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The Minions of Satanica are supporting antagonists in Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: The Punkettes. They are an army of assorted monsters, demons, aliens, mystical beings, and abominations who serve Pepper Satanica. They are a truly despotic empire, they have been conquering planets for years and have been unstoppable for years. They have one of the largest armies in the universe.


The Minions were first created when the remains of the Mass of Darkness crash-landed onto a nameless, lightless planet, were it terraformed the dimension into a hellish wasteland and turned it's inhabitants into demonic creatures.

Little is known about their first leader or how they grew enough intelligence to lead them, but eventually an army was formed by the nameless leader and together they built the entire dimension into what is now known to be Hell. However, all changed when the daughter of the devil, Pepper Satanica, slaughtered Kiota to obtain ultimate power over Hell. She later turned the dimension into a lawless, unstable crawl space stuck between the universe, and extended the army not just to demons, but aliens, mystical creatures and other monsters who wished to cause pain and misery to mortals across the universe, and later the multiverse.

As her reign began, Pepper sent her army to many planets to invade, enslave and destroy. Over the years she recreated numerous lands into her own image, slaughtering the populace in mass numbers and then enslaving anyone who survived, often forcing them to steal their own valuable resources like water, diamonds, and food.

Types of Minions


True to their name, Shapeshifters are extraterrestrial aliens who have the powers to take a desired form for whatever reason. They were forced into Pepper's army after she murdered their leader and enslaved them. They also have some degree of telepathy, as they are able to see what people are afraid of and will take the form of it.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Shapeshifters is because of their shape-shifting ability, no one knows what a Shapeshifter truly looks like when they are alone, as they instantly changes into another form when one first sees it. Pepper often uses the Shapeshifters as means to infiltrate enemy bases and gather information.

According to Ivyuka, the way the tell someone is a Shapeshifter is by their odd and unnatural behavior, as they sometimes try too hard to act normal (such as constantly calling themselves "normal", "human", or "mortal"). On some occasions however, Shapeshifters can be very crafty and perfectly deceive those around them. Another way to find out if someone is a Shapeshifter is to slip onion juice in their drinks or food or simply shove onions in their face and if they vomit, gag, or bleed from their eyes, then they are a Shapeshifter.


Slaveholders largely lack personality and individuality while possessing an instinctive combat ability upon creation. Slaveholders have improved physical abilities, which ranks them above the Shapeshifters, since they are seen carrying people with them and a single Slaveholder was able to knock out Jeno, although it must be taken into account that Jeno had previously been hit by Mirukaso and took her by surprise. They also possess other skills such as superhuman agility and speed.

In addition, they have four wings that allow them to fly at high speeds. Slaveholders also possess innate abilities for hand-to-hand combat and the handling of different weapons. They can also turn people into stone using a red ray of light that shines from their eyes, as seen when they are capturing people across the multiverse and adding them to Pepper's throne of frozen mortal agony.

As their name suggests, they are also used as slavedrivers, watching over those enslaved by Pepper as they do hard labor and deciding who gets food and who doesn't. While doing this, they often use whips to keep the slaves in line.


Behemoths or Ravagers are large monsters who act as battle support for Pepper's army. The Behemoths include ogres, giant reptiles, giant man-eating insects, rock monsters, bull-like demons, dragons, hydras, Cerberus', mountain trolls, and even Lovecraftian monsters baring resemblance to Cthulhu. The Behemoths are incredibly strong and durable, able to knock down buildings and crush villages with ease. Their heights can range from 10-20 meters tall or large enough to play with entire planets at their largest. They possess abilities such as superhuman strength, durability, fire manipulation, and flight.


The Inquisitors are an elite unit whose members served as personal bodyguards to Pepper, thus placing them in the second highest rank amongst the entire empire. Wielding a nearly limitless amount of weapons such as flaming swords, laser pistols, and their own demonic magic, the Inquisitors were a silent, imposing, and deadly force to be reckoned with.

The Inquisitors primary purpose was to protect Pepper, thus they were almost never used in any battles unless Pepper herself was personally involved. They also answered only to Pepper and none of their other superiors such as Boss Demon or Topaz. They are picked among only the most skilled and loyal demons of Pepper's empire, with some even forced to kill their own families and other Inquisitors in combat to ensure Pepper had the best of the best as Royal Guards.

They are incredibly skilled warriors, with not even the most skilled magical or physical fights, such as Spyro Doomfire, could stand up to. They do not need to eat or sleep or stop to catch their breath. They attack their targets relentlessly, without any hesitation and without any second thoughts about their actions. There is no stopping their rushing, headlong advance. Spyro and her Punkettes are hunted down relentlessly, barely able to stop running for even for a few moments before the Inquisitors catch their scent and begin the chase anew.

They are also sometimes used for torture, as their sword would instantly cause third-degree, easily infected burns to one's body, making them skilled in torture as well as battle.


From what we see of them, Pepper's minions are cruel, malevolent, thrill-seeking, uncaring, and destructive, taking sadistic pleasure in their crimes with a joyful tone of voice and smile.

They enjoy being in and causing war and wish to live in a world with no rules or restrictions, which is often a reason for those who joined the army. Some of them even act like a bunch of rebellious teenagers throwing a party when their parents aren't around.

They are extremely brutal and willing to do anything to win, leaving a trail of ravaged villages and the mangled bodies of men, women, and children in their wake specifically to incite their opponents and draw them into a trap.

Despite this, some of them, most frequently the Giant Snakes, used to be good or ordinary people, who are now forced into a demonic state by Pepper Satanica. Some of their cries sound very human, like sobbing, screaming, or whimpering.

List of Species and Individuals Enlisted and Enslaved


  • Creature with 37 different faces.
  • Adolf Hitler. (seen in Pepper's contacts)
    • Nazis. (seen in Pepper's contacts)
  • Zalgo. (seen in Pepper's contacts; enlisted as Lord Zalgo.)
  • Killer Dolls.
  • Killer Clowns.
  • Pennywise the Dancing Clown. (seen in Pepper's contacts; enlisted as Pennywise the Clown.)
  • Darkiplier. (seen in Pepper's contacts.)
  • Bill Cipher. (seen in Pepper's contacts.)
  • Sonic.EXE. (seen in Pepper's contacts.)
  • Judge Claude Frollo. (seen in Pepper's contacts; enlisted as Judge Frollo.)
  • Black Eyed Children.
  • Beast of Gévaudan.


  • Wolf-Hyena Hybrids.
  • Giant Spiders.
  • Giant Snakes.
  • Hundreds of Dragons.
  • Flying Monkeys.
  • Hellhounds.


No food, water, or resting! This monument celebrating Pepper's glory isn't gonna build itself! Move faster!
~ A winged-demon torturing slaves as they struggle to build statues of Pepper.



  • They serve as eviler foils to the Punkettes. Both are insanely powerful, and go on demanding missions for their leaders. However, Spyro is a (somewhat) benevolent boss who does somewhat care for the Punkettes, and they do follow her out of their own will. In contrast, Pepper's minions are either brainwashed, forced to serve her, or are genuinely sadistic monsters. Pepper is also a malevolent boss who views her minions as mere tools to help conquer planets and regularly murders them without a hint of guilt.


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