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The Rat is an antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is a cheese lover and a thief with a Dutch accent.

He is voiced by Logan Thirtyacre.


He is mostly a minor antagonist, but in some of the videos, he is the main antagonist. He is also the secondary antagonist of The Call Of Duty Blackout. "Gouda Cheese" is his favourite cheese.

In The Call Of Duty Blackout, he was hired by CharlieBrown678 and he likes to chew wires. It was also revealed he has a wife and thousands of children.

In the 6th episode of Luigi's Mansion, the rat appears as a ghost. Since the Rat appeared as a ghost in Luigi's Mansion, he did not appear in SML again after that.

Since the events of Bowser's House Fire!, it is unknown what happened to him.




  • Brooklyn T. Guy's Son thinks he is Stuart Little, but his his father tells him that he's not.
  • Although the Rat was killed in The Grilled Cheese, he reappeared in The Call Of Duty Blackout, which was uploaded after The Grilled Cheese. However, it is possible that the rat actually did not die after being hit, he could have just been knocked out and unconscious.
  • The Rat is portrayed by a White Mouse puppet from Folkmanis.
  • The puppet he was portrayed as was used in a Titottoter video called Jet's Cheesy Problem where he appears as the antagonist of the video and he was not called a rat, he was called a mouse and didn't speak. This means it was a completely different character and they are just portrayed by the same puppet.
  • Ironically, in real life, Mice and Rats do not like eating cheese and prefer eating dry food and nuts.
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