Strucker is a villain that appears in Legends of Captain America. He is one of the secondary antagonists. Strucker is a Hydra leader.


Delayed hunt

Strucker was originally leading some Hydra agents on a hunt to obtain an artifact. However, Strucker's tank would never make it to the site. This was because all the other tanks were ahead of his and were destroyed by Captain America and Bucky. The blockage of those tanks prevented his tank from going through the path. Strucker chose to go the long way. This resulted in Zemo sending Red Skull to obtain the artifact.

Fighting Captain America

Captain America and Bucky ran into Strucker's blockade. Strucker ordered the tank gunner to shoot Captain America. The gunner fired a missle but Captain America deflected it into the tank. The tank exploded. Strucker decided to challenge Captain America to a duel. Strucker revealed his exo suit. He then dueled Captain America. However, Captain America would gain the upper hand. Strucker insisted that his fencing skills were better than Captain America's fighting skills. Despite Captain America's warning, Strucker attempted to strike Captain America. This resulted in Strucker loosing his right hand. Captain America then knocked Strucker next to the fire. Captain America and Bucky left while Strucker was left by the fire.

Arnim Zola's lab

Strucker went to Arnim Zola's lab to get a cybernetic hand and an upgraded exo suit. It was revealed that Strucker's hair had been burned off. After getting his cybernetic hand, Zola showed Strucker the new exo suit. Strucker put it on underneath his uniform. Then Captain America attacked. Strucker wanted to escape immediately but Zola said that the Hydra soldiers would stop Captain America. However, Zola was wrong. After Bucky arrived in the lab, Zola decided to fight. Strucker fought Captain America while Zola briefly fought Bucky. However, Strucker was defeated. Zola decided to retreat. Zola opened a trap door and both Zola and Strucker escaped.


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