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I hates alicorns!!!!!!!!
~ Umarak's famous quote

Umarak the Destroyer (formerly known as the Dark Hunter) is a major antagonist of the cartoon serie My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the third generation of the video games serie Gormiti, and he is the main antagonist of the video game prequel Gormiti: Angelioth's Memory. It's a demonic cyborg accidentally created by a Kra-Matoran named Vultraz turned into dictator who hated alicorns and tyrant of an archipelago of twenty islands known as Matorania, it's Twilight Sparkle and Takua's archenemy, Trappy's pet master, leader of his dictatorship, Skull Pirates and Skull Spiders's master and Tirek's pawn.

According to Matoran scientists, we learn that he was born of the cosmos nothingness and that his true form being only the Destroyer.

He was voiced by Armin Shimerman who also played Dr. Nefarious in his Hunter's form and Josh Petersdorf who also played Roadhog and Armageddon in his Destroyer's form.


Umarak is as old as the alicorns themselves, linked to the primal force of darkness. Practical and tactical, Umarak could wait a long time to get his prayer, taking advantage of the weakness of those around him. The Shadow Hunter was a ruthless man and had no compassion or concern for anyone but himself, and so he was willing to sacrifice peaceful animals (like dinosaurs and besides the alicorns) such as the Elemental Beast for power.

His fatal flaw was his arrogance, believing that his cleverness and intelligence surpassed everyone, even Tirek.

After his transformation, Umarak began to hate alicorns, so he maintained awareness, he saw that Princess Celestia was the responsible for sending Angelioth and his friends in search of exploration for Matorania.

Power and Abilities

As a hunter, Umarak was competent in archery. He was armed with his weapon, a bow hunter who can launch laser arrows. His control over shadows also allows him to summon shadow traps and use shadows to move. He was known to carry a sword that he could use as a melee weapon, Like the alicorns, the Matorans and the Gormitis, Umarak is immortal. After his mutation, Umarak doubled in size and strength, and with his yellow flames, he was able to turn his Shadow Traps into elemental monsters.

As a Destroyer, Umarak relied on his natural brute strength, his claws and horns made of the horns of his mutated mask. He became more powerful in this form because he easily defeated Angelioth, Twilight, Daring-Do, Spike, Gummy, Winona, Tank, Opalescence, Angel Bunny and the Matorans leaders, he is more scary than Nightmare Moon and he has the ability to hit with his big claws. However, it retains both the ability to generate its dark power as well as its acidic power.


In his Hunter's form, Umarak is green and black, he is half organic and half robotic with red eyes, he is 2.3 meters tall, he has brown branches shaped horns, he has two big canines hooked on his lower jaw, he has an epaulette with a chain that allows to invoke a Shadow Trap, red spikes on both arms, he has four fingers adorned with long green nails and pointed on two hands, a bust tattooed with a jaw of a predator, a green belly, black and gray drunken legs of the knees with red spikes, black feet with two pairs of two green toenails, long and pointed.

In his Destroyer's form, Umarak is very muscular, but he has his epaulettes with chains, his head is gilded decorated with Matorans hieroglyphs, he has rounded horns with yellow crystals on his head, his eyes lit by yellow flames, he has a scar on the forehead of his left eye with a U-shaped scar on the left eye (this is after a Twilight Sparkle bang and then wet with the water from the Avohkii Basin which caused this mutation), he has a square lower jaw, rocky and fat with sharp teeth, he can spit fire of yellow acid from his mouth, he has rocks calcined with blood vessels of acid lava on his bust, he has these crystals on his arms with a black fin and he has three clawed fingers on his big hands, he has gray, black and yellow paws with yellow pikes and he has very big feet with two pairs of nails. toes yellow, long and pointed.


I am not a Matoran !!!!!
~ Umarak revealed that he is not a true Matoran
How dare you fail my hunt against this alicorn, we'll meet again later!
~ Umarak to Twilight and Spike.
You want to stop me, the great Umarak and my army ... and no! You want to save the achipel, the people, the fauna or the flora ... and ben it is you will see you nine. (evil laugh) GUARDS !!!! Arrest me this gang of nine impostors and throw them to me in prisons and faster than that !!!
~ Umarak ordered to his guards to arrest Angelioth, Twilight Sparkle, Daring-Do, Spike, Gummy, Winona, Tank, Opalescence and Angel Bunny.
Fools !!! You thought I was going to drain to kill that sleepy Matoran, that's what you're going to see.
~ Umarak to Angelioth and his friends
(Evil laugh) I know you've woken up by cursed stones that I've hidden, but you do not deserve to live! (Twilight: Hey, metal head!) Wait!? What??? (Twilight: Take this!) (Twilight thumped Umarak's face and a slit appeared on his left eye) (Screaming) (Twilight: Good riddance for your unforgivable acts, Umarak.) (Umarak shouts a fall and plunges into the Avohkii's Basin and drowns.)
~ Umarak before he was hit by a Twilight Sparkle's kick.
Curse this alicorn I'm going to destroy your cursed kingdom.... (screams of pain) my eye... she... (screams of pain)
~ Umarak before he turns into a Destroyer.
Finally, my title of Dark Hunter is forgotten, now, I am the Destroyer. (evil laugh)
~ Umarak in his Destroyer's form
The hour of my revenge has come, wake up, my Elemental Beasts, demolish me this archipelago and bring me the wings and the horn of Twiligtht Sparkle on a plateau. (evil laugh)
~ Umarak to his Elemental Beasts
It's me, Umarak the Destroyer !!!!! (Twilight: Umarak, you've changed a lot since we saw each other in Le-Matorania, you've grown taller and stronger, you're yellow, you've got three fingers on both hands, but there's something that have changed and it does not say anything, you changed your hair).
~ Umarak to Twilight
I met a devilish centaur, red, black, dark gray, with long horns, a mane, he has a beard and a light gray mane and very muscular and he is responsible for my release. (Angelioth: A centaur ... in Matorania?) (Twilight: So this centaur that the one you speak is Tirek?) Indeed, Tirek and I, we are very close, extremely close, he told me liberated from this prison and I am free, he made me a pawn, and I managed to take the place of this cursed king and his sixteen damned lackeys, I took 1,000 years in prison and if he had not been there, I shut myself up in Fe-Matorania for eternity!
~ Umarak reveals his true nature, he is a Tirek's pawn.
Twilight Sparkle! You're mine!
~ Umarak prepare to kill Twilight.
(Painful scream) The stick! (Twilight: Thanks for saving me, my friends) (Angelioth: There's nothing else?) Bah (Umarak uses her yellow flames to heal her slit) I'm not done with you, stupid fools! Find me in Matoranville, A challenge awaits you, we'll meet again later!
~ Umarak failed to kill Twilight and recognized by Avohkii's stick, he challenges Matoranville.
Hello, Defilak.
~ Umarak to the King Defilak
A purple angel (laugh) what are you doing here?
~ Umarek to Angelioth
Hey, where are you from ?! get out of your hiding place !!!
~ Umarak to Angelioth, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Daring-Do, Gummy, Winona, Tank, Opalescence and Angel Bunny
The magical friendship ??? (evil laugh) That's RIDICULOUS!!!!!
~ Umarak to Twilight Sparkle
(Twilight: Usurper and poaching towards the dinosaurs.) Twilight, Twilight, please... I beg you. (Twilight: You do not deserve to live.) But Twilight... I know, but... I'm trying to get on you and your race and.... (Twilight: Why would I believe on you, Vultraz told me that you did much more harm in Matorania than to destroy Kra-Koro and since the first day you tried to kill me.) But what do you plan to do? You will not dare harm me, the great Umarak...? (Twilight: No, Umarak, this time if I'm going to start raging against you, like Princess Celestia banished her sister to the moon for eternity.) Ah, Twilight, thank you, you're a born princess, but for to prove my nobility on my archipelago, tell me; I will not do anything in Matorania. (Twilight: Run, run away, I bannish you from this archipelago, Umarak... and never return... to Matorania.) Ah yes, of course how you would like... foolish PRINCESS!!!!!!
~ Umarak tries to apologize to Twilight, but Twilight refuses to be forgiven and forces Umarak to be banished from Matorania, but Umarak refuses to banish and the fight between Twilight and Umarak begins.
How ... it's ... impossible me ... the great Umarak ... vanquished ... by this ... stupid alicorn.
~ Umarak to Twilight.
What? Matorans elements mixed with the magical friendship??? What?! Oh no!!!! No no no no .... NO!!!!
~ Umarak's last word before his death


  • Umarak is arguably considered to be Hasbro's most evil and sinister antagonist to date. In fact, Umarak was meant by Nolife Games to be as evil and as vile as possible, in an attempt to avert the trope "Evil is Cool", common to many Hasbro villains. Instead, he wound up being a Love to Hate example.
  • Umarak's destroyer form could be considered to represent the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction, there are 66 million years ago.
  • During the character's design, Umarak was originally a Matoran who was cursed by Tirek, but it was removed, we learn that he was born of cosmic nothingness. The scriptwriter understands that Umarak is a cyborg and not a Matoran.
  • Originally, during the character's design, his name was Makuta Teridax, but it was canceled due to not keeping a character from the first generation of Bionicle, as long as he is a villain, even though in Bionicle , that there are two generations, so Nolife Games (the video game company loyal to Hasbro) had to choose the villain of the second generation of Bionicle, provided that it is a villain, he later named the character "Umarak", to avoid keeping the main antagonist of the first generation of Bionicle.
  • Like the Skull Spiders (like the Lord of Skull Spiders) and Skull Pirates (like Captain Kulta), Umarak is one of the inhabitants of Matorania not to be a Matoran, but unlike Skull Spiders and Skull Pirates, Umarak is a cyborg.
  • Like Tirek and the Storm King, Umarak really hates Alicorns.
    • Unlike Tirek and Storm King, Umarak prefers to kill alicorns with a crossbow than steal their magic.
    • Unlike Tirek and Storm King, Umarak is the only villain who lives in Matorania and who has no power to steal ponies' magic.
  • Umarak is the only antagonist not to be betrayed by his master.
  • It is unlikely that Umarak has ever known the Gormiti and the inhabitants of Equestria apart from all types of ponies, although he lives in Matorania and not on Equestria, although he knows Tirek, he does not has never known Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence (except Twilight Sparkle).
  • Umarak is the only character who has never seen or known the Gormiti (including Bendimoch and his brother Mexplodvif), despite he lives in Matorania.
  • Umarak is the only robotic character not to be a Matoran, but a cyborg, despite the fact that Vultraz created it.
  • Umarak is the second main villain drawn from a series (Bionicle for Umarak), the first being Tirek (The First Generation of My Little Pony).
  • The similarities and the differences for Umarak from Bionicle:
    • Similarities for Umarak:
      • In his form of Hunter:
        • Both have a black and green color
        • Both are armed with a poisoned crossbow with ammunition cartridge and saber
        • Both can create his henchmen from his crossbow
        • Both have the ability to teleport to any location.
        • Both wear a black and green mask with long brown and pointed horns
        • Both have red eyes.
        • Both have epaulettes with a chain to invoke their own traps (especially Trappy)
        • Both can summon green flames
        • Both have a tattooed bust of a jawbone of any predator
        • Both have green belly
        • Both have red spikes on their arms
        • Both have erect legs
        • Both have red spikes on their legs
        • Both have pointed toe and green
      • In his form of Destroyer:
        • Both have muscle strength
        • Both have a gray square jaw
        • Both have golden heads with yellow crystals
        • Both have a scar on the left eye of their foreheads
        • Both can spit yellow fire from their mouths
        • Both have rounded horns
        • Both have epaulettes with a chain to invoke their own traps
        • Both have three fingers on their hands
        • Both have yellow belly
        • Both have the ability to summon elemental beasts
        • Both have erect legs
        • Both have pointed toe and yellow
      • Both were the main antagonists of the second generation
    • Differences for Umarak:
      • In his form of Hunter:
        • He have a mouth that allow talking with two sharp teeth on his lower jaw
        • He have only four fingers with green nails on their hands.
        • He have true organic eyes
        • He are half organic.
      • In his form of Destroyer:
        • He have yellow flames on their eyes
        • He have yellow left eye with a U-shaped scar (This is after Twilight Sparkle kicked him and drowned in Avohkii's basin).
        • He have a mouth that allow talking with two sharp teeth on his lower jaw
        • He are half organic.
  • The yellow color and U-shaped scar that Umarak possesses on his left eye means he is one-eyed.
  • In his Hunter's form, Umarak can summon green flames, like Queen Chrysalis.
  • In his Destroyer's form, Umarak has flames on their eyes and he has the power to control the shadows to terrify innocent people, like King Sombra (the flaming color of Umarak is yellow while that of King Sombra is purple)
  • Umarak is the fourth main antagonist who outcasted a thousand years ago, later before the beginning of the story, the first was Nightmare Moon, the second was King Sombra and the third was the Pony of Shadows.
  • The phrase where Umarak says "Aah, after 1,000 years of imprisonment, I am free! It is to conquer Matorania!" is a reference to Power Rangers where Rita Repulsa says her sentence "Ahh! After 10,000 years, I'm free! It's time to conquer Earth!".
  • Umarak is the only character from which he is not drawn from the 1st generation of Bionicle, but from the 2nd generation of Bionicle, the second being the Skull Spiders and the Lord of Skull-Spiders and the third being Kulta, Axato, Skull-Warriors, Skull-Slicer, Skulls-Scorpios and Skull-Basher.
  • Umarak's death is very similar to Commander Rourke from the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, both were crystallized alive and then exploded into millions of pieces.
  • Umarak is very similar to the following villains who aren't from the Gormiti franchise:
    • General Scales from Starfox Adventures:
      • Both are tyrants, sadistic and cruel who rule terror throughout the entire region
      • Both rule terror in a world populated by dinosaurs throughout history (Sauria for General Scales and the Matorania's Archipelago for Umarak)
      • Both are the leaders of a barbarian tribe (Sharpclaw for General Scales and Umarak's army for Umarak)
      • The two want reduced tribes into slavery (Dinosaur Tribes for General Scales and Matorans for Umarak)
      • Both have stolen relics that are the only key to restoring the place (Spellstones for General Scales and Toa stones for Umarak)
      • Both captured and plunged a very important hero with family relationships with the main hero into a deep sleep (Krystal who is actually Fox McCloud's wife for General Scales and Takua who is actually Bendimoch's cousin for Umarak)
      • Both have captured an important hero who later helps the main protagonists (Tricky for General Scales and Onepu for Umarak)
      • Both have an army of creatures as allies led by their leader (RedEye led by King RedEye for General Scales and Skull Spiders led by Lord of the Skull Spiders for Umarak)
      • Both have a red being like a henchman (Drakor for General Scales and Captain Kulta for Umarak)
      • Both have evil guardians to protect the relics (Galdon for General Scales and the sixteen Shadow Guardians for Umarak)
      • Both want to dissolve a team of heroes (the Starfox team for General Scales and the Equestria's expedition for Umarak)
      • Both can teleport anywhere (General Scales has a belt with a button to teleport and Umarak uses dark appearances to teleport)
      • Both were the main antagonists of video games based on the dinosaur and prehistory (Starfox Adventures for General Scales and Gormiti: Angelioth Memory for Umarak) but actually pawns of a Bigger Bads (Andross for General Scales and Tirek for Umarak)
      • Both have members of the healed body (General Scales has a double hook glove on his left hand and Umarak has a scar on his left eye and a yellow eye with a U-shaped scar in his Destroyer form)
      • Both have three fingers on their hands (especially for the form of the Destroyer for Umarak)
      • Both are armed with a sword
      • Both want to kill the main protagonist (Fox McCloud for General Scales and Angelioth for Umarak)
      • Both Dictator
      • Both Barbarian
      • Both Lawful Evil
      • Both Slaver
      • Both Animal Cruelty
      • Both Hybrids
      • Both Liars
      • Both Psychopath
      • Both Oppressors
      • Both Gaolers
      • Both were imprisoned for years before the beginning of the story (General Scales was imprisoned in RedEye prison because of a reign of terror over Sauria and Umarak was imprisoned in Fe-Matorania because he destroyed Kra-Koro)
      • Both hate hero's race (Toa for General Scales and Alicorns for Umarak)
      • Both want to eradicate a group of six main protagonists for an act of revenge (Toa Sauria for General Scales and Mane Six for Umarak)
      • Both are archenemy of the main hero (Tahu for General Scales and Twilight Sparkle for Umarak)
      • Both want to extend their powers around the world and reign as supreme being (General Scales wants to conquer the Lylat System and Umarak wants to conquer all Equestria)
      • Both were killed by the protagonists using a magic staff as the main weapon (General Scales was killed by Tahu with Krystal's Staff and Umarak was killed by Takua with Avohkii's Staff with Twilight Sparkle's Magical Friendship)
    • Aku from Samurai Jack:
      • Both are demonic and cruel beings who dominate the terror around them.
      • Both have one main goals to extend their powers to conquer the whole world and rule as a supreme being.
      • Both are large and have a pair of horns on their heads (six horns for Aku and two horns for Umarak), a black and green skin, red color and inflamed eyes (especially for the Destroyer's form for Umarak).
      • Both are made with natural materials (Aku is made with wood and black mud and Umarak is made with organic and robotic flesh)
      • Both can breathe underwater without drowning
      • Both have four fingers on their hands (especially for the Hunter's form for Umarak)
      • Both are invulnerable to non-magical weapons (Aku is invulnerable to Human armament and Umarak is invulnerable to Spike's fire and Matoran armament)
      • Both Dark Form
      • Both Satanic
      • Both Immortals
      • Both Giants
      • Both Evil from the Past
      • Both Monsters
      • Both Tyrants
      • Both Brutes
      • Both Evil Cration
      • Both an Cosmic Entity
      • Both have a legendary weapon are the only key to defeat him (Jack's sword Aku and Avhokii's staff for Umarak)
      • Both an envious relationship with the main hero (Samurai Jack for Aku and Twilight Sparkle for Umarak)
      • Both have dark power (Aku to change shapes and Umarak can teleport anywhere)
      • Both have a robotic minion (Scaramouche for Aku and Trappy for Umarak)
      • Both have a group of servants led by their leader (The High Priestess who leads the Cult of Aku for Aku and Kulta who heads the Skull Pirates for Umarak).
      • The two achieved their main goals to prevent the hero from achieving his ends (Aku destroys the temporal portals to prevent Jack returns to the past and Umarak hid Toa stones throughout the archipelago so that Matorans are terrorized by the fear).
      • Both were created by the hero by accident (Jack's father for Aku and Vultraz for Umarak).
      • The two of them want to make a heroine a slave (Ashi for Aku and Hahli for Umarak).
      • Both destroyed civilizations and they were banished by the hero with a legendary weapon in places before the beginning of the story (Aku destroys Jack's village and he was banished by Jack's father with the legendary Katana and Umarak destroys Kra-Koro and he is banished by Vultraz and imprisoned in Fe-Matorania with Avhokii's staff).
    • Scar from The Lion King:
      • Both are cunning, cruel tyrants and thirsty for powers
      • Both have a scar on the left eye (Scar was hit by horns by Boma to overthrow Mufasa and Umarak was hit by a Twilight Sparkle's kick to drain Takua's energy).
      • Both managed to take the place of a heroic king for an act of revenge (Scar kills Mufasa to take his place and Umarak threw King Defilak in prison to take his place).
      • Both Usurper
      • Both Egotist
      • Both Power Hungry
      • Both Elderly
      • Both Polluters
      • Both Successful
      • Both Murderer
      • Both Sadists
      • Both want to dissolve a team of heroes (the Lion Guard for Scar and the Equestria's expedition for Umarak).
      • Both are the leaders of the evil army (the Hyena clan for Scar and the Umarak army for Umarak).
      • Both have a group of incompetent minions (Shenzi, Banzai and Ed for Scar and Skull Pirates for Umarak)
      • Both were killed by a people for known reasons that he did evil (Scar was killed by hyenas after being treated as enemies and Umarak was killed by Matoran leaders with Twilight Sparkle after doing evil in all Matorania)
      • Both were punished with good before the beginning of the story (Scar was punished by his father Ahadi after destroying the Lion Guard and Umarak was imprisoned by Vultraz in Fe-Matorania for eternity after destroying Kra-Koro)
      • Both want to make a heroine their queen (Nala for Scar and Hahli for Umarak)
      • Both want to take revenge on the hero and destroy the whole world (Scar wants to take revenge on Simba and upset the cycle of life and Umarak wants to take revenge on Twilight Sparkle and destroy all Equestria)
      • Both have a successor (Kovu for Scar and Trappy for Umarak)
      • Both have a faithful being (Zira for Scar and the Lord of the Skull Spiders for Umarak)
    • Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank:
      • Both are cybernetic and tyrannical beings
      • Both were voiced by Armin Shimerman
      • Both destroyed cities before beginning the story (Blackwater City for Dr. Nefarious and Kra-Koro for Umarak)
      • Both are the leaders of an evil robotic organization (the Nefarious Empire for Dr. Nefarious and the Umarak's army for Umarak)
      • Both have three fingers on their hands (especially for the form of the Destroyer for Umarak)
      • Both want to eradicate two main protagonists (Ratchet and Clank for Dr. Nefarious and Twilight Sparkle and Spike for Umarak)
      • Both Vengeful
      • Both Mechanically Modified
      • Both Mutated Villains
      • Both Mutants
      • Both Artificial Intelligence
      • Both Cataclysm
      • The two were accidentally metamorphosed by the hero (Dr. Nefarious was turned into a robot as a result of Captain Qwark's stupidity and Umarak was turned into a Destroyer after a Twilight Sparkle's bang and then drowned in the Avohkii Basin)
      • Both are enemies with the hero (Captain Qwark for Dr. Nefarious and Twilight Sparkle for Umarak)
      • Both have a robotic companions (Lawrence who is actually a butler for Dr. Nefarious and Trappy who is actually a pet for Umarak)
      • The two want to conquer the world who have the main goal (Dr. Nefarious wants to robotize the entire galaxy to conquer the Solana galaxy and Umarak wants to extend its power to conquer all Equestria)
      • Both want to spin the energy of a robotic protagonist (Clank for Dr. Nefarious and Takua for Umarak)
      • Both have a warlord as a henchman (Lord Vorselon for Dr. Nefarious and Captain Kulta for Umarak)