Tucker Foley, a.k.a. Skulltech, is the final antagonist in the 2010 film The Phantom Genesis and the opening antagonist in it's 2012 sequel The Phantom Kingdom. He is voiced by Topher Grace.


In the first film, he is a caucasian man with a black combed hair, pencil mustache, a tuxedo tie, a black shirt, a sweater vest, a blue jean jacket, purple pants, and black shoes.

The Phantom Kingdom

He briefly appears breaking into Danny and Ember’s house and attacks him when confronted but after he captures Danny and Ember with zero point energy, he gets distracted when Dani regurgitates spit on his face, giving Danny enough time to use a mirror to incapacitate Tucker with the energy. Before Danny leaves the room, he lifts the mirror and causes Tucker to get stuck in the ceiling as payback for the rough housing. However, they can’t call 911 because he cut the wires and a gas leak is about to blow up the house but they manage to escape and watch the house explode, killing Tucker. His ghost is never seen but it’s claimed he went to Hell.

Character Info

  • Name: Tucker Foley
  • Nickname: Skulltech
  • Occupation: Student (formerly)
    District Attorney (corrupt and formerly)
  • Status: Deceased
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Friends: Vlad Plasmius (boss), Dash/Skulker (bounty hunter), Paulina/Penelope Spectra, Guys In White (soldiers), and Sam Manson/Plant Queen (before she rejected him).
  • Enemies: Danny Phantom (ex-best friend), Team Phantom, Jazz Fenton, and Sam Manson/Plant Queen (after she rejected him).
  • Likes: Women, money, power, and meat.
  • Dislikes: Halfas, ghosts, and being rejected.
  • Fate: Arrested by Walker and sent to the Ghost Zone (first film)
    Blown up in Danny and Ember’s House and sent to Hell (second film)