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Most times I focus on editing and creating pages out of SMG4 characters but sometimes I edit SML character articles. Before I tended to also focus on marking unneeded categories as deletion and removing unneeded categories on pages to help make this wiki better. I like to moderator pages and make sure there good ones. I became a content moderator because I was very helpful, respectful and trustworthy and I continue to be the same. Even though this wiki needs some cleaning up I still really care about this wiki.

What will I keep an eye on

I do like editing on this wiki, but here is what I will have a watch on.

  • One Line Pages - I noticed that people keep making one liners and that's against the rules, so If I see a page like that I will mark it and if it doesn't improve then I am afraid it will have to go.

Wikis I mainly focus on.

  • Villains Fanon Wiki (Content Mod) (here!)

Pages I created.

This is a list pages that I created. Note: I obviously didn't create these villains, they just come from the SMG4 series.

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