~ the sun's evil laugh

The Sun is one of the main villains and antagonists in the internet cartoon called "mokey's show" he are so evil and he are burning too much all the things. Sometimes he are making evil plans to burn everything for kill mokey & his friends.


The friut man

the fruit man are a monster full of fruits.He are a six eyed monster with blackberries like eyes,he have a dark green watermelon with light green rays,have filous teeths and spiky,he have all the fruits we're he can.


Krampus is a villains in the christmas episode of mokey. He are a monster with a bull boned head with a bullseye with a black cape and he are so evil.



mokey is a black mouse with lighty orange skin with two bouncy eyes,two large black circular ears;he have a great type of a red colored pants with two white buttons,and have in the feets two yellow colored shoes.


groovy is a black dog with a derpy type of eyes. He have a toothy type of mouth,with a lighty orange colored type of head,a green hat with a black ray,he have a orange shirt with a black farmer shirt,a lighty blue colored type of pants and a two pair of brown colored shoes


dillan is a white plucked duck with a blue hat what are very smooshed with a black type of feather,he have a blue shirt with a red tie type.