The Mass of Darkness is the Bigger Bad of the The Punkettes series. it is a living, non-sapient mass made of evil that was the original form of Pepper Satanica, who became ruler Hell and Spyro Doomfire's archenemy. No mortal weapon can harm the Mass, as its power extends far beyond the mortal realm.


The backstory of the Mass is largely unexplored and unknown. It is not know where it originated from or what multiverse it arose from. All is known about it was it sprouted from a black hole in the Unknown Regions of a universe and began devouring everything in sight. Before it could succeed in consuming the universe, Kiroto, as well the Elite, arrived to exterminate this great evil.

Although the mass managed to kill Kiroto's First Elite, it was easily defeated by Kiroto himself. Unfortunately, the Mass was not completely destroyed: a fragment of it drifted away from the battle unobserved and crashed into a nameless planet where there is no light. The subsequent impact turned the entire planet into a hellish wasteland until it engulfed the entire dimension.

Powers and Abilities

The Mass of Darkness is an extremely powerful and volatile force, even more so than its reincarnation Pepper, given how it could only be subdued after Kiroto and his elite fought against it together. Even more worrisome is the fact that, despite its defeat, it demonstrates a capability to inflict harm upon the gods that it fought.


  • Saying the Mass' real name will turn the mortal to dust.
  • The gender of the mass is entirely unknown. It is referred to as an "it" by characters as well as $py64, but it speaks in a gravelly, somewhat feminine voice. It is likely that the race the mass is from may not even have biological features.


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