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Tex is the main antagonist of the "Lost THX Tex Trailer Series" by Rohan Hordern. He is actually a neutral-sided robot made by THX Company. However, in this series, he is portrayed as a vengeful, deranged and wrathful psychopathic killer robot.


In 1996, there was a man named Adam Kennington who went to the premiere of "Independance Day". Once he saw Tex for the first time, he was frightned by his appearance as it gave him flashbacks of his childhood robot toy that he used to fear. He even thought that Tex looked very similar to the toy robot. He even thought that he can scare children because of his design.

On January 22nd, 1997, Kennington qualified for a job at THX to animate trailers to astonish the audience.

On April 11th, 1998, Kennington applied for a job at Pixar Animation Studios to animate future films mainly being Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc., but making dark turns with them and left uncredited.

The first chronological existence of his incarnation of Tex was introduced in a 1999 draft of the opening scene of Monsters, Inc. where he teams up with Thaddeus Bile (who was evil from imagination) to kill the animatronic boy. The scene was scrapped to retain the film's target demographic.

Kennington also animated his internship recreations of the Woody's Nightmare with the first scene being Tex teaming up with Zurg to destroy Woody in his nightmare.

During May 2002, Kennington stole many of Pixar's computers and softwares to animate a trailer to promote "The Ring" where Tex and Zurg from Toy Story 2 team up to mutilate Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Jessie. The trailer was released on DVD in October of 2002 and re-released in theatres for the 10th Anniversary of Toy Story and horror movies released in 2005 from September-December 2005.

The entire Tex controversy commenced in May of 2005 where he animated a pilot trailer for the release of "Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist" called "Tex Tunnel 2005" where Tex broke down because people feared him and he ruined his career by becoming the serial-killing robot we knew. He also slaughters a man with the likeness of James Franco.

In 2006, Kennington made an entry for the "Create Your Own THX Trailer" context where Tex kills six teenagers camping in a forest. It was declined for being more than thirty seconds and graphic violence.

Also in 2006, Kennington created a trailer for a Pixar Boxset featuring the first seven Pixar films on DVD that were THX-certified about Tex killing the main Pixar characters from each of the first seven films.

In 2007, Kennington animated a trailer called "Tex Halloween 2007" which is the first-known DVD the author discovered. The trailer centres around Tex killing a cameraman.

In 2008, Kennington created a trailer promoted for the release of the 2008 Spanish horror short film Mama, centering around Tex killing a man with the likeness of Hayden Christensen.

In 2009, Kennington made the last trailer for the theatrical release of "Drag Me To Hell" with Tex going on a killing spree in an unsupervised cinema. He kills four adults with the likenesses of Tobey Maguire, Hugh Jackman, Joan Cusack and Natalie Portman and four children resembling the likenesses of Andy from the Toy Story films, the animatronic boy from Monsters, Inc., Emily from Toy Story 2 and Jenny from Monster House.

In 2021, Tex introduced in the deleted early draft of the "Don't Say Surface" part from Luca (2021), where he teams up with Daniela Paguro (who turned evil) to kill Luca Paguro and Giulia Marcovaldo. But, PortusIntel changed him into the weird octopus-like beast called, "The Beast" because of the purge on Spinpasta.

In October 31st, 2021, Henry, Adam and James created a trailer for the Dreamworks Animation SKG boxset featuring the first six films on DVD that didn't were THX-certified about Tex killing the main six characters from each of the first six films.

As a result, Kennington was fired from both Pixar and THX for his unpleasent taste in horror. He got revenge in early 2010 by hijacking multiple cinemas with his graphic THX trailers. This lead to his arrest on April 4th, 2010 for what he had done, sentenced to 20 years of imprisoment.


The actual Tex made by THX is a hard-working and clumsy robot who tries to upgrade the THX logo whenever the power cuts off or to add something new (notably in the "Tex" and "Moo Can" trailers). He is also kind and helpful as he lets a small robot put a blue orb in the Spatial Audio Demo trailer.

However, this incarnation of Tex has driven himself to insanity as he was offended by people fearing him because of his appearance, despite it not being a big deal. He viewed it as "downright disrespectful" and went on a killing spree to murder every innocent soul who feared him.

Tex in the series is portrayed as murderous, dangerous, wrathful, chaotic, deranged and psychopathic. He also puts on a slasher smile whenever he is about to kill his victim or after he kills him/her, which can send moviegoers chills down their spines.

Despite his murderous demeanor, Tex can act comedic and hammy, too. He is known for addressing himself as "Sexy Texy" or "The T-Man", which are his known nicknames. He also likes to taunt people like a stereotypical school bully. Tex also likes to make humourous dialogue for himself whenever he's on a rampage.