The Squirrel is a villain of SuperMarioLogan.


Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!

The Squirrel was first seen when it was eating a walnut, and then Joseph asked what it was and Bowser Junior thought it was a wombat, but Cody tells that it's a squirrel, not a wombat, and Junior asked if he could pat it, but Cody told him that he can't because it's a wild animal, and it might have rabies, and Bowser Junior said that he doesn't care if it has babies, although it's rabies, not babies. Then Junior thinks the squirrel is beautiful, but Cody tells him again about patting the squirrel, as he explains it to him that it has tusks, and then Cody told Junior to leave the squirrel, and then Junior said he wants to pat it, but Cody says no. Then, Junior tried to pat the squirrel, but it bit Junior, and then runs away along with Cody and Joseph.

Where's Jeffy?

The Squirrel reappeared in Where's Jeffy? as it was seen in a tree and it stole Rosalina's neckless. Mario saw the squirrel and said that Jeffy put the neckless on the squirrel.

Mario said "Hey, there, little squirrel. Can I have that neckless back? and the squirrel hisses at him and then leaves.

Mario tells the squirrel to give him the neckless and then it hisses again and bit Mario and caused him to fall out of the tree.

The Tarantula!

The Squirrel later appeared again in The Tarantula! when it hisses again, then Junior convinces his dog, Chompy that the squirrel has rabies, then Chompy went after the squirrel. Then, the squirrel got killed by Chompy, and Junior pushes it over, then he explains to Chompy that it gave him rabies earlier.

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