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  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Amateur Let's Player, Artist, and Writer
  • I am Male

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Chain of Command

Post-Dogma Chain of Command

Unaffiliated Black Listed Abominations

  • Indominus rex (Neo Ultimorian Canon)†. This version of Indominus rex is a sociopathic animal that kills for sport on it's own will and desires to do so, rather than suffering from going mad from isolation like the film version. It was then made illegal to clone Indominus rex in Ultimoria once a certain incident in the Land Before Time universe had beloved characters being killed off left and right, and Grandis and Ultima were forced to reset the entire universe this took place in to erase the damages that this particular Indominus rex had caused.
  • Chimera (The Blue Tri)†. Chimera rendered entire species extinct just to re-evolve a select few Old Ultimorian species for an unknown purpose later revealed to be Chimera building up his own army of highly evolved monsters that, after they dispose of every other threat in the universe, Chimera will simply wipe them out like he had with every other species before the ones he helped create. Mirror M is the one to destroy Chimera for good since while Chimera's army is impressive, they are nothing but canon fodder to the REAL Ultimate Lifeform born from Ultimoria's genetic or technological laboratories.
  • Dr. Devoniak. Dr. Devoniak is the man responsible for the split personality crisis with Rose, the torturing experiments that befallen Balaur Macbeth and Brenda Riley, and eventually brainwashing the latter and her husband, William Kenson, in fighting violently to scar their son's mind into a crying wreck to the point he'll be an easy target to capture for more experiments. Judging by Dementia and Saideus's reaction to him mandhandling KeraMaster, they both want him dead to the point Dementia opens a gate to the Infernal Void from which to banish Dr. Devoniak to. This only kept him away for a short while until he was able to emerge right behind Plio just as he thinks he's finally safe, and near fatally wounds him with an acidic laser from his right eye. All Devoniak does upon being dragged back into the Infernal Void by force is laugh demonically without end because for the next year, Plio will be in a coma and will be permanently scarred for life about his fear of not being strong enough in addition to many other new fears he gets a hold of, to the point of later developing PTSD to the point he's suicidal. Chioma, his girlfriend from before the beginning of Season 3, pleads with Plio to not commit suicide since she knows that's exactly what Devoniak wants him to do, and just BARELY avoids being dragged into the Infernal Void by Devoniak when he finally runs to Chioma's comforting, welcoming arms. Dr. Devoniak is the most vile of the villains in Ultimoria since he gets off of suffering from others, has incredible desires to cause all humans to go just as insane as he is, wanting every sapient species to mentally break down into madness and despair, and will go to just about any length to pull it off, even after he's seemingly dead such as notable implications he's still alive even after Endgame.
  • Eidolon. ???
  • Roy Oshiro. INCREDIBLY dangerous if he finishes a majority of his plans correctly. Put an end to his madness swiftly and fatally as quick as possible.

The Irredeemable Black List Monstrosity

To date, only a single character designed or used in my stories has ever achieved this category. The sole entry here is none other than Omnicron, and through his actions alone, Omnicron is proven to have both the mind of a childish imbecile, and the capabilities of a Deity that's hellbent on nothing but absolute genocide across all of existence. Prior to this, the only villain in these various stories to ever come this close to making this special version of the Black List was Darigus, but after his Rebirth counterpart, he no longer had any reason to be placed here. Omnicron shows nothing but viewing all of existence as but a game, and will go to extreme measures to cheat against those who believe they've won against it in a battle, even if it means using extreme methods of overkill to ensure any logical threat stays dead and no longer interferes with Omnicron's killing spree. To date, Omnicron has kill no less than a 100 species each year for the past 7 trillion years, completely displacing any kill count record that any other Shiramu-Kuromu villain even remotely had by a landslide. Given how the record is kept track of by species, only a mere 0.0000000000001% of the total deaths caused by Omnicron is equal to the number of deaths caused by the next immediate rank, but the number doesn't even break into the 12 digit numbers by comparison, and that specific record included individuals, not entire species.

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