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i love that hedgehog
~ Starved's most famous quote.

Starved is an antagonist co-created by averyavary and Dumbie, and solely owned by the latter.

He is an alternate version of Dr. Robotnik who was driven to madness and a deep obsession to consume the flesh of mobians. Following his defeat at the hands of Sonic, Robotnik would consume a piece of mobian flesh and become enamoured by the taste of it, becoming obsessed with gaining as much meat as possible to sustain himself.

Now driven by a desire to consume all mobian life across South Island, Robotnik gradually began refitting his badniks with mechanics and alterations that would allow them to capture and cook mobians until he finally managed to kill Sonic himself. He is Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower's arch-nemesis.

He is voiced by Jack Gore.


Starved appears in his standard attire, but his body itself has several noticeable changes. On account of his mobian diet, his skin would begin to redden to the point of appearing bright red and emitting a rotten smell. He also appears to be suffering from alopecia, with his mustache having fallen out completely on account of his mobian diet, leaving it impossible for him to grow anything back. He also no longer wears his trademark glasses and his sclera cannot be seen, with his eyes appearing pitch black, which may be a side effect of his newfound diet.


he cant stop thinking about the first time he took a bite out of that hedgehog. it leaves him with a warm smile.
~ The description of a photo of Starved lamenting his victory over Sonic.

Starved is practically the same Robotnik he once was, being arrogant flamboyant and devilishly intelligent. However, his run-in with the charred flicky had graced him with complete insanity and a morbid obsession to consume all life across Mobius. Motivated by nothing but his insatiable hunger, Robotnik is obsessed with trying to consume as much mobian flesh as possible and has made it his new life goal to do so, destroying any resistance that stands in the way of his goals. His manic fixation with mobian flesh has lead him to have no regard for his own health, being contempt with letting his own flesh rot and his body become unwell as time went on, showing just how deep his infatuation for mobian flesh has gone.

In spite of his ever-devolving mental state and psychotic nature, Starved still retains his exceptional intelligence with his 300 IQ and fascination with mechanics and robotics, having refitted his badniks into carrying out his orders of capturing and cooking mobians for him to eat, as well as creating Furnace, a metal duplicate of Sonic on-par with the Blue Blur's speed and agility, making him Starved's greatest creation.

Regardless of his mental stability (or lack thereof), Starved is still a deadly force to be reckoned with and still retains his malicious, cruel, ruthless and evil nature, as well as his clearly selfish and self-centred desires of wanting all mobians (or rather, their flesh) to himself due to his obsession with the euphoric taste their flesh brings. He's even shown to be quite sadistic, having dark and violent fantasies of tearing off Tails' tails and savouring the moment out of pure enjoyment, even gloating in displaying Tails' tails to an unsuspecting guest.

Starved is a meticulous and driven scientist, and in spite of his madness, is very sophisticated and affable in his mannerisms and the way he speaks, almost appearing polite in a sense when greeting his opponents. He also seems to have some twisted form of admiration for mobians and even proclaims to "love" Sonic, but all of that is in relation to his obsession with how good their flesh tastes.


Originally, Starved lived his life as the Dr. Robotnik of his universe hellbent on conquering the world and defeating Sonic the Hedgehog. After the events of his first defeat, Robotnik would begin cleaning up his base of operations after Sonic wrecked it when he stumbled upon the corpse of a flicky that had been heavily charred on account of damage done by a badnik. Although he was put off by the thought of taking a bit for curiosity's sake, the aroma coming from the corpse intrigued Robotnik, and he took a careful bite from the flicky. Immediately after taking a bite from the flicky, Robotnik became enamoured by its euphoric taste. Afterwards, Robotnik took the flicky corpse and savoured it for a few days.

No longer wanting to take over the world and go after the Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik now desired to satisfy his insatiable hunger in the only way he knew how: consuming the flesh of mobians. Soon enough, Robotnik began to refurbish his badniks into making them able to kidnap and cook flickies inside of them. He also began construction on his latest creation: Furnace, a metal sonic replica that could keep up with Sonic's speed and snatch up unsuspecting prey to cook and deliver back to him. However, on account of his newfound diet, Robotnik began to suffer the debilitating consequences. His skin would swell and redden and his mustache hairs would gradually begin falling out. A foul stench would also begin emitting from him.

Eventually, Robotnik launched an attack on Little Planet and began his enslavement of it, forcing Sonic to face him once more and save Amy Rose. Unbeknownst to Sonic, Amy had already been captured, cooked and killed by Furnace by the time Sonic arrived at Stardust Speedway to race his metallic duplicate. As the race began, Sonic managed to quickly outpace Furnace as Robotnik observed and eventually caught up. As Sonic began taunting Robotnik, Furnace raced to the end and set up a trap for Sonic, placing a wall of spikes at the finish line. As Sonic saw Robotnik slow down, he figured that he had won until he collided face-first with the wall of spikes, killing him instantly.

Overjoyed to have finally killed Sonic, Robotnik took his corpse back to his lair and kept him as a trophy to eat on special occasions, relishing in the fact that he was finally able to eat the one thing he desired most. Afterwards, Robotnik managed to gain hold of the Time Stones and decided to use them to continue to infinitely feed for as long as he could. However, his plans were put in jeopardy when he discovered Tails, a fox that was beginning to fight back against Robotnik and that he had previously encountered, but not yet consumed, and now greatly desired to do so.

Powers and Abilities


  • Great cooking skills: Starved is an expert in culinary arts, having perfected both his machines to cook his victims as well as being a proficient cook himself, he makes sure nothing goes raw and that all of his meals are cooked to his liking.
  • Mechanical engineering skills/Scientific knowledge: Even before being driven to insanity, Robotnik was a genius scientist and robotics expert able to efficiently create highly advanced and intelligent robots to do his bidding and try to take out any form of rebellion, using flickies as a power source to keep them active. After his transformation, Starved refitted his badniks to include features that made them able to capture flickies and cook them as they're delivered to him. His most ingenius creation so far is Furnace, a refurbished Metal Sonic that could keep up with Sonic's speed and capture prey to cook alive and deliver to Starved.
  • Piloting skills: Starved is an expert in piloting his Egg Mobile and can use it to quickly catch up with Sonic and observe activities from above.


  • Mortality: As a human, Starved isn't immune to dying and can be killed just as any mortal can, which is why he chooses not to take big risks.


  • Time Stones: Starved is able to use the Time Stones after acquiring them from conquering and enslaving Little Planet. With the Time Stones, Starved has full control over the flow of time and can turn back time to reverse the condition of the animals he's eaten to a state where they're not cooked, allowing Starved to indefinitely feed on his victims until the end of time.


i hunger for more, that hedgehog will do...
~ Starved
i finally caught that hedgehog. a most respectable taste. i require more. that taste... perfection.
~ Starved
It wont get out of my head. Holding you down. Ripping this thing right off. all with my bare hands. I can't stop thinking about it. I hope my suspicions are true. I hope you're here. listening to me.
~ Starved talking about Tails.
There is nothing left.
~ Starved



  • Starved was inspired by another Eggman-based exe called Genesys.
  • Starved isn't a cannibal and only desires to consume mobian flesh.
  • Starved always cooks his meals fully, nothing goes raw.
  • Starved has canonically killed Sonic, Amy and Ray.
    • This makes Starved one of the few incarnations of Robotnik who has succeeded in defeating Sonic the Hedgehog.


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