Thunderclap is one of Hook's henchmen and one of the secondary antagonists of the real life series, A Project Guy. He is a prisoner in Rat in a Hat's jail, Arlo, Mr. Spiketail and all of the other dinosaurs' enemy and Bubbha's former boss.

Thunderclap was revealed to be second-in-command since he is Hook's first friend to appear in A Project Guy. However, despite being second-in-command, Mr. Bollox later took his place as second-in-command in Hook's gang.

He also serves the main antagonist in some episodes.


Thunderclap is a somewhat white pterodactyl, a black or dark brown beak, yellow eyes and dark blue highlights.

Due to Thunderclap's neck getting broken, Thunderclap currently has a collar on his neck to stop his neck from being damaged.