You want fun? WARIO SHOW YOU FUN!
~ The Wario Apparition's most famous quote

The Wario Apparition is a popular Super Mario 64 related legend, only found within certain copies of the game.


This being bears the appearance of Wario but a floating giant head of himself.


The most popular theory about the Wario Apparition is that it is formed from the player's wishes and desires to see him in Super Mario 64, it claims that not every player can explain the Wario Apparition's appearance and suffer from symptoms of a stroke, the theory also claims that the Wario Apparition has powers beyond the game itself. 

Some other theories think that the Wario Apparition is the unfinished remains of a Wario boss fight planned for the basement of the castle, it would mark Wario's second appearance in the mainline Mario games, and a second appearance as a boss fight in the series.


Wario Land 64

The Wario Land 64 theory claims that the Wario Apparition is a fragment of programming from the unfinished game, taking the form of one of Wario's power ups. 





  • The Wario Apparition has become a very popular meme in meme culture. 
  • A unused track that belonged to The Wario Apparition can be viewed here. However, the youtube user claims the song is fake in a future video.
  • The Wario Apparition was seen at Nintendo's E3 "focused on fun" panel, and since then Nintendo does not talk about that much anymore.
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