WARNING!!!! The following page is a parody song that depicts the role that Elsa WOULD HAVE HAD if she WAS the main villain in Frozen! It has NOTHING to with her actual role in the film!

They Let Go is a parody song sung from the point of view of Elsa to Prince Hans about her past and her jealousy of Anna!!!    



A talent that confined me to a bedroom,

after a whiny brat begged for a man of snow.

Snowmen always on her mind,

so I put ice in her brain!

We play by my rules if I conjure up a game.

But it took more than snow and ice to see her murdered.

The fire in our parent's hearts burned fierce and long.

So to get rid of mom and dad, I made their sailing trip go bad,

I mean, they weren't expecting snow storms quite THAT strong!

They let go! They let go!

Nothing lasts forever, sure as hell they were the same.

They let go! They let go!

When you're drowning in an ocean even trolls can't save the day!

Anna always was the favorite, our parents clearly loved her more,

so when I spotted out my window, their ship along the shore

the anger built up in that tiny room, so I sealed their frozen doom! THEY LET GO!

While I managed to dispose of mom and daddy, I was thwarted in my plans to take the throne.

Though our parents were both gone, Anna's love became her brawn.

I couldn't freeze her spirit if anything it had grown.

And if there's one thing that my powers cannot handle,

it's warmth of mind mixed with a belly filled with fire, ugh.

So even though I hate you dearly, and you can't trust men to be smart

I need the help from one to go and break her heart.

There's a slither of ice that I sense inside you, and with a snap I could make you a giant mess!

But I'll take advantage of your coldness, so turn that evil into boldness,

profess your love and let it flower like winter cress!

Then let go! Let her go!

Let her love you to the core then break her with malevolence!

Let her go! Let her go!

When a heart lays cracked and shattered it can't put up a defense!

Then she'll finally know my pain, and soon my trust'll be regained,

she'll think that I'm the only one that can heal her forlorn pain!

I'll put lies inside that hollowed heart, then I'll tear it apart!