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Hi there folks, just an rookie critic on the go. How's it to ya, Jacob Fabie here.

I'm just an average person who's trying what he can to create the perfect villain, but due to some experiences, there will be some hardwork in my efforts to create one of the best fanon stories I could offer in my own resources.

I serve under the Fanon Villains wiki's Lord Brandon, true master of fanmade villains alike, as he was the one who made me realize my mistakes and I forever let him have my gratitude by doing what I could do to not make the same mistakes as a certain mishap of generics, no offense really.

My favorite villains on this wiki

  • Niles - Okay, as much as THOUGHT is a great villain, Niles says "hold my beer". Despite every horrible thing he's done, especially from how he managed to destroyed SMG1 and SMG2's universe to possessing Axol permanently to the point he and Melony can never be together :(, I'll admit Niles' got that "Evil is Cool" vibe when he shifted Axol to an Eldritch, plus his abilities made him badass to watch, though some could argue he had a comedic moment with either his psychological apparition or the axolotl video, but hey, this guy is top notch "Bill Cipher vibe" here. Ever since his return with a rather badass design as the real deal, I'd say he's got game, he da G O A T now :D
  • THOUGHT (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse) - I admired SleepingGuy's many works but what he made from this was absolutely worth an Oscar reward and without doubt receives a well-acclaimed opinion from me. THOUGHT proven to be one of the greatest examples in modern day of being not only a Complete Monster/Pure Evil, but also a greatly-well written villain indeed.
  • Villain Deku - For a LOT of reasons, same for why I will forever love Deku.
  • Lucifer Magne (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light) - Horrible as he was to his daughter, I find him likable since the least he did was for some moments I felt around his wife Lilith feeling a lot wholesome and comes off as one "hell" of a comedian other than television comedy shows and 40's radio comedy.
  • Whisk - Apparently the ONLY Waifu VFW could offer here since it lacked popularity for its female villains.
  • Nekrozoth
  • Zombros Engar
  • Anna Jones


NOTE: May contain spoilers up ahead

Created Works


Moral Dayz (Coming Soon)

Description: An original Anime fanfiction and homage to the famous superhero manga and anime, My Hero Academia. The story revolves around Tokyo, Japan within 2071, there lies a famous high school that was available across the entire global state, ORION Multinational High, a successful academy for the most gifted and acceptable students to apply for their careers and futures alike. 17-year-old Shiroharu Kento was mostly known across the school for his appearance, it was considered a popular appearance where he has perfectly white hair and a black blindfold covering his eyes, most say he's odd-looking while others adore and were amazed by it, but what they didn't know the reason was that Shiroharu knew the world can be a very cruel reality where most of the time people are discriminated and beaten every day. This is why he wears the blindfold to never experience said cruelty again, however, a much bigger reason involves how he will "never see daylight again". But apart from his appearance, as well as his intelligence, what others did not know was that he had a "heart of gold" deep down. One fateful night, he discovers there is an unknown phenomenon called "Surge" (An superhuman ability that is randomized depending on what said individual is most skilled in), where it is once said to have ceased to exist 300 years ago... Upon realizing he was given an opportunity he used to dream of becoming when he was younger: "a hero". Shiroharu, now known as "Moral", has made it his mission to save others in need, but also discover his origins, the entirety of "Surge", and conclude if the whole world around him is meant to be a place for the better or for the worst depending on his studies of morality balance.

  • Jessie the Jester
  • Pandora:
    • Shoushin
    • Black Troll
    • Moonlight
    • Cruncher
    • Pillager
  • Revellious:
    • Kairos
    • Immoral
    • Sibjaga Nas
    • Succubi
    • Roundabout
    • Orc Press
    • Rush
    • Monsieur Blague
    • Snatch Trap
    • Russian Huntress
  • Toxin Crusade
    • Smite
    • Bullet Warden
    • Steam Taker
    • Snape
    • Strives
  • Grix:
    • Mitchell Richmond
    • Professor Strich
    • Wolfgang
  • Individual Villains
    • Tsuchishio Brothers
    • Octomic Clockwork
    • Road Hazard
    • Gaoler
    • Queen of Spades
    • Pixilator
    • Heinous Trio
      • Bustard
      • Polonium
      • Firedrake
    • Mach
    • Paintjob
  • Bago-Halcones Cartel:
    • Omar Sagrada Sr.
    • The Five Dons
      • Don Hendrick Sagrada
      • Ryugaka Komodo
      • Aquilino Cagadas
      • Madrid "Tito Drid" Reyes
      • Zacarias Ramos-Deither
  • Slum Warriors
    • Rokutaro Kachikai
    • Bigby Richford
    • Hiraji Yuma
    • Hibiku Sayaki
    • Inko Yokugan
  • The Scums
    • Jocho Hoshokusha
    • Segashi Okubo

Upcoming Works

The Unreal Eerie

Description: This is the four-part story based on the scrapped Horrific Tales Saga for the JHCBA spin-offs, instead becomes an original four-part with the same villains except the protagonists are original and the story will demonstrate the mysterious, yet weird eerie surrounding the small town of Estes Park, Colorado. 13-year-old Adam Locke, an prodigy with a critical-minded personality, has been discovering and exploring the unrealistic, haunting mysteries surrounding his hometown, some say its theorized, some say it didn't make sense according to the reports of people gone missing, at the time of Halloween, Adam must discover the hidden depths of the meaning behind everything.

On HIATUS/Rewrite Schedule

Note: Apparently due to lack of motivation and struggles of rewriting said characters and villains, most importantly the entire story. They're on HIATUS for the mean time if said fanfic will be re-written with genuine effort one day. Critical Multiverse (Formerly known as JHCBA)

Former Works (Screw them, they're not worth my time)

NOTE: Shall never to be spoken of, again...


  • Another Joker (aka "His Name brings thy blasphemy to the Villains Fanon")

Dr. Vulture

Mighty Morphin' Anime Rangers

  • Franjrill Atticorish
  • Marielle Schnei
  • Arson
  • Asura (Anime Rangers)
  • Kaigaku (Anime Rangers)

Proposals and Removals


  • Niles from SMG4 (9/22/2021) - Approved; later Removed
  • The Bacon General and Bacon Colonel from The Last Guest (9/25/2021) - Approved
  • Leviathan Von Eldritch from Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light (5/12/2022) - Approved


  • Duncan Gree from TheColossalD's HuniePop series - My friend Dakota Hornsby, aka TheColossalD, knew how to write his antagonists to be as hateable and how he was creative with the background. In Duncan's case, he seems to be a worth PE keeping due to him being a cheating adulterer and rapist alike, but unless his actions have onscreen time, that depends, but as of now, what he did to Audrey from his cheatings seemed reasonable to why she's who she is now.

Critically-acclaimed Awardings

(Thank CrystallicWolf and SleepingGuy for that)


Original Artwork