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Hello. I am CrystallicWolf108. I am a content and thread moderator of this wiki. Somehow I got there, I’m not exactly sure how. But that’s besides the point. I AM THE GOD OF EVERY STORY I MAKE! Which technically makes me the unseen overarching antagonist of every story I make :)

Or I’m a villainous protagonist. I can’t be THAT evil if my villains lose, right?

(This guys delusional, do a CM proposal for him)

(JK he isn’t taken seriously)

(Uhh yes he is)

(No! Shut up! CM isn’t a badge of honour)

Yes, I’m serious. It’s not a badge of honour. Stop making villains just to make them complete monsters.


Scarlet Spiker

Ruby Diorite

Jack Gladio

James Axowe and Jess Rubrum

Charles Eborock

Samantha Eborock

Pride (Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues)

Wrath (Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues)

Greed (Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues)

Lust (Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues)

Envy (Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues)

Gluttony (Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues)

Cyalux Clover

Magentark Clover

The Octobusters

Lieutenant Obsidian (My Favourite)

Sub Lieutenant Blakeson

Summer’s Parents

Dr. Twister


Chief Harold Kruel

Dr. Woodward and Dr. Leafnet

Tornadite Inc.

Smith and Fredrick

Mika Aikawa

Desert Tumbler

Inner Katsu

Floran Extermination Order

Mika’s Father

Tatasia’s Mother


Derek Hunter


Heather Pepitone

Heather’s Parents

Nicole (Monsters Among Humanity)

Other Pages I’ve Made

Lord Cutler Beckett (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Mr. Ian Mercer (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Commander Tartar (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Lieutenant Obsidian (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Mika Aikawa (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Genocide Jack (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Celestia Ludenberg (Crossroad Trip Roleplay Server)

Proposals I Made

Complete Monster

Magnificent Baddie

Magnificent Baddie Removal

Planned Proposals

  • NONE

My Favourite Villains on this Wiki

Not Mine (Not in Order)

My Top 5 Villains of Mine

  1. Lieutenant Obsidian
  2. Dr. Twister
  3. Mika Aikawa
  4. Cyalux Clover
  5. Midnight

My Allies

My Signature For Voting

LtObsidian.jpg Lieutenant Obsidian Approves. (talk)