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Villain Overview

~ The Tall's writing

The Tall is the main antagonist of the fan Creepypasta film, Hide and Seek. He's an unknown creature responsible for the disappearance of a whole town located in the forest of Mount Charleston.



There was a town, Valley Town, it was a small settlement of people that lived during the 1700s. Unfortunately for them, fights broke out after days of famine and water shortages. The strange thing is, the people in the town went missing and it was a ghost town but in 1980 they rebuilt it but the people disappeared as well after a year passed.
~ Jason Geer explaining Valley Town.

Although his backstory is unknown, it's clear he has lived for a long time and is only traced back to 1699 to the 1700s. In 1712, Valley Town dealt with food shortages and low water ports. The town, as a result, went under a craze into believing God in his savior. This is when "God" appeared and decided to manipulate the town into believing they're going to be helped in their crisis. However, he caused chaos by manipulating the town into fighting with each other before they all went missing under circumstances (most likely was killed by The Tall). The town was later discovered by explorers that heard stories about the town and their problems. In 1980, the town was rebuilt but the town suffered a more mysterious circumstance where, instead of the town going into destruction, all the citizens instantly disappeared and was never seen again. The disappearance of the town apparently freaked out the USA during the Cold War, believing the USSR or Cuba was responsible for their disappearance.

2013 Tapes

Jason Geer, Liam Skelly, and Damian Reign decided to go on a camping trip as an assignment in talking about the history of a Nevada town. Jason decided to do a trip to Valley Town to do research on the history of it. Upon being in the town, Jason finds the school that existed in the town during the 80s. Investigating the school reveals the walls covered with the many aliases of The Tall. The Tall presumably releases his two proxies, which doesn't manage to kill three of the boys. When the boys end up splitting apart, Liam is killed off-screen when The Tall managed to knock him out along with his camera. He then encounters Damian after he killed one of his proxies and ends up killing him as well.

Jason is the only one that managed to escape The Tall's wrath, leaving him paranoid for the rest of his life. It's unknown if the Tall still exists within the Town itself.


While not explored due to his deadly nature, it's clear that his behavior is akin to a violent animal. He also shown to be very sadistic as discovered with Liam's death after Jason finds him mutilated with his face gone, only having a bloody skull exposed. He is also shown to be smart as he came after Liam due to him being alone and with him not having anyone backing him, taking the opportunity. Unlike the many Slender Men that were featured in other series such as Marble Hornets and the main lore with the main character, this version seems to express extreme anger towards the death of his proxy as the camera shows Damian getting brutally choked to death in the air by The Tall, which is a weird departure from any of the Slender Man versions as usually Slender Man is portrayed as a manipulator who doesn't seem to care less if his proxies died or not.


What the fuck-
~ Damian's last words before dying.

Although not stated to be Slender Man, the entity itself as the appearance of a previous villain with the same name. He has a crooked appearance in clothing and the face is tree-like in design while keeping the traditional appearance, suit and tie along with the blankless appearance of his face. It's also worth mentioning that while he doesn't show his tentacles, the aliases (e.g Tentacle Man and Octlantis) featured on the walls on the Valley school confirm his ability to activate tentacles. Although not confirmed, it's possible that he can shapeshift into people, albeit not shown in the film. The difference between the Slender Man from the 2018 movie and The Tall is that the Tall is taller than the character, being 6'7 or 6'8 feet tall.


  • Even though 'Slender Man' is in his alias, he is never said nor is the name mentioned on the walls of the school.
  • Two of his aliases are based on other Slender Man versions from media. The name 'Simon' is a reference to Slender Man from the Slendrina series and 'Wendigo' is based off of the Windigo Slender Man, albiet spelled differently as this version is Wendigo with an E instead of an I.
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