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Sandboxes (some of these might contain spoilers for my works, so be warned)

Voting Thing (IDK what you call it)

"Master of Dimensions. Pleaser of Crowds."Dimentio (MOTI) (talk)

Villain Awards (inspired from SleepingGuy)

Villains With The Most Heinous Acts On The Wiki

  1. Nekrozoth - The guy literally destroyed all of the omniverse multiple times, committed nearly every crime in existence, and created evil. Should say enough.
  2. Lucifer Magne & Satan - Honestly, the two of them are just as bad, so I'm gonna make them share a spot here. Both are omnicidal/genocidal freaks who killed millions and plan on wiping out all of existence to remake the universe. Also, Lucifer is like, the pure definition of a sadist, and was completely willing to let Satan corrupt his daughter.
  3. Dimentio (Super Paper Mario 2: The Seven Sorcerers) - The guy nearly destroyed the entire multiverse, committed all of the same actions his original counterpart did, and made a guy kill his own life which lead to his suicide... do I need to say more?
  4. Turbo Mecha Sonic - Basically wiped out all life on Mobius and kills anyone in his way of becoming a god.
  5. Bête Noire - Wiped out countless humans & monsters and stole their souls, and is completely fine with child murder.

Villains Who Are Easy To Hate

  1. Shadow Aaron
  2. Goodman
  3. Valentino
  4. RAT
  5. Bête Noire

Favorite Villains I Made

  1. Saevus Caedis (after the rewrite)
  2. Morbus (IDK, I have the most ideas with him)
  3. Mendax (after the rewrite as well)
  4. Kami (my boi doesn't get enough attention)
  5. Zalgo (Creepypastaverse) (could be a little better)

Most Tragic Villains

  1. Sans (Dusttale)
  2. Wario (Age Of Wario)
  3. Mendax
  4. Executor
  5. Villain Deku