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Why hello there everybody. My name is BazilSiraj, but perhaps you may know my as the witch of greed aka Echidna. That's right I'm a fan of them her, surprising is it? Did I forget to mention that I am an admin on Hero and Villain Fanon. Yep didn't see that coming. But just because I like both of them, doesn't mean that I like others as well. But for right now come on into my profile and see what you can find.

Planned Proposals

  • Agent Jeff Byron
  • Alberto Falcone
  • Anderous
  • André Sistellion

My Sandbox


Pages I created

Planned Pages (Shout out to PokemonMasterH)

Fan Films

Davik (CM Candidate)


Zarloc the Summoner (Zelda Classic - Dawn to Twilight)

Venser (The Legend of Zelda: Isle of Rebirth)

Zio (Phantasy Star IV: A New Age)

Juza (Phantasy Star IV: A New Age)

Duos (Phantasy Star IV: A New Age)

DIO (The Seventh Stand User)

Hoopa (Pokemon: Dark Rising - Order Destroyed)

Lin (Pokemon Reborn)

Doctor Fuyuhiko Date (Jenka's Nightmare)

Seneca (Unknown)

Dr. Robotnik (Sonic Epoch)

Snively (Sonic Epoch)


Dr. Albert Wily (The Protomen)

The Sniper (The Protomen)


Web Videos

Bowser (Alxlen)

Dr. Robotnik (Blue Core Studios)

It/Pennywise (SMG4)


For locked pages

Zelda: Sage of Darkness

Mock Ups

Scrapped Pages

Page Construction

Transferred from other wikis

For fan made versions of characters of existing works that do not have fan art made for those versions.

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