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Listen, kid, if you just kneel to me I promised to make you suffer quickly..... Screw it I'll just kill you regardless!
~ Niklovich to the protagonist.

Niklovich/Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos AKA Electronus McMeatgrinder is one of the two central antagonist of the Multiversal Legends RPG game Chaos Gate, alongside his twin brother Master Magus.

Niklovich is the Prime Omega of Depravity and Chaos who, along with his brother, took over a entire galaxy called Heremus where they establish a fascist dictatorship where oppress the people and commit all sorts of atrocity in the galaxy. He acts as one of the two primary dictators of the galaxy, ruling his own half of the Heremus where he constantly butchers the populace and torture them for his sadistic game.

Both he and his brother seek to open the Chaos Gate, in hopes what lies inside it is ultimate power which they would use to make themselves into gods and take over the entire Omniverse. He and his brother are also the son of the chaotic warlord Nekrozoth, who never appears but is only mentioned throughout the game. Niklovich is also the owner of Electronus McMeatgrinder's Factory of Sausage and Power, a meat and electricity company.

He is the main antagonist of the first two chapters, the minor antagonist of chapter 3 and later one of the two main antagonist of chapter 5 and and reduced to one of the two secondary antagonists of Chapter 6.


Niklovich is the twin brother of the Master Magus, whom he has sibling rivalry with as they both want to outdo one another in performing the most evil acts imaginable. Being the equally cruel son of Nekrozoth, Niklovich only goal in life is to turn every plane of reality into a corrupt hellhole where only chaos reigns for which he would rule over as a god. One day, Niklovich went to Hell and became a extremely powerful demon lord feared by the top overlords of Hell itself. It was stated that Lucifer once appointed Niklovich as the dictator of Hell, however Niklovich turned Hell into a far worse place and brought so much chaos that it caused Hell to become the way it is. Lucifer at the time wasn't aware of Niklovich's chaotic nature as Niklovich was a convincing manipulator who used his charismatic charm to persuade him into trusting him. When Lucifer returned and saw the damage Niklovich had done, he banished him from Hell which wasn't such an easy task to do. Niklovich harasses and bullies him to this day.

When Magus told Niklovich about a galaxy that contains a magic gate which is said to have an ancient power there, Niklovich works alongside him to use whatever ancient power is in the gate to become a god. He and his brother invaded the galaxy of Heremus, easily taking over the entire galaxy by decimating their civilizations with their destructive technology, chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. Both Magus and Niklovich shared rulership over the galaxy, enslaving the survivors of their onslaughts. Niklovich ruled his half of the galaxy while Magus ruled his, Niklovich forced those to worship him as a god while putting those who offend him into torture chambers for him to record their suffering so he could sell them in the black market. He created millions of his "Favored Ones" who he uses to create fear onto the populace in order to keep them in line, using a variety of dark magic and heinous human experiments to create them. He also created the Electronus McMeatgrinder's Factory of Sausage and Power, a meat factory and electricity company which he uses to force others into either pay heavy electricity bills onto poor people who are unable to pay them, and sells caned meat food which are secretly made out of human corpses.

Both he and Magus found the Chaos Gate in a abandoned planet, but are not sure how to open it until they learn they need four keys to open the gate and find whatever lies behind it. Both of them send their minions, including mercenaries, to find these keys with the promises of wealth and fame (which they will obviously not keep).

Chapter 1

In the game, the player went to a town on Heremus to gather some shelter before they start their journey into finding the Chaos Gate. However Niklovich along with a group of his Favored Ones and members of the Chaos Circle came and attacked the town. He ordered his general to gather the remaining townsfolk and bring them to him, especially the village mayor. He informs the entire town the reason he attack their town, due to the fact it's the only one that isn't under his control due to the mayor refusing to comply, however he did state that he was simply bored. The Mayor still refuses to comply to his control, then a child calls Niklovich out for being a psychotic tyrant and spat on his boot. Niklovich was visibly angered and looks at the boy, and asked him if he wanna know what happened to the previous child who tried to oppose him, when the child was visibly confused before Niklovich vaporized him and turned him into nothing more than a skeleton.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Niklovich is mention through out the chapter and only appears physically once in a meeting with his twin brother and their generals.


He first appears in a robe that makes him resemble a tyrannical monarch with red shades, a black crown, and white gloves. He also has another appearance where he is dressed in a sharp dress black suit with a red tie. He has pointed ears and also harbor a red skin tone, which makes him more similar to a classic demon. In his boss battle, he dress in his red battle armor which has a face resembling a skull with orange eye holes. His true form is reminiscent of his original incarnation of Nyarlathotep, being a dark gray skinned eldritch abomination with many mouths and tentacles and also has claws on his fingers and deadly razor sharp yellow fangs.


Niklovich: Hey kid! Wanna know whatever happened to the last boy who stood up against me?

Child: Umm... What?

Niklovich: (utterly disintegrated the child until he is reduced to a skeleton) That's what happened!

~ Niklovich killing a child for standing up against him.

Niklovich is described to be "the most psychotic out of the two". While his twin brother is ruthless and calculating, Niklovich is downright sadistic and devious as he delights in performing sadistic acts of depravity and cruelty. He is an egocentric entity who believes himself to be a god or close to one due to his immense power, and therefore he demands his followers and the peasants to treat him like one without question or else he sentence them to his torture chambers to be gruesomely tortured while he records them being in constant agony. He is an utter narcissist who only care in life is himself, while treating a few of his minions with respect, it's only because of their evil nature that he merely treats them as a mere extension of himself than their own person. He also enjoy abusing his own minions and slaves, from having them to get killed in the most gruesome ways or leaving them to fend for themselves in his gladiator like games. Being a sadist, Niklovich runs a a human trafficking ring where he kidnaps people to put in their own chambers for them to be tortured to death, record the tortured victim being tortured, and selling the footage to the most twisted beings for his own entertainment rather than profit. He leads his own gang of evil entities, space criminals, and demons, and wreak havoc on the dimension's citizens and constantly butcher its populace on a daily bases. Niklovich has no moral qualms in his cruelty, and is not above harming children should they annoy him.

He is also very childish compared to his brother, as he can get easily angered by the smallest things or would have a tantrum if things don't go his way similar to that of a spoiled brat. He treats others as toys for him to play with and break whenever he wants and has no empathy for anyone that he harms. Niklovich also treats his minion Y'golonac as a both a toy and a pet, adding to his childish view on reality as he believe the world was made for him to be his playground. Niklovich absolutely despises his brother like how his brother despises him back, trying to outdo each other in committing the most evil acts to prove on who's the more evil twin. When he learns that the protagonist defeated his brother and "seemingly"(should they decided to face Maser Magus first), he was only angered that he didn't get to kill him by himself which ruined "the game" he and his brother had. Regardless he and his brother are still able to cooperate and come up with schemes together, but Niklovich plans to betray him once he thinks his usefulness is expired so that he could gain all of the godlike powers for himself.

Niklovich is also cunning and intelligent, showing a manipulative and deceptive side to his personality. He is also a seemingly calm and collected individual, though having a smooth sign of a pompous attitude, however his attitude is obviously to hide his psychopathic nature. Niklovich is a crazed power-hungry megalomaniac, a trait which he shares with his brother, as while he powers to warp reality into his image he is not a genuine god,only joining in his brothers schemes as a means to gain more power for himself. In a twisted way, he harbors affection towards his million favored ones as he sees them as true creatures of chaos and show more respects to them than any of his minion because of it. He went as far as to regard them as his greatest creation which he grew pride over, even dubbed them as his "faithful children". When the player slayed a few of them, he was angered for them killing his favored creation and swore he make him suffer for that. However, he doesn't care for them that much, in his next boss battle it shown that he is okay with them being treated as human shields and shrug off their deaths when they attempted a suicide bomb attack on the player. It suggest he sees them as extension of himself, only getting angered about their deaths due to the fact that the player is practically killing a piece of his ego and making a mockery of his handwork in making them.

In his avatar form, Electronus McMeatgrinder, he appears as bombastic, hammy, theatrical, and jovial. He always appearing as a friendly mascot for the company who claim to love children and animals, but in reality is just him being manipulative to the people of Heremus, tricking them into buying his product such as their electronics for him to tax them and foods which secretly drugs them to submission.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chaos Magic/"The Chaotic Arts": He heavily studied the "Chaotic Arts", which grants him reality warping magic with access to many other magical abilities which could cause total chaos and destruction onto reality and has some control over the forces of chaos. Niklovich could create a storm of chaos energy in his boss battle, manipulate chaos energy into creating magical projectiles, and manipulate the areas around him at his most powerful. However it is limited in day time, and could only be at his most powerful at night.
  • Shapeshifting:
  • Reality-Warping:
  • Umbramancy:
  • Demon and Monster Summoning: Able to summon his demonic minions in battle should he need them, in one instance he summoned the equally depraved Y'golonac to battle the player in hopes of having the player killed.


Electronus McMeatgrinder, an avatar of Niklovich


  • It was stated that he used to bully Lucifer quite a lot after getting banished from Hell.
  • Niklovich's skin seems noticeably redder and darker than most portrayals of the character.
  • Unlike the original, he still kept the Million Favored Ones (his children) around while in canon he wiped most of them out and left the rest to be tormented in a horror dimension.
    • He also created the Million Favored Ones via dark magic and horrific experimentation instead of breeding with his wife as it was in canon.
  • He is one of the more darker depiction of Niklovich, as he lacks his Laughably Evil characteristics (though not completely) and is portrayed as more darker and psychotic than the original.