Hi, I'm BrandonDarkOne47, also known as Powermonger201, but you could just call Brandon, I like to call myself a writer, though I'm more of an amateur writer. I like this wiki as much as I like TV Trope but I'm not like those guys who use TV Trope as an excuse to act up and abuse pages and such. I love villains, my most favorite type of villains are the PE/Complete Monster kinds which unfortunately is the most abused category in the wiki. Mainly I started to hate the writers for redeeming their PE villains when it's not necessary like how they did with Vandal Savage from the Arrowverse. Mainly, I like to make my own villains in the Villains Fanon Wiki because like I said, I like villains and like to make my villains completely evil but also interesting at the same time, though I don't always do that since i do need some villains with good qualities. 

So far my best villain in my opinion is Nekrozoth as I fell like he is a perfect example of a complete monster. Malroc is my second favorite as It was fun writing abut his backstory and his character. 

Favorite Villains

  1. Darkseid
  2. Emperor Palpatine
  3. Lord Voldemort
  4. Isaac Ray Peram Westcott
  5. Thanos
  6. Doctor Doom
  7. Norman Osborn
  8. Kronos
  9. Apep
  10. Ultron
  11. Ahriman/Angra Mainyu
  12. Drago Bludvist
  13. Grimmel the Grisley
  14. Aku
  15. General Morando
  16. Morgana (Tales of Arcadia)
  17. Zalgo
  18. Scarlet King
  19. Randall Flagg
  20. Bill Cipher

My favorite pages

  1. Aka Manah
  2. Demogoblin
  3. Gan
  4. Malitch

My favorite Villains that I created

  1. Malroc & Nekrozoth
  2. Endgame the Anti-Maker
  3. Grandmaster Chaos
  4. Artillery The WeaponMaster
  5. Draxxon Bane
  6. William Braxxon
  7. Evil Skeleton

Villains I'll be making


Xobek is a villain of the Multiversal Legends universe. He is a sadistic Leviathan who only eats worlds solely out of sadistic pleasure other than just power. He is hellbent on breaking the minds of both Ben Diablo and Dark Akuma.

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