Surround Productions

aka Leon Woodworth

  • I live in Halloween Town
  • My occupation is Acting (goal), Writing, YouTuber
  • I am Male
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The Surround Productions logo


Blade from Puppet Master (1989)

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Wolfie, LW's young puppy who takes place of the deceased Saphira

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Saphira, the deceased corgi (??/??/2006-2/13/2017)

The Demonic Toys-1-

The Demonic Toys


Hellboy, LW's favorite superhero next to Hulk

Hello, there. I am LW and I have fanfics and wikis for the aamusement! Despite being from The Nightmare Realm, I'm pretty nice unless you start something with me. I've been in the darkness for too long. I had to ascend to Fandom and Fanfiction. I'm a huge Hellboy fan and into Full Moon Features (Puppet Master, Demonic Toys).

Remember, leave a comment and review on my Fanfiction and Wikis. Favorite my fanfictions. Really. Please review my fanfictions. I'm serious. I'm SERIOUS. REVIEW 'EM!!!!!!!!

I'm fireproof. You're not.
~ Hellboy, after killing Sammael
Didn't I kill you already?
~ Hellboy, after seeing a resurrected Sammael
Pop goes the weasel.
~ Brick Bardo, after killing Jack Attack in Dollman vs Demonic Toys (1993)
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