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My work isn't done yet, child... It's only begun.
~ The Great Lord to Aton before its defeat.

The Great Lord is the Bigger Bad of the Pastamonsters webcomic. it is a living, non-sapient mass made of evil that was responsible for the creation of the Pit and, by extension, Zalgo and his army. No mortal weapon can harm the Great Lord, as its power extends far beyond the mortal realm.


The backstory of the Great Lord is largely unexplored and unknown. It is not known where it originated from or what multiverse it arose from. All is known about it was it sprouted from a black hole in the Dark Zone of began devouring everything in sight. Before it could succeed in consuming the universe, Aton, as well as Aton's Elite, arrived to exterminate this great evil. Although the nameless ruler managed to kill the Elite, it was easily defeated by Aton himself. Before its "death", the Great Lord warned Aton that its work wasn't done yet and has only just begun. True to their word, the Great Lord was not completely destroyed: a fragment of it drifted away from the battle unobserved and crashed into a nameless planet where there is no light. The subsequent impact turned the entire planet into a hellish wasteland until it engulfed the entire dimension, creating the Pit.

Eventually, in the season 4 finale "Legends of the Multiverse", the Resistance manages to kill Zalgo using the Zalgo Zodiac and Ash Graven's dark energy. Following Zalgo's presumed death, the Pit is also wiped from existence by a golden wave of energy, destroying what's left of the Great Lord and freeing the universe from its tyrannical and despotic control for good. However, this came at a sad price as Ashi starts to fade from existence since she was created from the Black Mass, much to Jack's distraught.


  • Its name, the Great Lord, is only a nickname. If its real name was said aloud, it would turn a mortal to dust.
  • The gender of the Great Lord is entirely unknown. It is referred to as an "it" by characters as well as the comic's creator, but it speaks in a gravelly, somewhat feminine voice. It is likely that the race the Great Lord is from may not even have biological features.


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