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A person becomes naïve if they're too kind. Careless if they're too bold. And no matter how hard you try to protect others, there's no gratitude.
~ Spyro Doomfire
Shira... I still remember what I've promised you: For those people... I promise you... REVENGE!
~ Spyro promising Shira revenge on the humans.

Spyro Doomfire is a Mysterious friendship creature. The Secondary Antagonist turned Anti-Hero of Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten.

She is voiced by Michaela Laws.


After her home planet's destruction, Spyro became pessimistic, depressed, distrustful, withdrawn and frustrated. She was discriminated against by others, because of her powers. Thinking that she was abandoned, bullied and treated contemptuously by others.

She didn't understand why such discrimination happened, and so she also suffered from self-hatred. To some extent she understood that the others were miserable and needed to make others miserable too, targeting especially those already more miserable than them. When gaining intimacy with someone as Shira Matsuri, Megumi Fukushira, and Clumsy Smurf, she is shown to be sweet, kind and shy.

After witnessing Shira's disappearance and thinking Fukyu was responsible for her "death", Spyro began to develop a deep hatred of Humans, killing whole families just to use their house, without regret or guilt. Shortly after this, Spyro began to hear a voice in her head, supposedly the voice of the body's DNA. The voice of her friendship creature instincts had the mental image of herself, with the only difference having a cold and sadistic expression.

Spyro lives in the past and wants nothing more than to see her adoptive sister again, even though she had been gone for a long time. She reiterates the same phrase in her diary every day, perhaps in denial that life has changed since Shira's disappearance.

While intelligent and lordly in stature, Spyro lacks charm. She has a feral and threatening nature to her that is only accentuated after Shira's disappearance. While many would use weapons in combat, she is known to use her own claws like a lion or bear. Shira herself noticed her lack of charm and suggested she could relearn manners from her. During her time with Shira, Spyro took this to heart and had a far more human bearing than usual.

Before she fell into insanity and depression, Spyro would suffer no insult and delighted in meticulously planning vengeance on those who did so. Using both her supreme power and mind, she would maneuver her prey before surgically striking at her targets. Spyro also has a ruthless and merciless edge in combat that all other characters in the series lack and displays a natural "killer instinct". Spyro's infamous ruthlessness and aggression lead to fear and a nervousness that inhibits characters from her unshakable intent or sheer power in combat. Alongside her dark and violent demeanor, Spyro can be smug and stubborn. She treats others in a very callous manner, throwing in her opinion no matter how cold-hearted it is and not caring for whatever the response is.

To put it simply, Spyro is a broken and bitter friendship creature who tries to kill all of humanity in revenge, but doesn't feel pleasure or joy on this, nor does she care about the fact she could potentially starve her own army to death in the process. She is so detached that Mariella believes that Spyro only waged war on humanity because she wanted to die, for she is figuratively dead without Shira. 

Kisekae Code





  • 2 unnamed bullies (torn to pieces with the help of Orendia).
  • Mekira Akilasiro (sent flying across the gym room via Spyro's telekinesis, so hard that she died from brain tumor.)
  • 30 unnamed students (locked in the auditorium and burnt the building).
  • Unnamed man (mauled).
  • Prison Guard Captain (died from the explosion from the last bundle of explosives that had yet to be set off tossed by Spyro.)
  • 15 unnamed Prison Guards (died from the explosion from the last bundle of explosives that had yet to be set off tossed by Spyro).
  • Fukyu's Cousin (slaughtered).
  • a child's abusive father (slaughtered and flayed).
  • Hamira (thrown over a cliff).
  • Dark Kendra's henchman (presumably killed).
  • Liz (Shot in the head with a pistol.)
  • Paperboy (tortured).
  • Unknown early Punkettes (presumably imprisoned, cursed, tortured, and even killed for their failures, betrayals, or breaking her rules.)
  • Bodyguards (shot to death with machine gun.)
  • Several of Pepper's henchmen (killed while her way to Pepper's castle).



  • Kami Doomfire † - Biological father
  • Megami Doomfire † - Biological mother (deceased)
  • Reimu Doomfire † - Biological younger sister
  • Shira Matsuri - adoptive sister and best friend
  • Ainlie Matsuri - adoptive aunt
  • Akunoyo Kubonochi † - emotionless demonlike self


  • The Punkettes - Allies and Team.
    • Shira Matsuri - Adoptive Sister, Best Friend, Right-hand, and Teammate.
    • Junko Enoshima - Student, Friend, Teammate, Surrogate Sister (sometimes), and occasional enemy.
    • Clumsy Smurf - Friend and teammate.
    • Leakianmishi - Friend and teammate.
    • Jeno Saido - Friend and teammate.
    • Celestia PepperJunkCure - Friend and teammate.
    • Luka PepperJunkCure - Friend and teammate.
    • Kiota Angelica - Friend and teammate.
  • Mina Rintakahana - Former Nemesis turned Ally and Mother Figure.
  • Osana Najimi - Former Nemesis turned Neutral Ally.
  • Bosu Akuma - Friend and Former Enemy.
  • Akuko Shikimoto - Occasional Friend and Partner in Training.
  • Megumi Fukushira - Student and Close Friend.
  • Lisako Tokyo - Boss.
  • $py64 the Wolf - Creator.
  • Margra Batto - Former Enemy turned Ally.
  • Kyra Verbeten - Former Enemy turned Ally.


Powers and Abilities

As a friendship creature, Spyro possesses supernatural powers.

  • Incredible Speed: Spyro possesses speed far superior to that of even the finest human athlete. She is capable of moving fast enough to easily outmaneuver rapid gunfire.
  • Inhumane Strength: Spyro has superhuman levels of strength. It is virtually impossible for any human to overpower her. Spyro's kicks and punches are also very powerful, strong enough to send demons like Topaz and Boss Demon (who also have superhuman strength) flying back, but not enough to send Dark Kendra flying back.
  • Hunting/Survival Skills: Before living with Ainlie and Shira, Spyro lived in the wild where she had to obtain her own food and water. As such, she is a proficient hunter, trapper, forager, and decent cook.
  • Shape-Shifting: Spyro is a shape-shifter and can change into virtually any form that she desired.
  • Invisibility: Spyro could turn invisible at will.
  • Flight: One of Spyro's known abilities is her ability to levitate, hover, and fly.
  • Force-Field Generation: Spyro can manipulate energy reserves to manifest extremely powerful red force-fields of energy.
  • Telekinesis: Spyro was very proficient in telekinesis, utilizing it either as an offensive attack or simply as a means of displaying her power, the latter being most prevalent when she used the ability to levitate small objects or throw an entire person across a large distance.
  • Portal Creation: Spyro had the ability to open gateways to any part of the universe or other dimensions, allowing her to effortlessly teleport herself to anywhere she desires at will.
  • Pyrokinesis: Spyro is capable of manipulating and is immune to fire.
    • Azul-Pyrokinesis: Spyro is capable of manipulating blue fire.
  • Agelessness: As a friendship creature, Spyro is ageless and nearly immortal. She required no sustenance and was not harmed by mortal means. Only those who matched her power, such as Pepper, Kiroto, or Dark Kendra were capable of doing severe harm to her.
  • Teleporting: Spyro can teleport from any location without losing energy.
  • Reality-Warping: Spyro had the power to warp reality to her will, such as creating furniture for her office and spawning black clouds in the sky.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Due to her enhanced hearing, Spyro was able to hear what Junko and her friends are whispering while inside her office.
  • Healing/Regeneration: Spyro can heal herself from any given injury. However, divine power and objects are capable of nullifying her healing factor, rendering her unable to heal.
  • Fourth-Wall Awareness: Spyro is very much aware that she is a character for the audience's amusement.

  • Name: Spyro Haruhi Zetsubo Monika Doomfire II.
  • Origin: Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: 18-23 (physical, Actual age unknown, likely five hundred quintillion years old.)
  • Tier: 2-C, likely 2-A.
  • Attack Potency: Universe Level+, likely far higher (Can easily harm Pepper.)
  • Speed: Massively FTL (capable of interstellar travel)
  • Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely Class S or higher (should by stronger than the Punkettes).
  • Durability: Unknown, likely Universe Level+
  • Stamina: Incredibly high, if not limitless.
  • Intelligence: Likely Super Genius level. Spyro has years of experience and knowledge under her belt, having knowledge of many of the multiverse's secrets, it's creatures, and Kiroto.

Spyro Doomfire's statistics



500 Quintillion Millenniums Ago, Spyro Began Her Life As A Mysterious Friendship Creature. When Spyro Was Young, She was an Average Girl, But was also Usually Shy and is Mainly in a Forest with Animals while Meditating. However, Spyro is Bullied for being a Klutz By a Group of Cruel, Sadistic Bullies. Spyro is sometimes quiet. Spyro Is also next in line for The Friendship Throne. Spyro Studied And Learned The arts Of Alchemy, Sorcery, Exorcism, And Wizardry.

She was close with Bosu, as she protected him from the bullies. One particular moment between the two when they were children was when Spyro and Murkana spent many days building a sand castle. One day, the sand castle was found destroyed. Bosu went around angrily looking for the perpetrator, until finally Spyro approached him that it was actually her that destroyed her own sand castle in order to feel despair.

Millions of Years Later, the Demon Princess Pepper Satanica attacks Spyro's Home Planet, Some Friendship Creatures Evacuate, A Lot Accepted Death As their Fate and Faced With Dignity. Pepper then kidnaps Bosu and took him to Hell to be brainwashed.

Spyro, was Put in A Rocket, She Was Given her Monokuma Necklace, And her Main Weapon, The Blue Buster Sword, Spyro Watches Tragically As her Mother is taken by Pepper and her demon followers to be enslaved, Spyro then watches her Home Get Destroyed. After this, Spyro now became Serious, Depressed, And Vengeful. Spyro swore revenge and She will find and kill the Demonic Mastermind of the Event of Terrorism, Even if she has to kill Every Demon Disguised As Human.

Time on Earth 

Spyro arrived to Earth at Yami Angel High School as a "foriegn exchange" student. As she arrived, Spyro was isolated, friendless and taunted for her appearance. The worst of her tormentors were Fukyu Mekaru who called her an animal because of her appearance, and said that she had no place in this world, since she wasn't 'really human'. After yet, another attack from the bullies, Spyro later befriended a depressed Diclonius named "Orendia Kokoro Jamshianyo".

Soon after, Fukyu had their friend Sako Ichimaru in hand and, while her girls held Spyro and Orendia, she killed her in front of them, laughing and regretting only that its torment didn't last longer. Enraged by the bullies, Spyro and Orendia switched (a term used in Dissociative Identity Disorder, "switching personalities"), finding that they had the power to create invisible arms made up of telekinetic force. They used these to tear all students, except Fukyu, Saikoto, Matsuni to pieces, almost painting the room with their blood. They left the school forever, pausing only to bury their friend and apologize for not saving her.

As she prepared to depart the school forever, Spyro was seen by a girl she planned to kill when she mentioned her wings. But to her shock, the girl, Shira Matsuri doesn't mock her wings, she praises them and states her envy of her for having them. Despite her efforts to push her away, young Spyro finds herself becoming friends with the persistent, earnest Shira, and one day most of all becomes the happiest in her entire life.

To gain acceptance into the new school, Shira suggests that Spyro participate in the school's annual talent show. Should her invention and presentation impress Peppa, she'll be allowed enrollment. Unfortunately, Spyro reaches a creative rut until Shira steps in and advises that she look from a different angle. Shira's advice leads to the creation of the song "Reimu Sakura". On the night of the show, Peppa shows amazement at the sight of Spyro's latest song, leading to the latter's acceptance into the school. After the successful performance, Shira and Spyro have some time alone, during which Shira congratulates the new girl on her accomplishment, showing pride in the new path that she's willing to take.

Just then, a fire breaks loose at the school and the friends immediately rush to the action. While most civilians manage to escape, Shira learns from a survivor that Peppa is still trapped inside the burning building. With no help around to save her, Shira boldly (and foolishly) volunteers her own life. A fearful Spyro immediately stops her, but reluctantly allows the decision upon seeing Shira's humanity and motivation to rescue her mentor, incase she doesn't survive, Shira takes off her scouter, and put's it on Spyro's blue headphones, as it is something to remember her by. After rushing inside, the building violently explodes, it is unknown what happened to Shira (even though her final moments are not shown, the manga implies that she was sucked into a portal). After Shira's disappearance, everyone mourns her this while a heartbroken Spyro falls into a deep state of depression. However, it is confirmed by Spoony that she is still alive, but psychologically traumatized.

The Start of the Mysterious Tragedy

She found a girl named Megumi Fukushira at a fountain just outside the school. She recognized Takahiro as a part of the school's new Reserve Course and explained to Megumi what the Reserve Course was. She noticed the change in his expression and was about to say something when he noticed the Kagami's Imposter attempting to escape. She tied them up and returned to collect Megumi, carrying both of them to the classroom with ease.

Megumi pretty much reminded Spyro of Shira, which caused her to recover from her depression a little bit.


Dark Kendra then explained that her plans had once again changed - that she would use both Spyro as well as her classmates. As a demonstration of the effectiveness of her newly-acquired brainwashing video, Dark Kendra brought out a Reserve Course student, who acted under compulsion to saw willingly into his own neck despite his objections. Spyro sought to stop the student from harming himself, but became restrained by her guard. Spyro watched helplessly as the Reserve Course student killed himself, unable to do anything to protect him.

Spyro was later forced to watch the Student Council Killing Game video that Kagami Harumi had worked on, although the friendship creature resisted the subliminal messaging, which surprised the guard. As Dark Kendra left, she directed her guard to perform neurosurgery on Spyro's brain to manipulate her into becoming more susceptible to misfortune. With her willpower fading, Spyro could only think of Shira before the guard's efforts took effect, effectively lobotomizing her.

Meanwhile, Megumi and the class went on a mission to rescue Spyro, and headed for Dark Kendra's hideout. Halfway down the staircase, Celestia pushed Megumi through a secret hatch where she falls unconscious into an unknown corridor. She is awoken by Spyro, who explains that Takahiro set her free and let her escape. Saying that the class was in grave danger, she helped Megumi to her feet before offering her a smile eerily similar to Yanko's, implying that she had completely succumbed to misfortune.

Spyro leads Megumi down the unknown corridor, a darkened shadow laying under her fringe to conceal her eyes. Megumi becomes uncomfortable with the situation, upon Spyro requesting what's wrong, she explains that it seems as if they're going in the wrong direction but Spyro reassures her that they'll reach the rest of the class soon, holding Megumi's face in both hands causes her to become less concerned and they continue down the corridor.

On approaching a large red door, Megumi asks Spyro again if they're going the right way, Spyro tells Meumi she can always turn back if she so desires but Megumi disagrees and upon Spyro opening the door, they enter a bare room with a lift facing in front of them. Spyro, hugging Megumi from behind, begins to thank her for bringing the class together as one and that she couldn't have done it without her. Turning Megumi towards the lift, she pushes her inside, before ending her sentence 'that's why you were chosen' she presses the button and the lift descends, Spyro's left eye now pitch black with a red dot.

Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten

Spyro makes her debut at the end in Episode 3, where she first appears as a silhouetted figure hidden in shadow.

In Episode 9, Spyro escapes from Prison using a molted feather; Spyro took the advantage by quietly taking the feather through her tail and using it to pick an indicate lock and freed herself from the restraints. Once freed, Spyro was spotted by the guards, who mobilized to contain Spyro with every weapon at their disposal. Driven by her insatiable fury, Spyro used her martial arts mastery and decimate the guards in the process as she advanced her way up the levels resulting in a battle climaxing in a standoff at the bridge at the door level.

In a last attempt to outsmart Spyro, the Guard Captain ordered the bridge to be destroyed by setting off explosives attached to the roof of the prison, causing falling chunks of rock the size of boulders to smash into the walkway Spyro was standing on. Thinking quickly, Spyro rapidly leaped from rock to falling rock, finally reaching the last bundle of explosives that had yet to be set off—and tossed it in the midst of the guards as it exploded, blasting open the heavy doors and finishing off the remaining guards, presumably killing them all.


The other kids they- they think I'm weird, but I don't wanna be, I have to try and be a whole person before it's too late.
~ Spyro Doomfire.
The more essence l take the more powerful I become, my master. And I have stolen the essence of the greatest of warriors. l cannot be defeated.
~ Spyro's Introduction in MB&KV
Fail Dark Moonie again and I will rip you apart.
~ Spyro threatening a henchman.
I'm glad they sent you. I was afraid I'd been forgotten.
~ Spyro.
(Margra: So intimidate me all you want. I'm gonna find out what you did to that Madi if it's the last thing I do.) Then I have only one request... (cocks her gun) Say 'hello' to Shira Matsuri...
~ Spyro before she is about to kill Margra and Kyra.
Dark Kendra: Is she dead?
Spyro Doomfire: No. And she never will be.
~ Spyro refusing to kill Margra.
Hey, fellas. (Feesuka: Where is that wind coming from? We're in a basement.) Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind... smells like rain.
~ Spyro's introduction in The Minu Krab.
I hate that girl.
~ Spyro.
(Spyro leans into the camera) Listen close, you little twerp. When I get in there, you are in for a world of pain! (Osana: [laughs sarcastically] Ooh, I'm really scared!) (Spyro punches the camera lens, making Osana jump) (Junko: [smugly] She is gonna kick your ass.)
~ Spyro.
Mina: Let me guess, your home?
Spyro: It was. (Spyro twists reality and shows Mina Fridnika’s pre-destroyed state.) And it was beautiful. Fridnika was like most planets; too many mouths, not enough to go around. And when it faced destruction, I offered a solution.
~ Spyro explaining the fate of Fridnika to Mina.
Shira... You were a happy dream in a life that's been nothing but a hellish nightmare. Those days that I spent with you, they were the only good days I have ever known. I cherish them. All this time, I've lived in hope of telling you how sorry I am. I fought armies just to have this chance.
But now... There's nothing I can say that's good enough.
I wanted to forget everything, so nothing could ever come between us.
Shira, I'm so sorry, for all the sadness I've caused you. I'm so sorry...
~ Spyro's note found by Shira and Clumsy.
~ Spyro's catchphrase, usually in response to Junko and Jeno's stupidity.
I hate all of you.
~ Spyro.
Junko, do you remember that little talk we had about personal space?
~ Spyro to Junko.
Oh no. Junko Enoshima. What could she possibly want?
~ Spyro.
How did I ever chosen such Incompetent members?
~ Spyro
Shut your half-wit pieholes!
~ Spyro to Junko, Jeno, and Celestia.
Don't say anything Doomfire, remember your karma.
~ Spyro.
Osana (disguised as a bartender): Hello, Spyro Doomfire. I've opened a new bar! Have a drink! Make yourself comfortable!
Spyro: Don't mind if I do... See it's like this: I hate my neighbors, Osana Najimi and her idiot goons.
Osana: Hmm. I hear you. Have another drink.
Spyro: You see, the fact is nobody likes them... nobody. And to make things worse, they have these idiotic plans like trying to get me drunk, so they can fucking kill me. But little do they know I grew a healing factor over the years since I got drunk with Shira... and my healing factor won't even fucking let me get drunk to begin with. [starts walking away] I'm not surprised though. Because I'm smart and they're retarded. And every day they'll wake up knowing they'll never be as rich or successful as I am, and they will go to bed hungry every night. Like always. Thanks for the fucking drink. [drives away in her limo]
Osana: [sits in silence before chugging the entire bottle of beer and passing out]
~ Osana and Spyro at a bar.
Look, I'm not the one with the problem, okay? It's the world that seems to have a fucking problem with me! People take one look at my wings and go ‘Aargh! Help! Run! A stupid alien!’ They judge me before they even know me. That's why I'm better off alone.
~ Spyro explaining her desire for isolation after moving in the Boboku Forest to Feesuka.
Spyro: Alright! We're going to that South Korean forest you went to quickly and quietly with no mumble rap music or flash dancing!
Feesuka: Wait. Why are we going there again?
Spyro: Hey. Let's play a game. It's called "See who could be quiet the longest".
~ Spyro talking to Feesuka.
Okay, this is actually causing me pain and not the good kind.
~ Spyro.
For your information, there's a lot more to Friendship Creatures than people think. (Feesuka: Example?) Example... uh... Friendship Creatures are like onions! (Feesuka: They stink?) Yes... No! (Feesuka: Oh, they make you cry?) No! (Feesuka: Oh, you leave 'em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin' little white hairs...) peels an onion] NO! Layers. Onions have layers. Friendship Creatures have layers... You get it? We both have damn layers. (Feesuka: Oh, you both have LAYERS. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions. CAKE! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers!) I don't care what everyone likes! Friendship Creatures are not like cakes. (Feesuka: You know what ELSE everybody likes? Parfaits! Have you ever met a person, you say, "Let's get some parfait," they say, "Hell no, I don't like no parfait."? Parfaits are delicious!) NO! You dense, irritating, retarded beast of burden! Friendship Creatures are like fucking onions! End of story! Bye-bye! See ya later.
~ Spyro arguing with Feesuka.
The only person who harasses the Punkettes is ME!!! (A nightmare growls and bites one of Spyro's arms off, only for Spyro to spawn another one and drive it through multiples nightmarea) WHO ELSE WANTS SOME!?!? (Spyro morphs her hands in giant axes and slices multiple nightmares to pieces.
~ Spyro fighting off nightmares.
Well, at least I'm home. Now I can follow my intellectual pursuits. MY OPERA RECORDS... COVERED IN BUBBLEGUM!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! (Spyro sniffs sadly, then looks shocked at the bug collection in the sink) MY COLLECTION OF RARE... INCURABLE... DISEASES!!!!!! VIOLATED!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Spyro looks shocked at dinosaur droppings) MY DINOSAUR DROPPINGS!! PAINTED LIKE EASTER EGGS!!!!
~ Spyro findng Junko and Jeno's mess.
You! Both of you! Oh, what I'm gonna do to you. I'm so angry! First, I'm gonna tear your lips out. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. And then I'm gonna gouge your eyes out. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. Yeah, you're scared, huh? Next, I'm gonna tear your arms out of the sockets. And you wanna know what else? I'm gonna hit ya, and you're gonna fall, and I'm gonna look down, and I'm gonna laugh. But first, FIRST! I gotta take a whiz, don't you go anywhere, you stay right here, right on this spot, I'll be back.
~ Spyro reaching her breaking point with Junko and Jeno.

Day of Judgement Arc

I'm really getting into this battle. I can play Pepper's little bitches like a violin.
~ Spyro.
Pepper Satanica. What do you want from me? (Pepper: Oh, quit playing dumb, Spy! The Punkettes already found that one out!) (Spyro tries to talk but Pepper interrupts) Don't ask me how, let's just say I've done a little spying. You knew I'd be back! You think Ivyuka shutting down that portal could stop what I have planned? (floats over Spyro) I've been making deals, chatting with old friends, preparing for the big day! You can't keep the Boboku Forest or your precious Punkettes safe forever. (snaps her fingers and a copy of the Universe Crystals appear in her hand) You'll slip up, and when you do...! (crushes and absorbs the fake crystals, where it creates a massive portal, burning the wheat field around Spyro)) Enough! Get out of here, demon! You have no power in our world! (Pepper: Maybe not right now, but things change, Doomfire! Things....change.)
~ Spyro and Pepper.
Where's that DAMN fourth Universe Crystal?
~ Spyro.
I determine my own destiny.
~ Spyro.
~ Spyro after Pepper killed Boss Demon.
(Pepper: There's nowhere you can hide, Doomfire. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not: teacher, sister. But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.) I know... But I am your monster no longer.
~ Spyro to Pepper.
That's why you didn't kill Mina, because she wasn't afraid. And we aren't either, not anymore. Now you're the one who's afraid. 'Cause you're gonna die. You're gonna pay for everything you done. For what you did to me, for what you did to Shira, for what you did to Mina's family, for what you did to G, for what you did to Ivyuka, for what you did to Bosu, for what you did to... EVERYONE! And after you're dead you're legacy will be nothing but a fat fucking joke. And even if you do somehow live, you'll live the rest of your miserable life knowing that people will laugh at you for losing to a bunch of people weaker than you.
~ Spyro to Pepper.
My vengeance... ends now.
~ Spyro leaves Earth.
Unless you've been living under a rock your whole life, you've probably heard the legends of a place called Oten City. It's not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it's a myth. But if you're curious, don't wait. Take a trip. Find it. It's out there somewhere in the woods, waiting.
~ Spyro's final narration.


  • Spyro is allergic to newsprint and huckleberries.
    • Despite being allergic to newsprint, she has touched it in a few episodes without receiving any sort of reaction.
  • Spyro is possibly right-handed, although her right-handedness is assumed since she has only ever been seen using a weapon in her right hand.
  • Spyro's favorite color is dark blue.
  • Spyro exhibits some hypocrisy, besides telling on a sarcastic manner.
  • Spyro is an implied alcoholic, but can't get drunk because of her healing factor.
  • Spyro owns 25 mansions, many hotels, 17 private jets, 10 private islands, 5 hot air balloons, many restaurants, 15 yachts, 35 different summer homes, etc.
  • Spyro is the Oldest Member of The Punkettes.
  • Spyro's IQ is 75,000.
  • Spyro is represented on the Satanica Zodiac and Dark Moonie Zodiac as the Monokuma Necklace.
  • Spyro is a heavy sleeper.
  • Spyro is possibly a masochist, as she was disappointed that the feet smoothing wouldn't hurt her, wanted Mariella to slap her with a sausage, said she would love it if she exploded, and was disappointed that getting a haircut didn't hurt. Also, in one episode, she said "This is actually causing me pain, and not the good kind."
  • She had Fukyu's number blocked on her phone.
  • In one of Margra's nightmares, if one looks at the various statues in the background, one can see a giant statue of Spyro crying.
  • Her relationship with her Punkettes varies in many episodes. Sometimes, she wants whats best for them and is fairly protective of them, but otherwise despises their childish behavior. Other times she simply wants nothing to do with them. Other times she's outright tried to kill them, usually after she reaches her breaking point from their behavior.
  • Whenever Spyro regenerates from an injury, there is a rare chance that her clothing regenerates with her.
  • Just how sympathetic Spyro varies occasionally. Most of the time, she's just an intolerant grouch; for example, she discreetly ruins Junko and Jeno's friendship simply because the smell from the weed they were smoking was stinking up her office. In many later episodes, she is openly and completely rude, haughty, hostile, and disrespectful to everyone and everything she comes in contact with and declares herself to be the most miserable person in the universe.
  • Spyro has been involved with LGBT+ activism as well as animal rights.
  • Much like the Danganronpaverse characters and Junko, Spyro's blood is pink.
  • Shira mentions it's a bad idea to talk to Spyro about her wings, since she's apparently very sensitive about them.
  • Spyro is ticklish under her arm.
  • Spyro is one of few characters whose minds have been entered by Pepper.
  • It is implied, and occasionally stated that Spyro has imprisoned, cursed, tortured, and even killed Punkettes for their failures, betrayals, or breaking her rules.
  • Neither anime nor manga ever makes clear the extent to which Spyro (or other friendship creatures) was naturally prone to killing Humans or how much of it came out of reciprocated hatred and self-defense.
  • Spyro was never taught the motto "With great power comes great responsibility", but was taught "If there is too much power, then it is the responsibility of the people to take it away." in its place.
  • Spyro is a virgin.


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