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There's a monster in the woods...
~ Sally Williams to BEN.

The Stiltwalker is a recurring antagonist in the webcomic Pastamonsters.  It is a highly dangerous monster and criminal that was being transported to a prison until it escaped and apparently killed everyone else onboard. It now roams around in the Dark Forest, waiting for unsuspecting monsters to eat.


She is a homicidal forest dweller that instinctively kills and torments anything it sees. She is the reason many don't dare to enter the Dark Forest.

Unlike the other creatures of the Dark Forest, who kill for food or to provide for their family, the Stiltwalker appears to be a sadist, toying with her prey in order to break them emotionally, and laughing at their misery, which makes her far more villainous than the other monsters. That, and she slowly removes the organs of captured prey before leaving them to die in her lair, leaving her prey in complete and utter fear, not knowing when they will die. She also has no qualms about torturing and eating children, as she emotionally tortured BEN and Sally (a ten and five-year-old respectively) when they entered her den.


  • At first, The Stiltwalker seems like she kills to feed herself, thus attempting to survive. However, seeing all the physical and emotional torture she likes to inflict on her victims it's clear she does it for pure sadistic fun at the same time. Her nest, littered with the fresh corpses of monsters, is definitely not the result of a predator that just needs to survive.