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starscream is one of the decepticons of johnnyflash transformers.


starscream's head is blue. his color scheme is red and blue. he has decepticon symbols on his wings. he has a yellow window plate on his body. he has red eyes. he has neon purple light pattern on his body.


what decepticons do in their free time


starscream answers your questions

starscream is prepared to read the questions. starscream ignores the 1st question. he reads the 2nd question. he gets dissapointed. he reads the 3rd question. he is upset. he thinks he is a joke. if starscream doesn't receive the respect, he will leave.

autobots audition to be the next prime 1

starscream is walking on his own. then, he saw a decepticon attacked by the autobots. then he runs away.

what insecticons do in their free time


the rise of nemesis prime

starscream got corrupted by wheeljack's cyber curroptor. and he became an autobot. he dosen't need the throne anymore. and he thinks dictatorship is for losers.



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