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Oh, mama...
~ My catchphrase whenever things are about to go down.

What is up, lads and gentlewomen? My name is Max and I'm a mod here. If you wanna, come take a look around my profile.

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  • Transparent Psycho Iris.png Conqueror of Unconcia (talk)

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  • I originally wanted to make a removal on Duo-Franchise's Chuck myself but decided against it because I don't wanna subject myself to the torture that is reading his bio. However, I had second thoughts about him and decided to do a removal of him anyway. However, Bonus Person told me that Chuck get removed from the CM Category, meaning I don't have to make a removal of him after all.
  • The reason why I removed my Twitter address was not because I closed my account there. Rather, it's because the link to it didn't work for some reason.
  • We don't talk about my (now deleted) CM removal of King Stiron. Ever.
    • Yes, that was an Encanto reference.
  • Speaking of Stiron, he's probably the easiest keep out of all villains I've proposed for the CM Status so far due to his mass omnicidal plot and given that all of the villains I've proposed so far have been approved, that's saying a lot.