Snivy is a female Snivy and the main antagonist of the pokemon fan-fiction series "Ditto & Bloo"

on a website called Scratch She has a huge crush on Bloo and will do anything for him to like her.


In her debut episode "Ditto & Bloo: Snivy", she encounters Ditto and Bloo when they are out for a walk. She tells them to leave, but stops when she instantly falls in love with Bloo. She flirts with him for awhile, but gets angry because Bloo is simply uninterested. She then attacks the pair with a giant robot but later agrees to leave them alone when she is given a Bloo cardboard cut-out. Afterwards she for some reason presses the robots self-destruct button and the robot explodes. The episode ends.

She makes a reappearence in the episode "Ditto & Bloo: Memes" when she is turned down by Bloo yet again. This time, the last straw breaks and she attacks Ditto and Bloos castle with an army of memes. After a battle, Ditto and Bloo accept defeat and simply ask the memes to hold bombs for them. The memes agree and the bombs explode, killing them all. In this time Ditto and Bloo apparently attached a huge bomb to Snivy, she simply says "life's not fair" before the bomb explodes, killing her.


Despite being madly in love with Bloo, she appeares to have nearly killed him numerous times.