortlessly and being feared by most for his immense power and his dark nature.

  • Shape-Shifting: Slenderman is a shape-shifter and can change into virtually any form that he desired. Slenderman was able to seamlessly change his size, liquefy himself, or stretch and expand his body. He could even replicate into clones of himself to be in numerous places at once and his mind inhabited numerous bodies. At one point, Slenderman even manifested a second version of himself who acted as a psychologist; performing talk-therapy on himself. Slenderman could also morph his limbs into weapons, such as when he turned his hands into giant battle axes to clear an entire room of zombies. While in the Human World, his disguise in public is that of a toaster.
  • Impersonation: Slenderman has the ability to impersonate or mimic the voice a anyone, often in order to get to lure someone into a trap.
  • Tendrils/Tentacles: After Zalgo threw Slenderman into a pit of searing, magical fire, the melted skin on his back fused with the magic to create Slenderman's signature tendrils, which he can spawn from his back. There seems to be no limit to how many tendrils Slenderman can spawn, and he is able to shape-shift them into various things. These tendrils, or tentacles as Jeff calls them, are capable of moving at speeds faster than 1 nanosecond (equal to a billionth of a second), far faster than any signals that can travel inside the human brain. These arms possess superhuman strength and durability, rapid movement, shapeshifting, omnidirectional motion, and allow Slenderman to scale nearly any surface. Slenderman could also cover his entire body with his tendrils in a ball-shaped form, protecting him from any attacks. Slenderman used his tendrils the disarm other of their weapons, strangle them to death, impale them by solidifying the tip of said tendrils, and to rip their limbs off. Slenderman also used his tendrils for casual, mundane, multi-tasking tasks, such as pouring liquids into cups, typing, flipping pages on books, and spring cleaning.
  • Dream Manipulation: According to the Unwanted House Guest's notes, Slenderman can manipulate the dreams of others, able to enter their minds during sleep or even turn dreams to nightmares. This ability was likely inherited by Slenderman from Zalgo.
  • Invisibility: Slenderman could turn invisible at will. With the help of the Shadowlurker, he has also mastered the ability to stand still in darkness to where he becomes invisible. He can also appear invisible to certain individuals, such as adults, while still being visible by children.
  • Blood Manipulation: Using his dark magic, Slenderman can manipulate his own blood and use it to attack people or even corrupt them. During his fight with the zombies, a zombie bit off Slenderman's tendrils, only for Slenderman's blood to tear the zombie apart from the inside.
  • Duplication: During the Battle of Arcosia, Slenderman was able to create dozens of copies of himself to attack Zalgo with their tendrils. The duplicates, however, were quickly dispersed when Zalgo released a wave of energy from his mind, with only the real Slenderman remaining.
  • Dimensional Warping: Slenderman was capable of conjuring a construct of the Mirror Dimension in the form of crystalline fractals that acted as a shield, absorbing an energy beam from Zalgo's magical attacks, and was also able to send the fractals at Zalgo.
  • Dimensional Distortion: According to Aton, Slenderman apparently changed the Multiverse when when he was born, and infinite timelines were distorted by him. It is possible that this was due to Slenderman's immense power even as a baby.
  • Fire Manipulation: Being the son of Zalgo, Slenderman can manipulate and is immune to fire. Despite this, he almost never uses this ability unless he is fighting another being that can spawn fire.
  • Dark Aura/Sickness Inducement: Slenderman emits a dark aura around him that can make humans feel sick, such as making them cough violently, vomit blood or black substances, and giving them common cold symptoms like a sore throat. This aura only affects average humans and not monsters or other Proxies.
  • Immortality: As a supernatural being, Slenderman is ageless and nearly immortal. He requires no sustenance and can not harmed by mortal means. Only those who matched his power, such as Zalgo, Aton, or Splendorman were capable of doing severe harm to him.
  • Teleportation: Slenderman can teleport from any location without losing energy.
  • Necromancy: Slenderman has the power to resurrect the dead and will them to do his bidding.
  • Reality-Warping: Slenderman had the power to warp reality to his will, such as creating furniture for his office and spawning black clouds in the sky.
  • Weather Manipulation: Slenderman has the power to cause severe thunderstorms and fog at will.
  • Transmutation: Slenderman has the ability to turn people into something they aren't supposed to be, such as animals or even inanimate objects. He even turned one of his Proxies, the Facestealer, into a statue for trying to steal from his office and placed the statue near his office fireplace. This ability also extended to not just living beings, but projectile attacks as well. During the Battle of Arcosia, Slenderman transformed a singularity sent by Zalgo into multitudes of black bats, which impressed Zalgo.
  • Flight/Interstellar Travel: Slenderman is capable of flying both in air and in space at amazing speeds well beyond the speed of light.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Due to his enhanced hearing, Slenderman is shown to be able to hear what Jeff and his friends are whispering while inside his office.
  • Madness Inducement: Slenderman has the power to drive people insane using his mind.
  • Brainwashing/Hypnosis/Corruption: Slenderman has the power of brainwashing people to do his bidding, as shown with his corruption of countless Proxies. Despite this ability being very powerful, it seems to not work on weak-minded individuals like Jeff.
  • Healing/Regeneration: Slenderman can heal himself from any given injury. His healing factor allows him to heal from a single cell or drop of blood, making him almost impossible to kill in combat. However, divine power and objects are capable of nullifying his healing factor, rendering him unable to heal and putting him at high risk of death. Slenderman also cannot become intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, toxins, or impurities due to his healing factor, thus he can't get drunk despite drinking a lot of wine and alcohol regularly.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Slenderman has the ability to turn off gravity around him to where it only affects those around him.
  • Elasticity: Slenderman can stretch and extend his limbs, including his tendrils, without any repercussions.
  • Precognition: Slenderman has the ability to foresee the future and future events. This is best showcased when he was able to foresee Malitch's return, both of them in fact. He also foresaw Zalgo's Second Coming in the form of a nightmare.
  • Transformation: Slenderman has the hidden ability to transform into a truly demonic creature, spawning eyes, and a mouth. In this form, Slenderman's personality is almost exactly like Zalgo, being cruel, violent, and insane and attempting to torment Slenderman by impeding his quest and hurting those around him. In this form, Slenderman is heavily implied to be much stronger than he usually is. However, this form is also a curse for Slenderman, as he has no control over himself or his actions, often hurting the ones he cares for.

  • Rejuvenation Cycle: In the episode "Protect the Baby", it was revealed that Slenderman has what's known as a rejuvenation cycle, wherein every 500 years, Slenderman will go through a molting process, and he will shed all of his skin and flesh and go back to his purest form, which is a tiny chibi version of himself. During this period of time, he loses all of his powers and is completely vulnerable to outside attacks. Because of this, many of Slenderman's enemies, particularly Zalgo and his minions, decide to target him on this day, forcing him to choose someone to protect him. After about a day, Slenderman will return to his normal state once again.

  • Name: Unknown
  • Origin: Pastamonsters
  • Gender: Genderless, but is referred to as Male
  • Age: Several billion centuries old.
  • Tier: 2-C, possibly High 2-A | 10-C | At least 2-C, likely far higher
  • Attack Potency: Low Multiverse Level+, possibly Multiverse level+ (Can easily harm Zalgo. Slenderman distorted the multiverse upon being born, including all of its infinite timelines, however, he has yet to demonstrate a power similar to this.) | Below-Average Human (Has the strength of a baby.) | At least Low Multiverse Level+, likely far higher (He is described as being "astronomically" stronger in this form, but has otherwise not demonstrated any feats to show just how powerful he is)
  • Speed: Likely Relativistic+ fighting speeds (Much faster than Jeff and the other Proxies. Can keep up with Zalgo), with Massively FTL+ travel speed (Capable of interstellar travel) | Below Average Human (Runs very slowly) | Likely Relativistic+ fighting speeds with Massively FTL+ travel speed (Should be the same as his base form, if not faster)
  • Lifting Strength: At least Class Z (Restrained Zalgo with his tentacles for a short period of time), likely higher | Unknown | At least Class Z, likely higher
  • Striking Strength: Unknown
  • Durability: Low-Multiverse Level+ (Survived multiple attacks from Zalgo, who Slenderman claimed could wipe out multiple universes in his base form) | Below Average Level (A simple arrow is enough to kill him) | Low-Multiverse Level (Withstood multiple brutal attacks from Zalgo)
  • Stamina: Incredibly high. Slenderman is capable of wiping out entire armies with ease, and can fight and train himself for months on end. He also does not need to sleep, eat, or breathe. However, he will become slower and more exhausted if he sustains enough critical damage. | Low. | Likely the same as his base form.
  • Intelligence: Genius level. Slenderman has eons of experience and knowledge under his belt, having knowledge of many of the multiverse's secrets, its creatures, and Aton. He is one of the universe's most renowned creatures, later proving himself equally prodigious in the study of the dark arts. He is also a master manipulator and can corrupt people with ease. | Genius level as he maintains the same level of intelligence as previous. | Animalistic. In this form, Slenderman is essentially a feral-minded monster with the instinct to kill, maim, and destroy anything he sees.
Key: Base Form |Rejuvenation Cycle | Demonic/True Form

Slenderman (Pastamonsters)'s statistics



And you wonder why I hate you.
~ Slenderman to Jeff.
~ Slenderman's catchphrase, usually said whenever he (or someone else) messes something up.
Fuck my life.
~ Slenderman's other catchphrase.
~ Slenderman's other catchphrase, usually in response to Jeff's stupidity.
Jeff: Seriously? That's your disguise?
Slenderman: It's better than yours, Bug Eyes.
Jeff: SHUT UP!
~ Slenderman and Jess upon donning their disguises.
I fucking hate children. I hate them more than anything in this existence. They're rude, stupid, ugly, annoying, putrid- just disgusting creatures.
~ Slenderman's opinion on children.
And then, there was Mr. X! Now there was a guy who had it all! He had the build! He had the stealth! He could disembowel an entire family in the time it took for lightning to hit the ground! (Beat) BUT THAT GODDAMN PEASIZED BRAIN OF HIS! He straddles into the Dark Forest, gets kidnapped and KABOOM! He's history!
~ Slenderman explaining the fate of his old apprentice, Mr. X.
Very droll. A comedian to the end. Well, you're going to have to take your comedic talents elsewhere. The one thing that never survives my teachings is a sense of humor.
~ Slenderman threatening Jeff during the very first time they met.
For cheap thrills. Such short-lived durability, Jeff. You risk engendering ill will on the part of our employers.
~ Slenderman's criticism Jeff for buying a sports car.
Slenderman: (breaks Jeff's tuba) Jeffery, you are working my last nerve.
Jeff: (mockingly) Ooooh! I'm working your last nerve!
Slenderman: (slaps Jeff back) Shut up! What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you like this? Can't you see I'm clearly doing something? Can't you fucking see how goddamn irritating you are being? Can't you see that the reaction you're eliciting from me is not a positive one, and that you are the single most impossibly, unbearable, obnoxious living being that I have ever had the fucking displeasure of ever being around?! By a WIDE margin?!
~ Slenderman's very first rant towards Jeff.
Listen, Jeff... It's not that I don't like you, it's that... I HATE you! You're the bane of my existence and I would love to kill you. But since I'm in a hurry, if I buy you that new game, would you please leave me alone?
~ Slenderman to Jeff.
I hate all of you.
~ Slenderman to citizens of the Under Realm.
To contemplate the endless nature of our universe is to acknowledge one's own insignificance.
~ Slenderman on the universe.
Jeff, we do not drive ourselves! Driving is for the commoners!
~ Slenderman to Jeff.
From Hell's heart, I stab at thee!
~ Slenderman while fighting a Stiltwalker.
That was my cheese, it's supposed to smell like that, shit-for-brains!
~ Slenderman yelling at Ticci Toby.
You don't get it, Jeffery! I have HAD IT with your insolence! You MUST be taught a lesson! There is nothing you can do to stop this fight! I am going to coat the parking lot in your blood right in front of everyone! I am going to shove your ass down your throat and make you eat your underwear, you vexatious little piss-ant!
~ Slenderman to Jeff.
Jeffrey, do you remember that little talk we had about personal space?
~ Slenderman to Jeff.
Maybe we can discuss the business plans at Kentucky Fried Children. Oh, how fond I am of Kentucky Fried Children...
~ Slenderman talking to Mayor Bigmouth.
Listen, Tobester. Eh, if you think this whole mad scene ain't dope, I feel you, dude. I mean, I'm not trying to get up in your grill or raise your roof or whatever, but what I am screamin' is, yo, check out this kazing thazing, bazaby! I mean if it doesn't groove or what I'm sayin' ain't straight trippin' just say, "Oh, no you di'n't! You know, you're gettin' on my last nerve." And then I'll know it's... then I'll - I'll know it's wack! (Toby flings a tree branch in Slenderman's face)
~ Slenderman trying to relate to Ticci Toby.
Slenderman: Any bets for Jeff succeeding? Don't be shy... (the Crooked man walks by, holding champagne on a silver platter) You! Servant! You will bet five-hundred thousand dollars on Jeff!
The Crooked Man: But... I only make $60 a year.
Slenderman: ....Five-hundred thousand it is! (Slenderman laughs jovially as the Crooked Man begins to cry)
~ Slenderman forcing the Crooked Man to make bets on Jeff surviving the gauntlet.
The Crooked Man: If Jeff finishes, I get six million monies! Oooh... (begins to tear up)
Slenderman: (rings a bell) Servant, I request more Dom Pérignon. (rings bell again) Servant!
The Crooked Man: ARGH! GET IT YOURSELF! (Slenderman appears quite shocked)
~ Slenderman and the Crooked Man.
Alyss: Slenderman! Eyeless took my sewing kit again without permission!
Slenderman: It's alright Alyss. He needs it for his work.
Alyss: He should at least ask permission!
Laughing Jack: Stop being a little bitch baby about it.
Alyss: Fuck off clown freak!
Laughing Jack: (Sticks tounge out)
Slenderman: Alyss! Jack! Go to your rooms! Now!
~ Slenderman constantly being occupied with small baby problems
Sally Williams: Is he dead?
Slenderman: Yep, thank God. (Sally starts crying) Oh, it's, uh, getting late, and I have a wine-mixer to attend, so why don't you and Toby just brick him up in the walls and seal away this secret forever? (chuckles) That would be very nice of you. (Sally sniffles) Hey, listen, Sally. If you want to say goodbye in a biblical sense, you got about an hour, hour and a half tops before his flesh starts rotting away.
~ Slenderman after being forced to kill Sally's possessed classmate.
Listen, he ate it! (Slenderman and Jeff look out from the kitchen counter) Oh, look at him choke! (both laugh at the health inspector gags) Look at him suffer! (both keep laughing) Did you see that, boy? Oh man, the look on his face!
~ Slenderman and Jeff thinking the health inspector ate the Bizarre Caviar.
It is inclement upon me to remark on your rash impulsiveness on designating such an eye-catching and impractical car to heist, Jeff. Relevant to said mission is the following query, I now put forth to you. Said query concerning matters strictly spatial in nature... Wherein this most streamlined and trunkless of transports, boner-inspiring though it may be, wherein are we to reposit our recently deceased cargo?
~ Slenderman to Jeff when trying to dispose of the health inspector's body.
Listen here, Jeffrey. No one, and I mean no one can ever know about this. It'll be the end of you, it'll be the end of me. And worst of all, it'll be the end of me!
~ Slenderman to Jeff after burying the health inspector's body.
Lemon juice and cooking oil for tar. Or wear an eye mask. Dumbass.
~ Slenderman giving Eyeless Jack tips on how to not leak oil on his bed.
Jeff: Slendy, should I use a hatchet or the knife?
Slenderman: Yes.
~ Jeff and Slenderman.
Again with the constant, never-ending SCREAMING!!!!
~ Slenderman in response to the Proxies' loud behavior.
Slenderman: (putting Ticci Toby on a giant catapult) Now, when you're about 15 feet from the sun's surface, let that fiery bitch have it with the extinguisher.
Ticci Toby: Roger Dodger! So, uh, how will I get back?
Slenderman: Proxies are expendable.
Ticci Toby: Then I die for a noble cause! (happily puts his goggles on)
~ Slenderman preparing to launch Ticci Toby into the sun.
Enderman (disguised as a bartender): Hello, Slenderman. I've opened a new bar! Have a drink! Make yourself comfortable!
Slenderman: Don't mind if I do... See it's like this: I hate my neighbor, Enderman and his puerile fr iends.
Enderman: Hmm. I hear you. Have another drink.
Slenderman: You see, the fact is nobody likes them... nobody. And to make things worse, they have these idiotic plans like trying to get me drunk, so they can fucking kill me. But little do they know my healing factor won't even fucking let me get drunk to begin with. (starts walking away) I'm not surprised in the least though. Because I'm smart and they're retarded. And every day they'll wake up knowing they'll never be as wealthy or successful as I, and they will go to bed hungry every night. Like always. Thanks for the fucking drink. (drives away in his limo)
Enderman: (sits in silence before chugging the entire bottle of beer)
~ Slenderman to Enderman.
Well, maybe so, but I can't quite be a racist when I despise every living being, can I? Like the Clorfors. Dirty money-grubbing Clorfors. Tried to clorf me right out of my money. Blew those little bastards up is what I did.
~ Slenderman when he is accused of being racist.
Keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed.
~ Slenderman.
Alright, you undead fucks, you ready to DIE TWICE?!
~ Slenderman battling zombies.
The only wrinkly monster who harasses the Proxies is ME! (A zombie growls and bites one of Slenderman's tendrils off, only for Slenderman to spawn another one and drive it through multiples zombies) WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?! (Slenderman morphs his hands in giant axes and slices multiple zombies to pieces.
~ Slenderman while fighting zombies
Slenderman: (smashing statues of Slenderson) He thinks he can just walk into MY manor! Desecrate MY belongings! EAT MY FUCKING FOOD! Who does that undisciplined, ungrateful little worm think he is? Does he... A little to the left. (Ticci Toby moves the statue to the left, Slenderman blasts it with his lasers) ...have any idea of who he's dealing with? How could he do this to me? Why, I practically raised him.
Masky: (somewhat sarcastically) Yeah, you think he would've turned out better.
Slenderman: Yeah, go figure.
~ Slenderman to Masky after Slenderson's arrival.
Slenderman: I.. I'm sorry. I failed you. I failed you as a father. I wish it could have been better.... I should have never left you with that whore. Look what she made you! A delinquent that I'm ashamed to have as a son.
Slenderson: (can not believe what he is hearing) What the fuck? That's what you fucking say to me? That my mom made me like this? No, Dad. She was an angel. It was all you. You made me this way.
~ An example of Slenderman refusing to accept that he is wrong.
Sally! Look at me! You really think I'm a bad guy?
~ Slenderman trying to convince Sally to not close the portal.
Ash Graven: (returning from the Pit) Okay... Say it.
Slenderman: Say what?
Ash Graven: You.. (looks away with tears in her eyes) You told me it was too late to save her and I didn't listen. So say it! (voice breaking) Say I told you so.
Slenderman: ....I told you so.
Ash Graven: (imitating Slenderman) "You are naïve, foolish girl!"
Slenderman: That is also true. But do not take your anger out on me, girl. Take this as a lesson.
Ash Graven: Yes, sir.
~ Slenderman to Ash after she failed to save her sister.
Ticci Toby: Whoa, dude, what is wrong with you today?
Slenderman: I have no clue! (Slenderman's right arm falls to the ground) Uh-oh. Has it already been 500 years? No wonder I've been so hormonal! I've entered my... (gazes wistfully at the Sun) rejuvenation cycle.
Clockwork: What is a rejew-inflanation-bicycle?
Slenderman: I'm molting, dipshit. You know, when you shed your exoskeleton and- aah! (Slenderman suddenly twists and his flesh falls at Clockwork and Toby's feet)
~ Slenderman enters his rejuvenation cycle.
Clockwork: Slendy is that you? (camera reveals Slenderman is now a chibi version of himself) Aww, you're so cute!
Slenderman: I'm still your boss, I'll have you know! In fact, I'm more powerful than ever! I can still murder, destroy, and.. (yawns just like a baby)
Clockwork: (picks Slenderman up and cradles him like a baby) Aww, somebody's tired from a long car ride aren't they?
Slenderman: Piss off!
~ Clockwork and Slenderman after Slenderman rejuvenates.
Slenderman: The perimeters of your assignment were described to you with specificity, Natalie. You are to shelter me through in my rejuvenation cycle- wherein I am in a state of temporal vulnerability- as we traverse this treacherous forest which we now overlook. It was likeways made clear to us that any embellishments of said perimeters would not be advisory.
Clockwork: (stares mindlessly at Slenderman) Yeaaaaah... I just wanted some more rocks for my pet rock collection!
Slenderman: I cannot prescribe to such a narrow interpretation of my vexation which you now invoke, Clockwork.
~ Slenderman and Clockwork.
I can only express puzzlement that borders on alarm.
~ Slenderman after hearing Stiltwalkers in the distance.
Ticci Toby: It wasn't me! It was Nat!
Clockwork: It's okay, Slendy. I'm gonna pull it out!
Slenderman: Pull it out? WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PULL IT- (Clockwork struggles to pull the arrow from the right side of Slenderman's abdomen) FUCK! Just leave it! Now don't... (Clockwork moves it again) FUCK! SHIT! MOTHERFUCKER!
Clockwork: Just a lil' more...
Slenderman: How many times do I have to tell you to not it move it until I say... (Clockwork pulls it all the way, causing a fountain a blood to spray out; making Clockwork giggle and Slenderman scream in pain)
Clockwork: (fist pumps) Awesome!!
Slenderman: YOU FUCKING MORON!! PUT IT BACK! PUT IT BACK! (Clockwork lodges the arrow in the left side of Slenderman's abdomen) NOT LIKE THAT! PUT IT BACK IN THE SAME SPOT! (Clockwork breaks the arrow in two and stabs them back in Slenderman's two wounds, causing the blood to stop spraying; Slenderman stares at her angrily)
Clockwork: (stares at Slenderman for a few seconds before clearing her throat) I stopped the bleeding, didn't I? I see this as an absolute win!
Clockwork: I was trying but you kept saying "AGHHHH!!"
Slenderman: (in anger) AGHHHH!!
~ Clockwork and Toby try to pull an arrow out of Slenderman's side.
Slenderman: I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. (turns to Clockwork and Toby) Because of you retards I'm gonna bleed out in the middle of the goddamn woods! Toby, you're demoted forever.
Ticci Toby: Are you serious, Slendy? Even after you're dead?
Slenderman: YES!
Ticci Toby: (starts crying like a child) Don't say that, Slendy!
Slenderman: Stop crying, Toby! (Toby sniffles and wipes snot away) And Clockwork, stay the fuck away from my funeral.
Ticci Toby How dare you?! She tried her best!
Slenderman: (almost crying in rage) You two are so fucking, goddamn stupid!
Ticci Toby: Your language is offensive!
Slenderman: FUCK YOU!!
~ Slenderman to Clockwork and Toby.
Slenderman: Students, just drop me here..
Ticci Toby: What is it, Slendy?
Slenderman: This is it... It's time for me to perish... (falls to the ground)
Clockwork: (kneels by Slenderman's side, tearing up) No, Slendy, you can't...
Slenderman: Do not tell me what to do!
Ticci Toby: Dad, don't leave, please!
Slenderman: I said do not- wait, what did you just call me?
Ticci Toby: What?
Slenderman: (stares at Toby for a few seconds before laying back down) Adieu, Toby, Clockwork. I knew you two couldn't protect me. Yet, I entrusted you and look where that got me. Dying angry, cold and afraid because of you. I put all my trust in you two and I end up laying in a pool of my own blood. All because of you...
Clockwork: (rolls her eyes) Okay, we get it, we failed you.
Slenderman: Good. Remember that until you die. Dwell on it... (seemingly dies before raising back up) But, before I go... I present to you the... I Told You So Song. (leans forward and sings to the rhythm of the Chicken Dance) Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, I told you so! (Clockwork rolls her eyes and crosses her arms) Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, (angrily) I TOLD YOU SO!
~ Slenderman mocking Ticci Toby and Clockwork.
Slenderman: (vision blurs) There it is.. the white light...
Ticci Toby: No! Slendy, don't go into the light! They'll never let you in!
~ Slenderman's "death".
(wakes up in a dark space) I'm alive? I'm alive! Ho, ho! Fuck you, Grim Reaper! IMMORTALITY FOREVER! ...Um.. (fixes his bow tie) I ponder where my utilitarian servants, Clockwork and Toby, are? I should inform them of my- (bangs his head on the side of a wall) Oww! What the.. (realizes he's in a casket) Oh, ugh, are you kidding me? I've been buried alive?! When I get my tendrils on those two... (camera cuts to show Slenderman's makeshift grave) TOBEEEEY!! CLOCKWOOOORK!!
~ Slenderman being buried alive.
Slenderman: (barges in Proxy Mansion covered in dirt and bugs) TOBY, CLOCKWORK, YOU PUERILE, CARELESS, STUPID FOOLS!
Ticci Toby: Slendy, you're alive! (he and Clockwork hug Slenderman) We did it! We protected you! (Slenderman tries to protest, but silently admits defeat, much to Toby and Clockwork's delight)
~ Slenderman passes Toby and Clockwork.
Slenderman: Aton. I'm taking the fight to Arcosia.
Odin: You know what lays between you and Lord Zalgo; an army of immeasurable power.
Slenderman: I'm going to kill them all.
Ra: If you fail, the multiverse falls.
Aton: (laughs excitedly) Aw, shit! He says he gonna kill them all!
Odin: I heard him, Aton.
Aton: I know, I'm just hyped. Go to Arcosia if you want, but know that once you go there, Zalgo awaits you, and no one is safe.
Slenderman: There's no turning back now. I'm ready.
~ Slenderman decides to face Zalgo and his army.
Zalgo: Delighted to see you again, my son... Too bad it also might be the last time.
Slenderman: You're going to suffer for what you did to my mother, Zalgo.
Zalgo: Interesting for you to sacrifice yourself for your worthless Proxies. What have they ever done for you?
Slenderman: Unlike you, Zalgo, I have a sense of honor. The Proxies are under my protection.
Zalgo: I won't have my honor questioned by you.
Slenderman: I'm not questioning your honor. I'm denying it's existence.
Zalgo: What a fool to give up your life....For your underlings.
~ Zalgo and Slenderman's exchange before their final fight.
Zalgo: There's nowhere you can hide, Slenderman. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not: teacher, husband, father. But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.
Slenderman: I know... But I am your monster no longer.
~ Slenderman to Zalgo's as he discovers inner peace.
You kill, slaughter, and manipulate. I kill, slaughter, and manipulate. The only difference I can see is I choose whom I kill, while you destroy everything in your path.
~ Slenderman to Zalgo, in response to Zalgo's claim that they are not so different.
I think I... We are going to be okay. I know. (chuckles) I always know. As long as I have you three by my side, thing's are going to be just fine.
~ Slenderman to Jeff, BEN, and Ms. P after Ash Graven leaves the team.
Catherine Merrimack: We've lived in this house for twenty years and had no problems except for Proxies.
Slenderman: Where is the girl?!
Catherine Merrimack: You killed my sons!
Slenderman: Oh, and I'll be sure to kill the rest of them unless you start talking.
~ Slenderman demonstrates his protectiveness of Sally.
I had... a goddamn PLAAAAN!!!
~ Slenderman after Jeff broke BEN out of prison without his say so.
Kids... (audibly tears up) You hooligans were nothing but a nuisance and I'm glad to be rid of you.
~ Slenderman saying goodbye to Sally and BEN, also his final line in the series.



  • According to Comickit, Slenderman was made to be the diametric opposite of Jeff in terms of personality. Slenderman is much more refined, pessimistic, and serious than Jeff is. Jeff is crude, blunt, and unhygienic, but can also be amicable and willing to do things for his friends if they pester him enough. Slenderman is Jeff's cruelty turned up to eleven: extremely callous, prone to giving up, very selfish and mean, and usually helps out his friends less because they asked and more because he wants them to shut up. Slenderman is easily one of the most unkind, selfish, and unpleasant Pastamonsters "protagonists" in general.
  • In the Pastamonsters universe, Zalgo and Slenderman are father and son, whereas they usually have no relation to each other whatsoever in most continuities.
  • Slenderman was the mentor of several of history's most notorious serial killers, including Charles Manson, the Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Richard Ramirez.
  • Comickit's headcanon voice actor for Slenderman would be Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • It was revealed that Slenderman was a boating prodigy before becoming an Operator, having attained many trophies from driving his speedboat The Perfect Life. Unfortunately, his prized boat was destroyed when Jeff accidentally crashed it when taking it on a test drive, much to Slenderman's anger.
  • Slenderman's height relative changes depending on the episode. He is typically about a head taller than Jeff, but in some episodes, he is just as tall or only slightly taller than Jeff.
  • He is a car enthusiast and owns an extremely wide variety of vehicles, mainly classic cars and limos.
    • Despite this, Slenderman despises sports cars, which just so happen to be Jeff's favorite type of car.
  • Comickit doesn't think Slenderman sleeps, but if he does, he would do so by just standing in the dark corner of a room completely still.
  • Comickit has said that Slenderman was not always an angry person and that he used to be very calm and easygoing to his fellow monsters (as evidenced by him going out of his way to adopt Mr. X and Ms. Pencil Neck), but years of having to deal with the Proxies' reckless behavior, along with his own set of mental issues, eventually turned him into the cruel and authoritative figure he is now.
  • Slenderman has said numerous times that he does not want to have children because he does not want to go through the stress and responsibility of being a parent while he is focused on his businesses.
  • Slenderman's blood is shown to be black and is described as being similar to oil.
  • It is suggested that either Slenderman or someone he knew has struggled with suicide. After Ticci Toby comments about the "easy way out" when finding the corpses of two suicide victims, Slenderman heavily says "Trust me, it is not easy." Based on his mother being killed by his own father, losing Splendorman in the portal, and saying that he struggled with staying alive, it is quite possible that Slenderman considered suicide after losing Splendorman.
  • Slenderman's favorite foods are caviar, french toast, human flesh, and baby legs.
  • Despite having no mouth, Slenderman is often seen drinking blood-red wine and eating various foods, but the camera never actually shows him eating it.
    • According to Comickit, Slenderman does not "eat" or drink the food, but absorbs it through his body.
  • Several episodes allude to him having a very wide variety of hobbies and interests that he tends to be absent from the mansion for. The audience never really gets to see them beyond cutaway gags.
  • Given his behavior, he likely suffers from sociopathy, fanatic narcissism, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some episodes also heavily imply he suffers from social anxiety.
  • In Comickit's Halloween photo, where Pastamonsters characters were shown dressed as various movie figures and monsters, Slenderman was dressed as what appears to be the Phantom of the Opera.
  • In some episodes, Slenderman reads magazines to pass time. The title varies a lot. Titles include "Work!", "Aficionado Aficionado", “Art", and "Rich People Monthly".
  • Slenderman is severely allergic to blueberries, the sun, ponies, rainbows, and the color pink. In the short "Sally's Guide to Colors", he breaks out in a rather severe case of hives when exposed to a rainbow.
  • According to Proxy Mansion's tour guide, there are over 5,000 statues and paintings of him inside and out of his mansion.
  • Splendorman mentions it's a bad idea to talk to Slenderman about his tentacles, since he's apparently very sensitive about them.
  • His favorite type of music is classical.
  • Slenderman pays his employees $60 a year.
  • Slenderman's favorite color is black, although he claims to Sally at one point that he doesn't have a favorite color.
  • Slenderman has an estimated net worth of $500 billion dollars.
  • He is a severe alcoholic, although he can't get drunk because of his healing factor.
  • There is a blinking head in a jar that can be seen in Slenderman's office on the shelf behind his desk.
  • Slenderman owns twelve private jets, ten hotels, twenty different summer homes (some of which are even more attractive than Proxy Mansion), at least 2 private islands, and seven yachts, as well as owning several prestigious restaurants.
  • He once owned a real estate business, but was scammed out of it.
  • Slenderman is banned from Aton's realm for unknown reasons.
  • Some of the books in Slenderman's library have titles such as "Boss Monthly", "How to Properly Cook Children", "Whipping Your Goons Into Shape", "Why Death is Sweeter Than Life", and "Babies: Food or Friends?".
  • Slenderman did not approve of his 2018 film.
  • Whenever Slenderman regenerates from an injury, his clothing regenerates with him. This could imply that Slenderman's suit is part of his body.
  • His relationship with the Proxies varies in many episodes. Sometimes, he mostly wants what's best for them and is fairly protective of them, but otherwise despises their childish behavior. Other times, he simply wants nothing to do with them and completely disregards their safety. Other times he's outright tried to kill them, usually after he reaches his breaking point from their behavior.
  • Slenderman was once friends with serial killer Charles Manson. Manson later wrote a letter to him from prison saying he missed him, but Slenderman immediately told him not to write him again or expose his knowledge of the Under Realm to the authorities.
  • Slenderman is widely feared by both monsters and humans alike, even Mancala and X are smart enough to avoid Slenderman. Enderman and his henchmen are also terrified of him. Some of the Proxies, like Eyeless Jack and Ticci Toby, are downright terrified to make him angry, and it's not too hard to see why. With little patience and a vicious temper, Slenderman is not a demon to play around with, especially when it comes to material possessions. In fact, everyone who knows him, dare not speak ill-will of him in his presence unless they seek to be tortured or possibly murdered.
  • Slenderman is a food snob and hates food like sloppy joes, hamburgers, pizza, finger foods, green/purple ketchup, Easy Mac, etc.
  • He adamantly denies it, but many characters have implied that Slenderman has expressed sexual love for animals in the series many times. In "The Rise of Enderman", Enderman claims that Slenderman fell in love with a deer and had sex with it. In "BEN's Guide to Gaming", BEN yells at Slenderman to "stop staring at that rabbit giving [him] the 'fuck me' eyes." In the episode "Shell-Raiser", Splendorman teases that he and Slenderman both had sex with the dead body of a turtle.
  • He takes 7 different medications twice a day.
  • Slenderman is a horrible singer, despite thinking otherwise himself.
  • For unknown reasons, animals seem to naturally hate Slenderman. Masky has implied that Smile Dog occasionally attacks him. In one situation, he was repeatedly and savagely attacked by a Stiltwalker. The first few times he'd done inadvertently to set it off, but the last time, BEN, who is quite knowledgeable about them, states he doesn't know why it attacked him and claims that the Stiltwalker might just not like him, to which Jeff suggests he be somebody else. In other appearances, he's been attacked by piranhas, puppies, leeches, rabbits, giant frogs, and a pig.
  • Slenderman hates being touched, but ironically can't seem to respect other people's personal space and frequently grabs people with his tendrils or gets in their faces when he's angry.
  • Slenderman can play a wide variety of instruments, but his skill with said instruments varies in episodes. He is, however, a very skilled pianist.
  • It is revealed in one instance that Slenderman doesn't understand how female sex organs work, at least by human standards. This could have also been another reference to the running gag where people mistake Masky for a girl.
  • A running gag in the series affiliated with Slenderman is that every time he walks through a door, he will be too tall to fit through and his body will break a hole in the shape on his head and shoulders in the top of the threshold. Sally draws reference to this, stating Slenderman is "taller than most architects planned for."
  • Slenderman has "died" at least three times over the course of the series.
    • He hangs himself at the end of "Pacific Grimm Job".
    • He temporarily died near the end of "Protect the Baby".
    • He was temporarily killed by Zalgo in "Legends of the Multiverse".
  • He controls roughly 75% of the Under Realm.


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