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Hahahaha! I can't believe I'm gettin' paid for this.
~ Stukka.
Ha, ha! Would you look at that? Weak fool. Turning those brats into weapons, pretty ingenious, right? Children are foolish little things. Easily manipulated. Surgically implant a chip in their neck, and the right audio frequency does the rest. Well...back to the fun!
~ Stukka to Ash before torturing her again.

Stukka is a recurring antagonist in the fourth season of Pastamonsters. He is an intensely sadistic alien who specializes in interrogations, torture, and keeping Lord Zalgo's prisoners in check, as well as Flagg's lieutenant and second-in-command. He is a mid-ranking soldier in Zalgo's army, with higher intelligence and power, above the unnamed soldiers in Zalgo's ranks, but lower than Shadowlurker, X, and Flagg.


Stukka is one of the countless soldiers that served the demonic Lord Zalgo. At some point in his career, he was appointed as Zalgo's prison "warden", being tasked with keeping Zalgo's prisoners in check. Stukka became notorious for his nature as a sadistic guard who thinks nothing of delivering beatings and unnecessary torture to the inmates to keep them in line, and sometimes killing them.

Stukka first appears in "The New Girl", where he and a fleet of Zalgo's minions led by Flagg, assist X and Shadowlurker in hunting down Jeff the Killer and Ash Graven. Stukka attempted to kill Jeff by blasting him with a mini-gun, but Jeff dodged the gunfire and punched it out of his hand before kicking him away. Flagg tries to hit him, but the killer caught his punch and commented on casually commented on how cool his armor was. Stukka attempted to assist Flagg when Jeff trapped him under a pile of rubble, but Jeff pinned him under more rubble as well. When Jeff tried to mock them, Flagg pulled a small stun gun from his belt and shot Jeff out of the building, at which point Stukka mocked him for not doing that sooner.

Stukka next appears in Ash's story in "The Tales of the Under Realm". In the story, Stukka, Flagg and their fleet of soldiers attacked a village, killing many and attempted to murder a little girl as well, but the little girl managed to run away and find Ash Graven, who was wandering the planet. Stukka, Flagg, and their band of minions track her down to Ash and Flagg attempted to persuade Ash into surrendering the girl by saying they would let Ash leave peacefully, but Ash refuses, starting a battle between them. Stukka is taken out very early when Ash blasted him through a house. After recovering, Stukka manages to save Flagg from Ash by distracting her so Flagg can teleport away, before escaping himself.

Miraculously, Stukka appears again in "Abducted", where he first appears when he and Flagg kidnap Jeff. He also later appears when Zalgo orders him to savagely beat Jeff with a giant, metallic mallet for stealing Zalgo's throne. Shadowlurker then assigns Stukka to oversee Jeff's recovery, saying he wants Jeff healthy for interrogation. Hours later, Stukka is monitoring Jeff's condition in the dungeon, just as Shadowlurker walks in for a report. Stukka claims that Jeff is still in critical condition and may never regain consciousness. Shadowlurker becomes annoyed and throws Stukka against a wall, telling him that he must be revived at all costs since Zalgo ordered that Jeff be interrogated. Stukka fearfully agrees with Shadowlurker. Hours later, Flagg stops by to check on Stukka to inform him Zalgo will not be happy if Jeff doesn't recover. Thinking optimistically, Stukka says that the mighty Jeff the Killer may not be so mighty after all, before saying he hopes Jeff will still be alive because he is going to enjoy watching Zalgo torture him to death, admitting that it would keep him entertained for a while. Stukka then left to take a break from watching Jeff, leaving Jeff under Flagg's supervision.

Stukka appears as the main antagonist of the episode "Preaching Forgiveness As He Went", where he ransacked a village of extraterrestrials, kidnapping all of the children to a factory to be used as an energy source for Zalgo. When Ash and BEN arrive at the factory, Stukka releases the brainwashed children onto BEN, and when Ash comes for him, he uses robotic arms in the walls to trap her. Figuring that she must've been a sympathizer for the Proxies, he subjects Ash to near-lethal electroshock torture and after a while needs to refuel. Throughout this, he expresses his hatred for children, gloating about how easy it is to brainwash them, as well as calling BEN a weak fool for not harming the children and he also compliments Ash for her "pretty face". Enraged by his words and actions, Ash's eye turns black as she activated her powers, causing Stukka to step back in fear. Much to the surprise of Stukka, Ash frees herself, and proceeds to lay a brutal beat-down on him. Ash then throws the unconscious Stukka into the control panel, causing it to explode, presumably killing him in the process.

In "The Other Side", Flagg, Stukka, and their squad attack Proxy Mansion after shutting down the security system. After shooting up the home, Stukka and the others barge in to hunt down and kill the Unwanted House Guest. The Unwanted House Guest and the rest of Team Proxy fight their way to Proxy Mansion's basement, with Stukka and his team chasing them. During this, Stukka plays a game of cat-and-mouse with Team Proxy, all while telling the Unwanted House Guest how he planned to kill him in graphic detail. Eventually, Team Proxy makes it to the basement and stock up on weapons to fight back against Flagg and Stukka's forces. As Flagg's team begins to lose more members, Stukka cowardly flees the battle, much to Flagg's chagrin.

Stukka later appears during a flashback in the episode "Shadowlurker Gone". When Shadowlurker was in Zalgo's prison, he stumbled upon a prisoner who was fearfully reduced to a crying mess, wanting to see his mother. Stukka approached the inmate and threatened to beat him if he didn't keep his mouth shut. When the prisoner keeps begging to be freed, Stukka dragged him from the cell and brutally beat him with a baton. Once the lengthy beating is done, Stukka checks the man's pulse to discover he accidentally killed him. Stukka merely shrugged and said the man wasn't a fighter before telling the guards to "take the trash out".

In "Legends of the Multiverse Part 2", Stukka assists Zalgo with getting into the Realm Travel Room. After he finishes wiring the doors with bombs, Zalgo "tests" the bombs by blowing them up with his heat vision and killing Stukka for seemingly no reason at all.

In "Legends of the Multiverse Part 8", Stukka is revealed to have somehow survived and participated in the Battle of the Multiverse on Zalgo's side. During the battle, Stukka is seen charging at the allied forces, but is knocked back several feet away by Jeff, who used the Sword of Splendorman to summon a lightning shockwave attack. Shortly after, Flagg and Stukka teamed up to take down Eyeless Jack, even coming close to killing Jack, but Flagg and Stukka's killing blow was prevented when Jeff arrived and kicked Flagg to the ground, and then cut Stukka's cybernetic legs off with the Sword of Splendorman, causing the demons to fall next to each other. Before the two comrades could get back up, they were brutally crushed to death when Enderman, piloting the massive robot "Demon-Slayer", accidentally stomped on the two, killing and crushing them to death.


Stukka is best described as a sociopathic, uncaring, and destructive man. Similar to Flagg, he enjoys bullying weaker beings and finds amusement in butchering entire cities right down to the men, women, and children. Stukka seems to particularly hate children, calling them "brats" and making them his primary targets for brainwashing, as well as referring to them as "foolish little things". He mocks BEN's efforts to avoid harming children, seeing his unwillingness to attack them as weak by calling him a "weak fool". Furthermore, he derives pleasure from torturing and starving Zalgo's prisoners, as well as gaining sick pleasure when he tortured Ash with electricity. Based on his behavior when hunting the Unwanted House Guest, Stukka enjoys going into great detail on how he plans to kill his targets, such as ripping off his penis and using it as a necklace.

He is arguably even more overtly sadistic than Zalgo is, as Zalgo can at least feign an affable nature to his enemies underneath his sadism, whereas Stukka doesn't even bother. He is not even truly loyal to Zalgo despite being forced to obey him and is actively looking for ways to get out of obeying him and torturing any prisoner he wants. This has led to Zalgo having an underlying hatred of Stukka.

He also seemed to be lecherous, as he touched Ash's face several times against her will and made remarks about her attractiveness.

Stukka's sole redeeming quality is that he seems to have some true loyalty and friendship with Flagg. The two joke around with each other a lot and seem to enjoy each others' company. Stukka also saved Flagg from being killed by Ash Graven, when he easily could have fled the scene and left him to die.

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Hahaha! I love it!
~ Stukka while shooting at Jeff and Ash.
Well, well, well. Look what rare treasure I've caught in my net, a Serepentian. And quite a pretty one...
~ Stukka to Ash after capturing her.
Sorry, Princess. Ran out of juice. No worries, though. Quick recharge and then back to the fun.
~ Stukka recharging his electric device to continue torturing Ash.
I don't know, but it looks to me like the high and mighty Jeff the Killer really isn't so mighty after all, now is he?
~ Stukka joking with Flagg.
Flagg: Zalgo sounded pissed.
Stukka: It's all good. I've been reading into this and I've already sent one of his shapeshifty guys to the mansion.
Flagg: Since when have you been reading about this?
Stukka: What?
Flagg: You said you were "reading" into this. I didn't know you could read.
Stukka: (offended) I read.
Flagg: Porn doesn't count.
Stukka: Screw you, man.
~ Flagg and Stukka bantering to each other.
Stukka: You're mine now! Take us to the Unwanted House Guest!
BEN: Why?
Stukka: Because we want to murder him!
BEN: Why?
Stukka: Why? For the glory of Zalgo, of course!
BEN: Okay. But promise that you'll at least try to talk it out first.
Stukka: Sure. Right after I murder him.
~ Stukka catches BEN.
Stukka: Hello, UHG.
The Unwanted House Guest: What do you want with me? What do you want?!
BEN: They want to murder you, dude. But don't worry. I made them promise to work it out with you first.
Stukka: (he shrugs after an awkward pause) Okay. We tried. (cocks his gun) Murder him. (Stukka and his men chase the Proxies, Ash, and the Unwanted House Guest down the hall)
BEN: They gave it their all. (shrugs) Gotta give 'em that.
~ Stukka "talking it out" with the Unwanted House Guest.
(in a sing-song voice) Houuuuuse Gueeeeest? Oh, Unwanted Houuuuse Gueeest? Where aaaare youuuuu? (normal voice) Where are you, buddy? I just wanna be friends! You can't hide forever... I just wanna... KILL YOU!!!
~ Stukka hunting the Unwanted House Guest in a dark hallway.
I'm gonna eat your liver, and then make YOU eat your liver!!
~ Stukka while chasing the Unwanted House Guest, Ash, and the Proxies.
~ Stukka shouting at the Unwanted House Guest.
Stukka: Hello, UHG.
Masky: Uh, didn't he already say that?
Stukka: I'm gonna cut your dick off and wear it as a necklace!
The Unwanted House Guest: I don't want to be your ample necklace!
~ Stukka to the Unwanted House Guest.
First, I'm gonna drag you to the Pit, then I'm gonna cut your scalp off, and then I'm gonna make slits in your nose, then I'm gonna cut all the meat and skin off your hands and make your little pals EAT IT!!
~ Stukka chasing the Unwanted House Guest up the elevator system.
Come on out, UHG! I wanna see what that big brain of yours looks like on the pavement!
~ Stukka after chasing Team Proxy in the basement.
Stukka: Okay, boss. I'm finishing up with the last bomb.
Zalgo: Good. (eyes begin glowing) Let's test 'em out.
Stukka: Wait- No! I'm still- (Zalgo blows the bombs up with heat vision, killing Stukka)
~ Stukka's death.


  • It's very subtle, but it seems that despite being Zalgo's best torturer, Zalgo seems to disapprove of, if not outright hate Stukka. This can be seen in "Abducted" where after Stukka finishes beating Jeff with a giant mallet and salutes Zalgo, Zalgo gives him a somewhat disapproving glance. This further implies that Stukka is not fully loyal to Zalgo and Zalgo seems to be aware of it. If that's the case, it's plausible that Stukka knew Jeff was going to escape the Pit in "Abducted", but just didn't care enough to stick around or warn Zalgo.
  • According to Flagg, Stukka is illiterate and reads porn.
  • Stukka seems to have a very intense hatred of the Unwanted House Guest.
  • Comickit revealed that in an original draft the last shot of "Legends of the Multiverse Part 8" would have been Stukka looking hungrily at Aton's Realm after somehow getting in right before "The End" appears on the screen.
  • Stukka does not appear to own a dragon, despite being at a fairly high rank in Zalgo's military.
  • His name is occasionally misspelled "Stuka".


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