Snarky is a major character and occasionally main antagonist of the animated series Dean and Daisy. He is Alliterat's second-in-comand minion.


Unlike his boss, Snarky is actually capable of being a vile villain. Whilst Alliterat's "evil" plans are mostly pulling pranks and being silly, Snarky regularly works behind his back in order to do much more serious and dangerous crimes.

Snarky has a large disliking for the human race, and makes it very clear. He is not above throwing others, sometimes even Alliterat and Puppet, under a bus in order to get what he wants, which is usually money or power. Sometimes, he will kidnap somebody, usually Daisy, and take advantage of them.

Snarky also shows a strong disliking for Alliterat's silly behaviour, and will often roll his eyes or complain when his boss announces his plans.

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