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Most times I focus on editing and creating pages out of SMG4 characters but sometimes I edit SML character articles. Before I tended to also focus on marking unneeded categories as deletion and removing unneeded categories on pages to help make this wiki better. I like to moderate pages and make sure they are following the rules. I became a content moderator in late June at first because I was very helpful, respectful and trustworthy and I continue to be the same but since Oct 7 I became an admin. So I was a mod at first but then turned into an admin. Even though this wiki needs some cleaning up I still really care about it.

What will I keep an eye on

I do like editing on this wiki, but here is what I will have a watch on.

  • One Line Pages - I noticed that people keep making one liners and that's against the rules, so If I see a page like that It will be deleted.

Wikis I mainly focus on.

  • Villains Fanon Wiki (Admin) (here!)

Miraheze account: Mr. Jay 641

Pages I created.

This is a list pages that I created. Note: I obviously didn't create these villains, they just come from the SMG4 series. I also created one page that isn't based on the SMG4 series.

  • Luigi from Super Angry Bros.

User watchlist

High Priority

  • MIDKOWITCH - A disruptive user who often makes sockpuppets almost everyday and begs, forces and harasses users to recreate articles on Villains Wiki and tells them to mark articles for deletion. He has actually been doing the same thing not only here but on many other wikis. Whenever he messages someone, he often says excuse me or Hello and writes the whole entire article on the messages wall and lets people copy and paste the work onto Villains Wiki and make a new page. He always hides the truth and is a troll and a cross wiki disruptive user. He can also be a bully.
  • Frenzy111 - A user who always makes foot fetish pages and spams foot fetish images and has also done this on other wikis.
  • AdrainC385 - A user who constantly sockpuppets in order to evade his own ban that he deserves. He most times makes bad edits, like adding incorrect categories to pages and making other disruptive edits to pages and these actions can annoy people.
  • Mewster25 - A user who has been spamming fan-fiction one line articles on Heroes Wiki and has joined this wiki recently making one-liners, maybe on purpose. Lana love 2020 has been sockpuppeting for both Heroes Wiki and Villains Wiki and is doing same here. She is trouble here too and is also a troll.
  • Coolster17 - This user doesn't only create sockpuppet accounts but also commonly antagonist fusses and rarely spams votes.
  • Natgall09 - This user just sockpuppeted for the first time. The alt account was named Natgalus 23 which looked suspicious and alike. He has intimidated another admin on this wiki and seems to keep breaking rules despite what can and will happen for this.

Medium Priority

  • Lillydrown13 - A user who is considered to be a troll since she kept going to a few message walls of admins having conversations that was proving that she was trolling. During last year October, there was a new account named LillyXDeku103 that was acting quite similar to Lillydrown and later, it has been detected that account is a sockpuppet of her original account. This is how sockpuppetry all starts and if she is found to be sockpupeting any further, it should be reported.

Note: If you find out or suspect that these users are causing more problems or are sockpuppeting, report these users to me or another admin.