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User Overview
Ah, hello there! Welcome to my profile!... Would you like some coffee? I... Really don't know what to offer ya. Anyways, have a look around.

Some fan-works are good. But some are better than others.
~ Practically anyone that has a look at fan-works on this wiki.

Hi there. Welcome to my userpage! I am SleepingGuy, but you can just call me Mawkin/ECHO for short, or in this case; my VFW Persona AUBREY :). I'm an extremely active moderator on this wiki too! Here, you can find some villains, memes and artworks I made! Enjoy your visit; it's pretty cold here. Also, for context, despite what my Persona tells you (which should've been pretty obvious by my username), I'm a guy. Sorry to let y'all down. ;/

Pages I made

Jake Johnson
The Red King
Multiversal Gods (Drawland Mythos)
Lord Kymer
Abnormal King
Nyarlathotep (Drawland Mythos)
THOUGHT (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse)
Slenderman (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse)
Frank (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse)
HABIT (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse)
Geminald (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse)
Xylo (The XYLO Chronicles)
Jenny Goldlight
The Confluence

Pages I Contributed To

Xorin (Remastered gallery image; possibly upcoming)
Purest (Image)
Jacob Nemsus (Image)
Smiling Sonic (Gallery image)
Ai Tsaon (Voice and second image)
Landon (Voice)
Master Magus (Voice)
Xuriah D'arcmast'r (Voice)
Ravagus (Voice)
The Darkness With a Thousand Names (Voice)
Dabi (Tabbykitth's Tabbyverse) (Voice)

Shitposts I have made


Page Reminders

  • Flare (Multiversal Legends)
  • Retinuit
  • Jenna (Invitee)
  • Sunchaser and Moonchaser


Voice Dubs

Note: Ones marked with * are uneeded/scrapped, ones with ! are complete, and those with ? are pending. Ones with ^ are my own villains that I voiced.

My favourite villains on this wiki

Favourite villains that I made myself

  2. Slenderman (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse)
  3. Jake Johnson
  4. Xylo (The XYLO Chronicles)
  5. Jenny Goldlight

Villain Awards

(NOTE: These villain awards are inspired by CrystallicWolf's villain awards)

Villains with the most ammount of heinous acts:

  1. Nekrozoth
  2. Niklovich
  3. Niles
  4. Bete Noir
  5. Void Steve

Villains that were easily the most despised (Usually in terms of their vile acts; the second and fifth is just completely bad):

  1. Leviathan von Eldritch - I hate abusive parents with a passion, and this guy is no exception. His death was immensely satisfying.
  2. Shadow Aaron - Do I even--
  3. Scarlet Spiker - A sadistic bully who treats even her minions like shit, killed 9 people (one of which was a child) and wanted to start a race war for the hell of it. There's just nothing likeable about her. Even her creator hates her, and that's saying a lot.
  4. Father Fairest and Mother Mairest (Tied) - Two abusive parents who treat their son like he's nothing. At least DD and MM had some protectiveness, for crying out loud!
  5. Zorthenport - Take a guess.

Villains with the most serious presentation:

  1. Niles
  3. Leviathan von Eldritch
  4. Horrid_Night
  5. Emperor Satan

Villains who I found hilarious:

  1. Marty the Meme-Eater
  2. The Strangler
  3. Niklovich
  4. Chef Piggy
  5. Zorthenport

Villains that I found interesting:

  1. Niklovich
  2. Morbus
  4. Ulfric Silvermane
  5. Korthan

Overall Winner:

My meme collection

My drawing collection

Memorial quotes

A tribute to the memorial quotes, inspired by Ordeaux26's Memorial Quotes from the Villains wiki.

Me: So sorry to bother ya 'bout this as usual, but it does quite infuriate me when seeing that a non-admin (let alone Content mod) adds it onto pages. May actually look into proposing Beelzebub myself actually. (Gotta see if he qualifies first. ;w;)

TheAverageDimentio: Nah, it's fine. Just doing my job. I think Beezlebub has a shot, so I don't mind.

~ Me and TheAverageDimentio having a conversation about Beelzebub counting for Complete Monster; where it all started.
Me: May I reprise for the role of a content mod please?

BrandonDarkOne47: ... No...
Me: aof. Whys?
BrandonDarkOne47: Becuase one, you asked and I said you can't be worthy if you asked because that shows you are not responsible enough to handle the job if you gonna be entitled to have it. 2. I'm not sure if you should be one yet, and 3. we got plenty of Content Mods already.

~ Me and Lord Brandon having a conversation about me becoming a content moderator right before moving onto Complete Monsters on TV Tropes.
BrandonDarkOne47: To be honest I personally think Zola is PE since he still was helping Red Skull in his plan to attempt genocide and was kinda on board with it, plus he's responsible for the Winter Soldier program and Bucky becoming evil, plus Ordeaux even said he was responsible for Red Skull's transformation.

Me: Been awhile since the MCU. Will change my vote when I bet the time tho. ;w;
Me: Changed it.

~ Me and Lord Brandon having a conversation about Arnim Zola's MCU counterpart.
I mean, when I make OCs like THOUGHT or Jake Johnson, I try to avoid making them too vile to the point that it's just shock exploitation.
~ Me on Dober's removal proposal, talking about how not to make a villain extremely vile.
Me: :D - Wait how many months have I been active for again?? I forgot-

ACT4583: From the looks of it you need roughly four more months of activity. You also need to have made a sufficient amount of votes on proposals (though that is not a problem for you, seeing as how you are extremely active in CM/MB discussions).
Me: Got it! Does it still effect my activity if I am not editing, but I am still online and/or looking at the pages? ;w; - And as for the sufficient ammount of voting part; y e s .
ACT4583: Taking a break from editing does not affect your activity. You will be eligible for the whitelist on July 13th, regardless of whether you take a break from editing during that time.

~ A conversation me and ACT4583 had on the New Proposal Rule blog post, right before my early whitelisting after some discussion.
They're both really cool, and I liked Hel's attempted overthrowing of the Unknown. And for Strigo, the undead are one of my favourites. For the second question, the villains are actually well-creative, specifically the horror stories. The Figure scared the hell out of me, yet the idea of an insecure AI who regrets his actions seems really sympathetic (kinda gives me an idea for an upcoming villain...) Delnos was the first person that introduced me to your series, Machine Head is funny as hell to me, and as for Povestitor, he was pretty damn scary. I look foward to seeing what else there is.
~ A quote from me at the Villains wiki, talking to JacobKyleF about his villains after our chat about Owlman from Justice League.


  1. Frank (SleepingGuy's Slenderverse) - 1,000 edits



High Priority

  • He Who Must Not Be Named - A relentless troll who pesters people via message walls, often forcing them to add pages that they think should be villains, whilst adding pages for those who are obviously are not. If that person doesn't do anything they want, they will claim that they'll "get mad"/start sending death (or in one instance, rape) threats to the user. Also got on to antagonist fussing on this wiki too.
  • AdrianC385 - Someone who will constantly make edits to (whether it's purposely or not) annoy some wikia users, often focusing on constant category spamming. Often shows up here with some FNaF-themed profile/name.
  • Natgall09 - This user doesn't even try to hide the fact that he isn't friendly. He legit admitted to being a homophobe and a transphobe on multiple wikis. He also attempted to come back with a sockpuppet (which ironically looked like the Devil himself) and attempted to harass an admin with it. Honestly the most toxic and arrogant user I've seen on this wiki by far.
  • Dmsisco - He downright admitted to being a troll at the Hero Fanon Wiki despite the claims of "I'm 13, I didn't know better". First off, no, age is not a reason, nor is claiming that you didn't know better when you downright admit to being a troll. Also came back with two sockpuppets as well. He has this confusing edit cycle to which he'll add on one edit just to revert it later on. Basically; edit-spamming.
  • Coolster17 - This guy takes antagonist fussing to the next level, constantly changing antagonist roles to Central Antagonists without good reason. His sockpuppets are normally hard to identify but they always seem to have some obsession with antagonist roles, and making polls like "This villain is..." and then options like "Central antagonist" or "Main antagonist".

Medium Priority

  • TheFrank666 - Constantly adds the Deceased and Presumed Deceased categories onto pages, despite some villains having either unconfirmed statuses, being literally dead or actually alive. He seems to have learned literally nothing from his past mistakes.
  • Mr. N Fantastic - Made a sockpuppet right after being blocked under the name of Mr. N Fan. Normally how constant sockpuppeting begins; got blocked for harassing me over legit telling him that one of his OCs cannot be a Complete Monster since he blatantly made it to be one. He has since retracted, but given his attitude towards people disagreeing with him, I highly sorta doubt it. Often treats the CM system as a BoH constantly too.
  • Fanness - Whatever they've done, they've certainly proved themselves that they're a troll. They constantly suggest many villains here to be CMs (despite either not meeting said criteria, being too early to tell, or having redemptive qualities blatantly in front of them), and attempted to have a villain proposed here, knowing it was too early to tell and that he wasn't even whitelisted.

If you either catch a user that matches these users' behaviours, or if you catch some doing the same thing or causing more problems, report them to one of these Administrators for assurance.


(Special) My Allies

My Lords (Bosses)

Yamato no Orochi/Itajira
Bonus Person

The Guardians + My Partners (Friends)

Mr TV Canada
Reb B
Deus Ex Machina


  • To get my permission to edit my pages, message me on my wall! :D
  • I am an art fanatic, in both seeing and doing art. The art on my profile is inspired by SunnyClockwork's SCP art. Recently, I got onto doing other art (See my art gallery).
  • I know what it is like to make an entire page- (Again, this is a joke)
  • The time I made DIAM0NDEYES' page and when an user made a proposal for it was the same time it gained immense popularity on the Myth Community after the end of the Smiles Family.
  • My artwork has often been used a lot of the time, mainly for villains like Charles Eborock, Morbus (kind of) and even Jacob Nemsus. It always makes me smile everytime, too! ^^
    • Speaking of for the latter, I'm now one of the official artists for the ML Series!
  • I am a Content Moderator for both the Inconsistently Heinous Wiki and the Inconsistently Admirable Wiki respectively.
  • You can also find me on the Near Pure Evil wiki which I just so appear to be a frequent voter/proposer on!