The T-Rexes are antagonists created by YouTuber Hoopsanddinoman, they are predators that live in Nightmare Canyon. Their primary aim is to kill and eat any dinosaur to go through Nightmare Canyon.


A male and female T Rex attacked Noasaurus on his way through the canyon jungle and failed after being beaten by rocks, they appeared again and attacked Noasaurus, Thankfully Stegosaurus came to his rescue along with Carcharodontosaurus, then they attacked Saltasaurus but he was rescued, the male came through the tunnel and got into a huge fight with Ultrasaurus until they both fell to their deaths, killing him and Ultrasaurus, after meeting Pteranodon, Saltasaurus was attacked by the female and she took her turn with Ceratosaurus, after several close calls in their battle, Ceratosaurus was able to knock the female T rex off balance, and break her jaw.