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The Spud Buds are major antagonists in Sunset Paradise, a spin off of the SMG4 series.

They are a gang of potato bandits who work under Benedict and his organisation, they serve as the main antagonists of the first 2 episodes, minor characters in episode 4, major antagonists from episodes 6 to 8, and cameo characters of episode 10.

Yam is voiced by Kevin Lerdwichagul, Mash is voiced by Luke Lerdwichagul, and both Russet and Duke are voiced by Jasmine Yang.


The gang's members are Yam (the leader), Mash, Russet and Duke. The four of them were all born and grew up together in the same potato patch, so they consider each other family, but they were 'literally dirt poor'. They later fought another quartet, the Asparagus Army, and won due to their teamwork. They also pillaged multiple children's hospitals and had lots of fun doing so. However, it is unknown how they met Benedict, & what deal he made with them.

In SUNSET PARADISE - EP 1: PILOT, they made their first appearance when they vandalize a ice cream shop. They knock away Auri's infingement ticket when he was attempting to give them justice. This makes him threaten to give them more infringement tickets, but they threaten him, & they reveal their plan to kill him & easily defeats him while he attempted to fight back with his spear. Meggy intervenes to assist Auri, but the Spud Buds threaten her as well and they toss an ice cream cone at her. This enrages Meggy, & causes her to fight back, much to their surprise. Despite this however, they manage to put up a good fight and even blow the shop up with cherry bombs until Meggy blocks them off by starting a fire. When they see Meggy's suitcase on their side of the fire, they run off with it.

They report their results to Benedict, but he is not happy with them, seeing as they didn't kill Auri like they were supposed to do. He threatens to murder them all if they don't successfully kill Auri. He throws them out so they can actually finish the job, & they take Meggy's suitcase with them.

The Spud Buds appear again in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 2: The Silence of the Yams, where they rob the building that the concert is taking place in, & forces everyone there to give them their valuable items by using their guns. Once they leave after causing a explosion, Yam notices Meggy & Auri seeing them, & he & the gang flee through the market. After the chase, the Spud Bud reaches the abandoned empty building & makes decoys of themselves, recording their voices having a conversation on a tape player. This tricks Meggy and Auri into entering the building, where the Spud Buds surround and attack them. But Meggy manages to throw the tape player at a switch to turn the lights off, and the groups fight each other in the dark. Yam, Mash and Russet escape and flee to their hideout in a garbage dump, but as for Duke, he is cornered by Meggy & Auri, & lies to them that he has never stolen anything, but the duo sees the instrument he stole from the concert. Meggy and Auri tie him up and interrogate him in the latter's kitchen. Duke reveals to them his love of music, & how he dreamt of becoming a musician before he joined the Spud Buds. Meanwhile, the other Spud Buds assume he is dead and mourns him. Duke agrees to help Meggy and Auri defeat his former allies, but when the trios confront each other, the Spud Buds remind Duke of their history together. This makes Duke give up on his dream, & side with his friends. Meggy then finds a vacuum in the nearby garbage and uses it to suck up Yam, Russet and Mash, trapping them inside, while Duke apologizes for his betrayal and allows Auri to cuff him. After Whisk steals all of the Spud Buds' loot, including Meggy's suitcase, Auri imprisons the vacuum and Duke in his house in jail.

The Spud Buds make their small appearance in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 4: Cat-sino Royale, where Duke recognizes Whisk as his collegue after Auri imprisions her in the same prison that they are in. They both assume that their shared boss, Benedict, will be angry with them.

They later break out in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 6: Saturday Night Funkin, thanks to Benedict. While Benedict explains himself, the Spud Buds distract Auri while Whisk distracts Meggy, so that neither of them can attack Benedict. After Benedict locks up Meggy and Auri, the latter offers to give the Spud Buds a full pardon on their crimes if they let them out, but instead, they throw a rock & laugh at him. They then leave with the other criminals in the Funky Fource's truck.

They later reappear in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 7: What Comes Next., where they assist Benedict in his various crimes, including him becoming the town sheriff, and attempt to break down the Borealis Lighthouse's barrier for him. But because they don't have the pure hearts, they fail.

In SUNSET PARADISE - EP 8: Mad Meggy, The Spud Buds are shown to be enforcing Benedict's new laws, trying to break the skull of an Aura Bora not following curfew rules, but Meggy & Auri (who both survived the explosion) defeats them, & tie them up upside-down. The duo interrogates them about how to get into the Borealis Lighthouse, but they reveal that they don't know how due to its strong security. The citizens apologize to Meggy and Auri for turning on them in the sixth episode and agree to keep watch over the Spud Buds, with Aziz Yousi taking out a giant popsicle covered in nails that scares the quartet.

They last appear in the ending of SUNSET PARDISE - EP 10: Rebirth. After Benedict Cumbersnatch is defeated, the Spud Buds are forced to do community service on the beach, with Duke being asked by the Funky Force if he wants to become their new music producer.



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