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When I fell from heaven to hell, I felt like it was the worst thing in the world. I was depressed for millennia... Until hell was filled with sinners... Ah... The screams... The pain, the suffering... That's when I saw that hell was the best place ever.
Some Random Minion or S.R Minion is the right-hand man of the Generic Dark Lord and Vice president of the Hell. He is a hooded archdemon made of pure darkness and meanness. He is also a character in The Rise of Generic Dark Lord.


He was Satan's right-hand man, until G.D Lord began a rebellion in hell and killed thousands of demons. When G.D Lord finally killed Satan, he gave to Some Random Minion two options: Die or join him. Needless to say that he accepted the second option, right?

After that, he became the right-hand man of Generic Dark Lord, always helping with his Random Generic Destruction. But also always plans to overthrow him and take over the role of ruler of hell, and later the Omniverse.


He seems to be a lot of dark energy with red eyes wearing a purple cloak. The feet are never seen.


Some Random Minion is cold and unpressive most of the time, only speaks when it suits and only acts when ordered. He cares about nothing and no one but himself, S.R Minion only obeys G.D Lord for fear of being killed.


  • Black magic: It can teleport, open portals to other dimensions and summon spells and curses.
  • Necrokinesis: Some Random Minion can revive the dead and control them as slaves.
  • Levitation: S.R Minion can levitate, his feet have never been seen.
  • Umbrakinesis: Can control the shadows, use them as weapons, and bring them to life.


Can be killed by magic weapons or magic users and Seraphims. S.R Minion is also a coward.
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